Why look at HD monitors? You can get the new Samsung "Slimfit" CRT (TX-R3079WH) with built in ATSC tuner for $900 at Circuit City ($850 at Best Buy). The case it a little wide for a 30" TV, but it's not as deep and it's lighter than the Sony or Toshiba.

I like the Toshiba form-factor (speakers on the bottom make it narrower) and my outgoing TV is an old 20" Toshiba that worked great... still does! Unfortuantely, the bug for a new TV bit and Toshiba doesn't make a 30 or 32" CRT HDTV.

So far the Samsung is working great. I have analog cable, ditigal OTA antenna (Terk HDTVi), XBox on component 1, DVD on component 2 and HDMI. I'm comparing how the DVD player performs on the two connections.

The picture is very good on both analog and digital SD and with HD. Do NOT use the movie mode though. For some reason it makes everything blurry (to simulate film I guess). I like the Samsung menu interface. I choose this over the Sharp LC-32D5U (see my review) after viewing them side-by-side.

The Samsung does have problems, but they're easier to live with when it's under $1000 (vs. the Sharp). I already mentioned size (37" wide!). Another annoying "feature" is a gray background (probably a carry over from last year's software since the TVs were gray). It's only notieable if you view SD programming in 4:3 (which I do because I can't stand the image distortion in any of the stretch modes).