I know it has been a short while, but I thought I'd ask this anyways.
Most gestures come with Windows Precision drivers which not all laptops have. There are two easy ways of checking this:
1: If you go to DeviceManager (start, type "devicemanager" - or any translation if needed) and expand "mice and other pointing devices", right click on your touchpad and hit "properties" -> "Drivers", what does it say? If it says Elon Drivers (or some variant of it), you might want to de-install those drivers and install Windows Precision Drivers.
2: If you head to settings and search for "touchpad", click on it and check if it says "Your PC has a precision touchpad". If so, you have Windows Precision Drivers and it might be a case of just having to turn them on. If it doesn't, you probably have Elon drivers.
<div>Click here for more info about Windows Precision Touchpad gestures.</div>

You will have to check on somebody else how to swap to Windows Precision Drivers if needed since I have never done this before. The YouTuber Dave Lee has a video tutorial regarding this switch.<br>