I am a Canon camera fan and there was a software package in the box called "ZoomBrowser EX". It worked well and allowed me to save my photos on a file server that had mirrored disks. Then they upgraded the product and disable networking. I then copied my photos to a local drive and copied them with Beyond compare to the server. Then I tried adobe elements and it came with management software so I began experimenting. But it seems the adobe doesn't support audio attached notes on my pictures and throws it away as garbage. It seems I have to go back and revisit ZoomBrowser. My conclusion: Create folders for each year, and sub folders for each moth or special occasion (like 2005-01 Death valley trip). That way no watter what you are using to manage the photos, you can find what you are looking for. Oh and those tag features, who has time to tag pictures anyway, I'm clicking off so many.