And by the way, "memory" vs "storage space" is different.. You are referring to storage space on the two drives. "Memory" is temporary and generally is used by the RAM.

Still, you should be able to move all your important documents, pictures, movies, and other files over to the larger drive. First, make a backup of all the files you're going to move to the new drive just in case something hiccups. Now, simply open your movie.picture/etc. folder on the C: drive, create and open the destination folder on the new/empty drive at the same time, then highlight all of the needed files from the original folder. RIGHT click on one of the highlighted files, then DRAG the entire group to the new folder.. Release the mouse button and choose 'Move here'. All the highlighted files will be moved to the new location.

Keep the operating system and all programs installed where they are as they tend to work better in the location where they were originally installed.

Hope this helps.