Transferring 8mm to Computer video cable issues

I've been trying to get my 8mm tapes transferred to digital format for months now. I have the software and hardware for my computer (it works perfect transferring tapes from my VCR) and is also supposed to work with camcorders.

However, I have been through two different camcorders, the most recent a samsung SCL860, and I am completely unable to transfer from it (or play it on any household television). The audio buzzes and the image barely works. I'm using the AV cables with it but I'm wondering if I should be using an s video cable? Would that help?

Note that I'm able to watch the tapes back on the camera without any issue. I just can't get it to playback on a television or computer.

I tried recording on a newer tape in case it had to do with mine being too old but couldn't get that to playback either.


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Reporting: Transferring 8mm to Computer video cable issues
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I've seen this

As the 8mm camcorder ages the circuits that produce the video can drift off frequency. So there's no longer any repair system for these so the best exits are to use Firewire if your cameras have that since that's all digital and not affected by changes in the video output path.

But there's another issue. To get the tapes to play we have to stick to the same make of camcorder and if that fails, we hunt down the exact model the tape was made on.

Finally if a new recording fails, that means that camcorder has issues. Look around for tracking adjustments but no where am I writing that the above will fix this. 8MM is getting about 2 decades old if not more and that's a real problem.

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That sucks.

This is a long shot but do you know if there is any possible way to convert 8mm tapes to digital or even to VHS without use of the camcorder then?

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Sorry no.

The old MiniDV and 8MM decks are now thousands of bucks. The cheap exits are the camcorder that the tapes were made on (eBay...) and companies that do such work and charge per tape.

-> Again, if the camcorder can't make a new video, that tells me this camcorder is broken.

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Camcorder Works fine though

Sorry, I think there was a slight misunderstanding.

The camcorder works fine. I can record new video and playback on the camcorder, but it won't connect to a tv or the computer without visual and audio issues.

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That means

It's still failing. It only tells us where (in the video circuit.)

This is non-repairable today as there are no spare boards. I'd skip this 860 model and find the camcorder these were recorded and and try playback there.

Samsung mentions USB but if I read posts about that, it didn't work either.

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Alright, thank you

The camera most of these tapes were recorded on is long dead and gone. It was from 1989/1990 and kicked the bucket long ago, and I have no idea what model it was.

The camera some of my newer tapes were recorded on did the exact same thing that this camera is doing so I assume that it is having the same failure that this current camera is.

I'll have to just take the tapes somewhere and have them converted. Thank you for all the help!

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I meant to write more but the phone...

CHECK the camcorder settings for NTSC or PAL. or 50 to 60Hz. The online manuals for the 860 are not PDFs so it's slow reading.

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Found a link
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Page 12

in the manual has a feature reference I've never seen...

PAL60 is a special output signal format with which a tape recorded on this camcorder (NTSC format) can be viewed on a PAL TV.

Page 61 tells how to make this active - or not.

Might be worth a shot to see how this is set on your camcorder...

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Thanks boya84.

Here's hoping that helps.

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