Toshiba Laptop - looking to buy a new laptop


I currently have a Toshiba L-series laptop, my first laptop, that is 3 years old. I've decided to use a laptop as my main computer (selling my iMac *sniff*sniff*).

I use my computer daily, mostly for writing, internet and iTunes. I do tend to store photos on my computer. No gaming. But I do play dvds and watch tv online e.g. Hulu

I want a 15" screen, webcam (don't have one now), and am guessing 4GB is sufficient (only have 2 GB now).

I don't think I'll be hooking it up to my tv so HDMI isn't important (and what is the purpose of doing that? I'm not being sarcastic Happy

Because I've only had a Toshiba and have heard that "Dell is hell" and HP stinks, I figure I should stay with Toshiba. However, I'm open-minded.
Spec-wise, what do you think of this particular Toshiba? I don't want to spend more than $600.00.

I've tried to educate myself (browsing the forum here) about various specs and the pros/cons but I'm by no means an expert. I didn't know that some laptops heat more than others, for example. I know my current Toshbia gets very hot!

Anyway, any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks so much!


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Start with the laptop pickers at the top of this forum and see what you find. Remember you didn't reveal a country.

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Toshiba Laptop

Hi R. Proffitt,

I don't see anything saying "laptop pickers" on this forum. And I'm not sure what my country has to do with buying a Toshiba? I'm in the U.S. and am buying it in the U.S. for whatever that is worth.

Do you have an opinion about the specs of the Toshiba (I linked above) for my needs or about Toshiba in general?


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Did you try

the CNET Laptop Chooser,College too! thread?

These forums are international with many members from countries other than the US. Since some of the links in that thread are for US only, they may not be relevant to some members.


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Hi Mark,
Oh, right, I knew that this was an international forum. I thought the other poster was asking me where I lived because I couldn't buy a Toshiba or something. It didn't occur to me the link wouldn't work.
Well, whoever can access the link can comment Silly Just kidding. I'll post the specs later then anyone can comment. Thanks for the heads-up.

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I see someone offered the link.

You ask if it applies. I just used the Newegg picker and it allowed me to list only the Toshiba line. And last week I used the one at Amazon and again I could limit it to Toshiba.

You may ask "Why use these pickers?"

It's pretty simple -> These will let you see what is available TODAY rather than what I liked 2 months ago that is no more.

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Hi Bob,
Thanks for the advice re: pickers.
The reason I posted here is because I wanted opinions from "real people" rather than using pickers to make sure that, for example, 4GB is enough for what I need to do on the computer. Or to make sure I wasn't buying a super-slow processor - stuff like that. Or, maybe someone knew something about Toshiba's in general that would be useful e.g. they explode into dust after 2 years Silly

I just keep flipflopping between the Toshiba and macbook.


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Me too.

That about 1100 dollar Macbook pro is on my wish list at amazon. Toshibas are owned by family members and dare I write this? No problems so far. Toshiba seems to have learned a lot of the years to steer clear of chance designs with desktop CPUs but still offer the quad core i7 which consumers demand and I write avoid.

Today you want (for the Windows machines) the usual 4GB RAM and 64 bit OS. There may be naysayers but at the office we made the leap except for those few dev and support machines.


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Dreaming of a Macbook Pro as well

Thanks for that information, Bob. Appreciate it. If I go for the PC I'll stick with Toshiba laptop.
And yes, I want the Macbook Pro 15" Happy Definitely on my wish list. But was also eyeballing the 13" macbook.
Wish I had the moola Sad for the Pro.

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