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Total discrimination against women

It's time to get my driver's license renewed.....and the complete bullshite begins for women. It's called the REAL ID license....and without it you can't fly on a domestic flight or get into some Federal buildings anymore. Are you freaking kidding me? I can't go to Vegas to gamble legally unless I drive but States can hand out driver's licenses to illegals willy-nilly... Will those illegals need a REAL ID to board a plane when they are DEPORTED......hell no.....

In order to GET that REAL ID, I have to produce original marriage and divorce documents for EVERY name change I've had (been married three times), but MEN don't have to because THEY don't change THEIR names when they marry. My first marriage was 50 freaking years ago in another State (CA) and HE'S DEAD PEOPLE....I don't have that crap anymore. My second marriage was almost 40 years ago in another State (OH) and HE'S DEAD PEOPLE.....I don't have that crap anymore. My third marriage was here locally 25 years ago (VA) and so was my divorce from him. Yep...I can GET those papers easily because it's a tiny freaking town and not a big city, but it's still gonna cost ME MONEY to get them.

I'm not flying to Canada or France...and would need a PASSPORT anyhow....How many American WOMEN do you know of in the USA who have been charged as terrorists that I have to be punished for by having to produce documents that MEN don't have to produce?

Thank you GEORGE W BUSH and Homeland Security crap from 2005 making this a 'rule' that goes into effect in 2020? Why not put a list of the Federal buildings that I won't be able to get into without that new ID? I'm sure it includes the WH and Congressional buildings, but what about the Federal museums in DC or the Lincoln Memorial that I hoped to get to this summer?

Thank God, I don't have to try to get onto a military base for one of Derek's commissioning ceremonies since he's probably had his last one this past March, but I won't be able to 'see him off' when he deploys the next time or welcome him back....cuz I NEED that freaking REAL ID now to do that.

Yeah, I'll be getting it....but every woman out there should be protesting in front of DHS over this garbage.

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Reporting: Total discrimination against women
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RE:every woman out there should be protesting in front of DH

every woman out there should be protesting in front of DHS over this garbage.

every woman?

Even the women (American citizens)that DJT has said should "go back to their own countries?

You won't stand for having to prove YOUR "birth surname", but you remain silent on POTUS telling AMERICAN CITIZENS to get out of America and return to their birth country.

You're "all in this together"?

Why don't you get a US Passport...NO evidence of divorces needed?

REI have to produce original marriage and divorce documents for EVERY name change I've had (been married three times),

Got a link to that requirement?

Here's what I found

Here's what you'll need: An original social security card or other proof of your social security number like a W-2 form. The social security card can't be laminated.

You will need two proofs of Virginia residency. A rental agreement works. So does a utility bill. A passport or birth certificate is needed to prove legal presence. You'll also need your current driver's license.

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Keep looking....

and you'll find the complete list of required documents....You don't live here so I'm not doing your 'homework' for you.

I don't give a crap about the rest of your post where you again try to divert and deflect off topic in order to rant against Trump. HE didn't put this rule into place, but he COULD remove it.

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RE: HE didn't put this rule into place,
HE didn't put this rule into place, but HE COULD remove it.

I suggest you voice your concerns on HIS twitter account....Of course HE might block you from making future posts in HIS account...even to praise him.

Another side of the argument is.......everyone had 15 years notice and they waited until the last minute to get their ducks in a row.
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Every woman except the colored ones.

Coloured, in La Canada.

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I'd say you have a valid complaint

I had to renew my driver's licence this past May and was asked if I wanted a standard or "compliant" license. Not knowing what that meant, I said I just wanted to replace whatever I had that was about to expire. I later found out about need for a different licence if using mine as ID for flying purposes. We fly twice a year to visit my wife's mother in Florida. This will mean getting a new driver's license next year and paying again. Yes...I do have the "male privilege" of having no name change since birth and I can see the unfairness to women who, through tradition and no fault of their own, have undergone a name change due to marriage. I've not seen reports of women hijacking or bombing airliners though elderly women in wheelchairs are sometimes singled out by TSA agents in order to avoid charges of profiling. So much for government regulations attempting to be "inclusive". Please don't have (another) heart attack over this. It's not worth it.

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The part that PO's me especially

is that I ALREADY provided all that crap to Social Security each time I got married and divorced so my checks would be compliant and keep coming. Since all agencies are cross referenced now, why can't that be easily detected for women who need to get new licenses now? Since DMV's are/were normally controlled Statewide I didn't have to show any of this when I moved from State to State and transferred my license to the new one...but now the FEDS are involved so Social Security information is readily available.

It's going to take MONTHS to get this information from the various States I lived in when I got married previously and if not received in time, even though I am four months ahead of when my license expires, there is NO guarantee I will get it all in time and then I can't drive out of this freaking mountain at ALL, while I wait on some ******* government employee to mail them to me since they all have to be ORIGINALS/CERTIFIED copies with SEALS on them and not be faxed or emailed where I can print them.

STOOPID, STOOPID CONTROL FREAKS...…..You can send out notices immediately when I owe the IRS money, but you can't send out a year ahead of time REMINDER to people that they will be hit in the **** when they show up at the DMV to renew. Even when I went to renew online, I was told I couldn't get it done online....WITH NO REASON GIVEN forcing a phone call to find out I need a new eye exam, but even then NO MENTION other than to show a page of which license I wanted. If I hadn't clicked on the REAL ID link to see the difference between the two types I was going to apply for or renew, I would have been in the 'dark' until I showed up at the DMV 'at my leisure' since I still have four months to go.

