I bought this a few months ago, primarily as a way to transfer all my home movies from tape to DVD.

I have recorded from cable TV using DVD-RW disks, and that works OK as long as you don't use the EP (6 hours) or SLP (8 Hours). Those settings show a lot of blurry fringes. You can use these disks over and over. You can reinitialize to erase all, or edit out just the portion you want to remove.

As far as recording from tape, I have some issues with compatibility to other machines. The DVD+R and DVD-R works on my computer and on my Zenith DVD player. The DVD-RW does not, even after its been finalized.

The manual is pretty good, but can be bewildering. You have to keep reading and trying different things. The different disks DVD-RW, DVD+RW DVD-R, and DVD+R all have different features and capabilities, and that gets confusing.

I am presently struggling to get manually added chapter marks to show up on DVD players other than this one. So far it does not work. Maybe its not suppose to.

Any other questions just ask I'll try to answer