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Transfering video from JVC DVL510U to my pc

I am not very good at these kinds of things. When I purchased my digital camcorder they said I could do this. For some reason they don't make it simple. I contacted JVC and they told me that I needed some software to do this. I installed a firewire card because I was told I needed this first. Why can't you just download it into the pc? Why do they have to make everything so difficult? I'm just a regular guy trying to save my video on the pc and then transfer onto DVD's later. I'm not a computer wiz. Please help me to do this! Thanks

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Reporting: Transfering video from JVC DVL510U to my pc
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transferring video to pc

Yes, it should be as simple as just moving a file, but it isn't. When video is recorded to the tape it isn't put down as a file, it is put down as video images, but you are halfway there if you have you firewire card installed. I don't have that camera, but they are all the same.

You will also need a firewire cable, but most cameras come with them. Turn your comptuer on and connect the firewire cable from your camera to the firewire card. The camera has a small connection (4-pins) and the comptuer card has a larger one. Then turn on your camera and push it to VCR, like you were going to watch the video back.

You should see the windows operating system pop up a box saying that it has found your camera! It will detect a camera connected to the computer and as how you would like to record the video in (if not, then your firewire card may not be working properly). Depending on what software you have on the computer, you can open that software and begin the next step.

For arguements sake, opene Windows Movie Maker because ever Windows XP machine has it. You can manually open the program or the box may ask you if you want to open it.

From this point, Movie Maker is pretty simple, if the "TASKS" are not open click on the tasks button at the top and click on capture video.

Choose "Capture From Device" (not import)
and choose a file name and location to save to.

Choose Best Quality.

And then you can Capture entire tape or parts manually, I'd suggest capturing the entire tape right now, just to get started.

This will take control of your camera and play your tape (make sure a tape is in the camera) and record it into the computer at the same time. It has to playback the entire tape!

From that point, you have many, many options. You can edit parts of it, add music, add titles and then dub it back to a blank tape or save it out to a file.

Getting it out to a DVD is a whole other beast. When you save the final product out to a file (Movie Maker saves an AVI file) it must be converted to a format that DVD players can read (MPEG-2) and then burned to the disc as a DVD Video disc. There are many tutorials to show you how to do this, but if you'd like more help just let me know what softwares you will be using because each software is a bit different. Some DVD burning software will convert the file and burn at the same time!

have fun!

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transferring video to PC

What software would you recommend for a novice. The whole thing about converting a video file to MPEG-2 is confusing to me. Can't you capture in MPEG-2 and then just burn it onto a disc? I need a user friendly software. Thanks

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capturing to mpeg-2

SOme softwares will let you capture directly to mpeg-2, but I don't know of any that will let you capture without having a hardware device that does that conversion for you. For instance, the DAZZLE device from pinnacle is a great little convertor for a resonible price. For 150 dollars it plugs into the firewire port and lets you plug ANYTHING into it. A VCR, a Digital Camera, anything. As you digitize it converts to mpeg-2 automatically, saving disk space and eliminating the need to convert later. IT also comes with all the nessecary software to edit and burn to dvd's. It is a great software.

Some other softwares will let you capture directly and then just say "export to dvd" and it will do the encoding and then burn to disk for you all at the same time...sort of brainless. Adobe Premeire Pro does this and I also believe Pinnacle Studio does this. Studio will be much cheaper then Premeire.

THe dazzle that you'd buy probably comes with Studio or a version of Studio. But Dazzle is a great product if you have the money for it. You'll probably end up paying the same amount just for a software to do all of the converting, etc. SO Dazzle is a great alternative because it does the converting on the fly. That converting process, inside the PC can take a LONG TIME when it is done through software only, so the DAZZLE sounds like a great investment.

there are also internal MPEG-2 encoders that can do the encoding in real-time as you digitize, but I don't know about any of them and I'm sure they are expensive.

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capturing to MPEG-@

Thanks for your help. I will check into the Dazzle product as it sounds just like the item that I am looking for.

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Transferring video to PC

I just got my new computer Sony VGC RB38G (windows xp media edition) and the main selling feature was all the media work I'd be able to do. Well, after a few days, I am completely stumped. So, in my searching for help, I came upon
the ever helpful CNET. I have a sony Digital 8 DCR TRV310 NTSC.camcorder. I thought it was simply a matter of plugging into the right ports and then clicking on "Click to DVD" on my new computer. Well, that did not seem to work - the help documents on the new Sony are so technical I'm about ready to give up ... I have 4 programs on the new Sony - DV Gate Plus, Intevideo WIN DVD5 , Windows Movie Maker, and Click to DVD. They all appear to have something to do with making DVD's from video. But I am lost lost lost .
I did use the Windows movie maker to make a dvd from
still pictures ... very easy to use ... I guess I
would just like to know out of these programs, which would be the simplest for me to use ... I hate to have to buy another program when I have all these already here.I appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you

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Transfering video from JVC DVL510U to my pc

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