No heart attack time here...just total 'blood streaming from my eyeballs' and 'flames out my nostrils' anger. LOL

How many of those little old ladies in wheelchairs will be getting those REAL ID's, GW?

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RE:they will be hit in the **** when they show up at the DMV
they will be hit in the **** when they show up at the DMV to renew

You just want your drivers licence renewed?

You don't have to provide all the other stuff you are complaining about.....Divorce names and all that other stuff...ONLY IF you want REAL IDs.....

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Will this stop the pat downs and body scans????

I have to give you my whole freaking life before I can get to the check in line so what's next......back ground screening to see if I ever complained about BO or GWB or Clinton? How about my Facebook page or SE rants? Will that be enough to stop me from flying to Vegas to gamble since you won't let me do it from my house anymore online (thank you FRANK AND TODD for deciding FOR me that I shouldn't control my own money, too). It doesn't matter to me that SPORTS betting is allowed now....BINGO and SLOTS are still off limits to the likes of me.

Yep....I'm on a tear today LOL

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Only those who use CAPS in their posts

are being targeted.

I'm told.

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Ya just jinxed us all, ya rat!

The new "carnivore" program will now, thanks to you - target _all_fonts and cases. Thanks a freakin bunch!

Rick :^)

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(NT) Oops. Did I post that out loud?
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Well, consolation is at hand, I'm told -

It comes in a conical glass container and is in a liquid state at normal earth pressure and atmosphere, and has a golden, welcoming hue and flavour ; unlike Saturnian ale which (I'm also told) becomes rather depressingly solid here on Planet Earth. So, all things considered (or not) - help is just a glass and a few solid cubic forms of H2Oh away... :^)

I'm with you on the lack of inter-agency communication for this bureaucratic "red-tape" horse-hockey. I've managed to physically lose my I.D. (driver's license) *twice* now, and the first time I re-applied I had to produce my original S.S. card - which of course I did _not_ have - this necessitated getting my original birth certificate - which I had, complete with baby footprints and everything - but was informed that _that_ document was not "official enough" and had to pay for the "official state-issued" doc, which AIR cost 18 bucks, then had to re-get the S.S. card - nominal charge or free, can't remember, then was finally able to get a duplicate drivers license - when all the while I actually had the number of it written down and had the "temp" license too - but somehow all that and my frickin' s.s. number is in "the system" in multiple counties in Texas and Federally, too, was "insufficient proof of identity". I wanted to joke around with the authorities and offer blood and hair samples for DNA analysis - if needed - but luckily Victoria (with legal and cultural experience in such matters) told me such levity was frowned upon at " 'guvmint' places " and refrained. So, after all that jumping through "hoops" I managed to lose my I.D. _again_ 7 years later but thankfully had my S.S. card in safe-keeping so it was relatively a breeze _that_ time. LOL.

And in the future we'll probably all "have to" get "chipped" like they do nowadays for our pets - RFID tech or hopefully something far more secure! <insert another lol here> :^)

So, if you have to get another portion of liquid relaxer, you now "officially" have my blessing, nay, encouragement to do so... :^)


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SS card is its own story.

Even back in the Thirties there was concern about Big Brother. (Not the novelistic one; not around yet.)
Roosevelt assured everyone it would never be used to ID citizens- then it became the Taxpayer Identification Number.
Eventually it became so pervasive as to be useful to [primitive] ID thefters. As a result we were told not to carry the card. Many of us destroyed the card because it did say, "Not to be used for identification."
Now, to prove we're citizens ...
Kafka lives!

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I don't fly anymore

The TSA can keep it. The airlines too for shrinking seat sizes. Now that new 787MAX is yet one more reason to stay out of the air.

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787 MAX. That's worth a discussion on its own.

"The plane that has a mind of its own."
"A company that doubled down on it's flight control computer."

"Rebrand it, they won't know better."

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Yep. Two crashes in a row.

Problem identified quickly. Time for ultra transparency and action vs. talk.
And yet ...

Rob, Have you seen anything about reinstalling the second sensor? From the pics it should be almost a home mechanic job.

Redundancy saves lives.
Redundancy adds weight and (in this case) some drag.
Pros: saves lives.
Cons: Are you kidding?

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Maybe more movement toward

autonomous aircraft until they can finish development of a functional digital transporter. We do seem to have a lot of missing persons out there. OOPS

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" JA VOLL! Papers! "

Haven't had that yet. Got 8 year license last renewal.

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That's jawohl!


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(NT) Beatings will continue until moral improves
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Right you are

Try this then, perhaps more appropriate.

Beatings will continue until morals improve.

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yes, but...

... I went with the phonetic version instead.

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(NT) Well, if you wanna give it the French pronunciation ...
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A bank teller noticed mine just expired.

I don't drive.
"You'll never take me alive, coppers!"

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" Top of the world, Ma! " is my fave

Jimmy Cagney quote.


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Just another problem added to flying.

And the associated costs.

Some people say the terrorists won on 9/11.

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could be right, in a way - though

just because one is paranoid does _not_mean they ain't out to get ya. Or so the voice (yes, just one!) in my head tells me. :^|

Rick " aluminium foil is actually _good_ for one's scalp... but it's difficult for Origami " Jones :^)

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As in classic guerrilla warfare.

Low budget surprise attacks vs. high dollar, inconveniencing defensive posture.
Still going on, outside the US ... for now.

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