i recently had the EXACT same dilemma and coincidentally, i was looking at all 3 of those models, plus a sony. i have ended up with the fujitsu lifebook s6231. it is the BEST decision i have ever made in computers. i have owned over 6 dells and a few compaq's. i haven't had better than this fujitsu. i was not able to touch/feel the dell 700 because there is no place they are displayed. that is what made me lean toward fujitsu, even though dell was reliable to me.

one thing to note...both the fujitsu and the dell you are talking about are EXTREMELY small laptops. i wanted thin and light for portability, but i have to tell you that the keyboards and screens on the two that you are looking at are very small. this fujitsu s6231 has a full, crystal display, a full sized keyboard, and i walk around with it in one hand because it is so light. all the ports are on the back of the machine so no cords in the way. the dvd burner works perfect and it has everything i could have needed. i ordered directly from fujitsu, got it in 10 days and when i called in the customer service was excellent. it took a lot to pull me away from the dell.

one more thing...the dell battery life is very short and i have to tell you that i am AMAZED that this fujitsu standard battery lasts up to 5 legit hours! i've used it many times to the end before.

good luck.