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Tournament of Roses Parade and Sheehan ...

"Has-been celebrity 'peace mom' Cindy Sheehan made the news again this week at the annual Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year's Day in Pasadena, California. As hundreds of thousands of Americans flooded the streets to watch parade floats of various shapes and sizes followed by one of the most celebrated college-football bowl games, Sheehan and dozens of war protestors showed up?directly across from the TV cameras, of course?holding signs that read 'Impeachment is Patriotic.' After the last float started on the parade route, the protestors stepped in behind, waving their signs. They were met by a surprise, though: a chorus of boos from the crowd. 'This is not the occasion for this,' said one parade sightseer. Indeed, Sheehan seems obsessed with trampling on the grave of her own son with these political stunts, which oppose the very cause for which he gave his life."

One really has to pity the woman's mental capabilities.

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You didn't link to the source....

....but is this an example of the "unbiased reporting" you don't think the New York Times is practicing?

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a lapse of memory?

now that I am older I forget many things that are irrelevant. that I understand. I do not pick on anyone that is described (tacitly) as pathetic and certainly not a 'gold star mother'. that I remember.

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all her shenanigans

has trampled her sons name into the ground. her husband left her over her shenanigans.

shes sick needs confinement and medical help

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did you hear the one about

the kitchen police that spilled the beans?

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(NT) that explains the stench
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(NT) yes, I thought the OP had that aroma
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Didn't link the source indeed ...

but I didn't think you were crippled and unable to search for a source.

Discovering now that you are apparently afflicted with such a disability here is a link for you -

One doesn't have to "think" the NYT is biased and tried to make news rather than report it, one only has to read the paper and compare the stories bu its writers to the same stories covered by the rest of the media. Even that other bastion of questionable "news", The Washington Post, isn't as blatently obvious.

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A post script to that ...
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When I copy and paste here....

...I provide a link. I don't expect others to source my posts for me or act incensed at the notion that I should source my own posts.

And I noticed you didn't answer my question.

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Surely you jest!

How many times have you been asked for a link and failed to provide one. Some folks have a memory that's conveniently short regarding selected subjects.

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OK, how many?

I believe the answer is "0" but if you can show otherwise, please do so. When I copy and paste from a source, I provide a link. If I don't have the source handy, I indicate that I am paraphrasing.

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(NT) And I thought they didn't allow politics here anymore....
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Is that politics?

Current events. I don't see anyone arguing in a partisan manner (well, not much anyway).

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The first three words in your subject line...

...invalidates the whole statement. It's all about credibility. Of course, all this is in my humble opinion. Now you don't have any problem with me expressing my opinion, do you? It's about "FOS"...remember?

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There was a story on You Tube about a month ago...

.... that she was planning to crash it, but, if she did, there was no coverage of it on ABC, CNN, or HGTV that carried the parade nationally.

Of course, the rule is that all floats must be totally organic. Happy

Speakeasy Moderator

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Yep, and she was claiming she would have ...

"thousands of demonstrators" following her - just a little over a 100 showed up with her.

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Hmmmmmm, I wonder if that influenced the Times slant on

the story. Very poor showing, and far too many witnesses to the charade.

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