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Transfer of data .... Help ?

My Laptop has to go into the 'shop' for repair but,
not being a trusting guy, can anyone tell me how
to transfer All the date from this laptop to another
one that I have or, to another hard drive, please?

Need to get this done asap

Help .... anyone?

Regards ....

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Reporting: Transfer of data .... Help ?
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Its simple
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Re: transfer of data

If you don't have a current backup of your data (why not?), just buy an external hard disk and copy everything to it that you don't want to lose.

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transfer of data

er ... yeah ... thanks but ...

I asked HOW ... I am not 'techie' and don't know The HOW

Thanks, again

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For most, they have it done.

On the internet there is a lot of posts about transfer. While there are apps you can buy if you are not able to copy what you want to some USB drive and back in, some basic skills are still needed.

If you have a client that doesn't have those skills you give them a quote on how much to do the work for them.

If the issue is you don't trust the shop, there is no reason to go there.

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For most, they have it done.

I do not trust ANY computer repair person or shop

Have had FAR too many computers Ruined by these
so-called 'Techies' to be able to trust anyone.

Even those that we have had come to our house
to do the job .... even they have caused more
harm than good and, in most cases NOT cured
what the 'problem' was.

So, I want to remove ALL the data I have on this
machine before Anyone get's thier hands on it.

In simple lay mans terms, please ....


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I don't think there is such in layman's terms. Why is that?

Because we have to deal with where the data is, what files are where and may have to broach why we can't just copy files out and back in and have working apps and data.

So to a layman, you have to start with courses in computers to build the knowledge base to get to the point where they can determine what files to backup and restore and how to fix an app that needs fixing.

HERE'S MY ANSWER for folk that don't want to dig into what a Windows PC is and more. Move them to a Chromebook where it's all cloud based and then the layman might have a chance.

That or a smart phone.

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(NT) Moving Data ...
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PS. Forgot a thing.

I don't expect "laymen" to know what a file, folder or app is.

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Moving Data

Ok ....

OKAY ... I'll Manage ....

Get a 'Wire' connect the two together and
Drag 'stuff' needed to the other comp.


I answered my own question .... right?


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That usually ends up with the mess and problems

That have you turning red and not trusting experts.

Dragging stuff (I mean moving) files (stuff) can result in broken apps. You drag it back and the app still fails. This is why it's not possible in laymen terms to write how.

We start at the beginning with Comp 101 and a lot more.

I understand there are folk that never want to dive into Windows and apps so for them, you show them Chromebooks, tablets and Apple computers.

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what he said ....

Well, I have an Apple as well but, cannot put this
Windows stuff on there for back-up purposes, can I?

and, I can't see how we can do as you have mentioned
"Use an Android Phone" .... ya got a phone with that
Much available memory then ? LoL (Even if you
can transfer windows 'stuff' to it)

Never mind, I will transfer the Data that I am wanting
Can't be bothered with "Apps" .... don't use any, anyway.

Not been a Lot of help coming here ... has it?


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As long as we have to stick to laymen terms.

We can't get technical. Laymen terms can't include computer terms so we're sort of stuck in neutral with the parking brake on.

As to my LG G4 it has 3GB RAM, 64GB of internal storage and another 128GB on the memory card so yes, it's on par with computers you can buy today.

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Re: How?

Copying a file, more files, or a whole folder to an external hard disk or USB-stick is no different from copying it to another location on your internal hard disk. That's copy/paste or drag and drop (although there is no need to hold ctrl when dropping it).

That way you can make of copy of your whole My Documents, My Pictures etc folder. And of every folder you made and filled yourself. And, when your PC returns from the tech, you can just as easily copy it back, if needed.
But copying back won't work for most things in Windows and Program Files folder, and you must know what you do and don't do in Program Data and your own Appdata.

It's good to have this kind of copy, just in case the repair involves a new hard disk or a clean install of Windows. Then the original data is gone.

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Thanks for this thread

I was facing the same issue, but now after reading this thread I got my problem solved.

Thanks a million Grin

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