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TOTAL SCAM! run from wirefly/infonic/fraudulent front of day

Dec 6, 2005 3:28AM PST

LISTEN or you too will get scammed! scam, i tells ya
I wish I found this info. before I placed my order. OH.MY.DOG. There is NO customer service. The links they gave in the original responce to my order do not work. I ordered Sprint phones and a Sprint plan, but when I called Sprint this morning to check on my account (after I read these warnings), they have no information on a plan, or any phones for me! What they did have was an application. Period. I called my bank and my account has already been charged. Oy vey. Thankfully wash. mutual can treat if as a fraudulent transaction, since it is, but then I need to get a new card. If that's what it takes to fix this mess, I'm still luckier than other people. Sorry folks. DO NOT BUY FROM WIREFLY!!

Portland OR

P.S. the reason i ordered through them instead of sprint is because they had better phones and a better deal(so I stupidly thought)/

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(NT) (NT) $200 is what they charged to my acct. by the way...
Dec 6, 2005 4:14AM PST
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THere is a long forum disscussion about this topic already
Dec 7, 2005 1:35AM PST

Please do not spawn new post about this. I'm locking this thread down.