Toshiba L655 stuck at Toshiba screen.

I just acquired a Toshiba L655 laptop. It was working fine. I left it unplugged the other night and the battery died . When I went to use it last night I plugged it in and it will not go past the Toshiba splash screen. I can not hit F2 or F12. If I hold any key down it starts beeping and will not stop till I hit the power button. All lights are on on the case. The HDD light flashs briefly. I can not turn off NUM lock and I can't turn on CAPS lock . Ever since I have had it there has been a red X over the power icon [ plugged in ] since I have had it I have never used it unplugged.

I reseated the memory powered on same thing happens I took the memory out and powered on all I got was a black screen. With the hard drive in or out same thing happens. Even tried to do a hard reset nothing happend.

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Reporting: Toshiba L655 stuck at Toshiba screen.
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2 more tests.
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Thanks for the quick reply.

What I ment by a hard reset was the same as the link you sent me. So that did not work. I never changed that battery before is it located on the motherboard? Where can I get one at Amazon?

I was going to get a new charger for it thought maybe the Targus one that came with it wasn't putting out enough volts or was faulty in some way since I have a red X on the power icon. Think that will help?

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The battery is cheap. Now I will not write it will fix it.

But it's so cheap I would take the chance. It's from my old friend long ago. "Replace the cheapest part first." shows it's not for the feint hearted. I think it looks like a CR2032 but I'd take it apart to check as I get conflicting information on the web.

The red x is usually some battery issue. If the original battery is in there, I replace that since it can cause all sorts of bad things to happen. You can try it without the big main battery as a test but this is so old you have to set a limit on your repair bill.

-> Many PCs do not boot when the CMOS battery is too low. It's a common thing you can research if you need to.

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Good Info.....

While I was waiting to here back from you I did a little digging..... and found out what you was talking about. I left work and went to the Dollar General down the road and they had the CR2032 Energizer brand so I picked them up. I think I can do this I really don't want but worth it to me. I talked to the guy I got it from and he said that is why he got rid of it ..... before I fired it up it had road around in my truck for a month or so....when I powered it up the first time I plugged it to my power inverter in my truck and it powered up no problems just had the red X on the power button. When I went into settings it showed that is was charging......... I wondering if the red X on the power button will cause problems later......thanks for all your help you gave me some valuable information I have to say I have learned something.

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On the battery....

Forgot to mention that yes it is the original battery.....and not the original charger...... the guy also said that his girlfriend left it plugged up 24/7 by the bed.....

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That changes my view.

Many of the cheap replacement chargers do not charge the battery. I'd shop amazon for another for this model and hope it clears up the charging. I just replaced a 2006 Dell battery from Amazon for 20ish bucks. The owner was not willing to risk if it was the big battery and gave me his failing laptop. In the end it needed the big battery and a new HDD. I found the 120GB SSD for 30 bucks and thus began my story about Windows 10 on a 2006 Dell Inspiron E1505 w/2GB RAM that boots from cold in 33 seconds to a Google search result. Sometimes it's worth the expense.

Total was 30 (ssd), 20ish (battery) and 16 for the RAM. You can't get a new laptop for that much that is that fast.

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I agree and WOW!

I can't believe that..... I might have to get ssd after/if I get this issue fix. I'm going to stop by walmart on my way home and get a charger just to see ..... I can always take it back......

I was also doing some more digging and everybody was saying take out the optical drive and see if it would boot past the splash screen. So I might try that....

I have a feeling that it is either something really simple like the batteries or charger.... or something really serious like a dead motherboard.... may have to just sell it for parts but I hope not......

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Well it was a NO lol

I stopped by Walmart and got a charger..... didn't help. I changed out the battery with another battery that I know is good didn't help....... changed out the memory and HDD with equivalent did not help..... took it all the way apart found out I had bought the wrong size cmos battery...... went back to walmart they didn't have the CR1220 .... after about a hour I found a $2 flash light that had the CR1220 battery in it..... came home and put it in and all back together...... and still the same thing..... I think it's safe to say its the motherboard........ 6 hours later I'm still nowhere....thanks for your help.

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I didn't mean thanks for your help as in thanks for nothing. I ment thank you I really appreciate the help I would have not got that far if you had not replyed.... just wanted to clarify I didn't want you thinking I was being a jerk ....

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No problem.

Given the story and age I had to write it may not fix it but write what I would do.

After the battery change, repeat the big main battery out reset I noted and then try it again without HDD or optical. At that point it's gone. Don't just dump it, ebay it if you can as a good LCD screen on a brain dead laptop is usually 99 bucks for the lot.

Wish it worked out and thanks for the reply. You did what I'd do for cheap and hoped for the best.

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