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Top 5 topics we haven't done yet

The week of 12/18, I'll be recording two Real Deals, since we'll be on holiday the last week of December.

One of these shows will be the top 5 topics we haven't covered yet. So please post what topics you wish we'd cover.

I'll give a bird's eye view of the topics in a special year end episode and then we'll cover those topics in the new year.

You can see what topics we *have* covered right here:

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5 topics

In reply to: Top 5 topics we haven't done yet

what should i look for when i buy a digital camera

the difference between Nintendo Wii, XBOX 360 and Playstation 3

what should i do with my old stuff
(old computers, cell phones, and so)

how to protect my wi-fi connection

what is a media center

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Got a few

In reply to: Top 5 topics we haven't done yet

1) Digital Cameras:

More specifically, SLR cameras..
- Should I buy SLR now?
- What are the benefits?
- How are they better than regular cameras

2) Online Auctions:

eBay, Yahoo!, others..
- How to avoid scams
- Advice for listing items

3) Windows Freeware:

(Possibly OSX too)
- Best programs out there
- Some of your personal favorites
- Listeners personal favorites
- 1/2 Windows, 1/2 maybe? (Veronica: guest?)

4) Vista

More information..
- Should I buy when it comes out?
- Is it really better than XP?
- Can my computer run it?

I can only come up with 4 for now, but if I come up with 1 more, I'll reply to my post.

Great idea Tom, thanks!

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I'm an idiot

In reply to: Got a few

In my infinite wisdom, I haven't listened to the last Real Deal from this week (I listed to RD on the weekends), and didn't notice the Free Programs section, so nevermind that idea!

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In reply to: I'm an idiot

the vista one would be a very nice topic...

everyone wants to know about vista! i have used it at my friend's house, i have seen it many times, but i'm still on that: "am i going to upgrade to it soon?", "will i have to upgrade my hardware too?", "is it safe, or should i stick with XP-SP2?"

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Media Systems

In reply to: Top 5 topics we haven't done yet

i've been struggling with deciding how to setup a media system. can't decide what the best overall solution is.

ability to record digital cable
ability to record high-def
ability to access content from multiple devices
a design that is bedroom "friendly". (meaning no loud fan noise)
wireless connectivity
support for podcasts

i've looked at using a media extender like the Helios 3000. DVD playback and support for upnp. then i could have a NAS device to host all the media on. i could have a computer for downloading podcasts or other content which get stored to the NAS. the only probelm is recording of digital cable content. Tivo Series 3 seems to be the only possible device, but can you grab recorded content off those and move it to another deivce? Another consideration is iTunes content. sometimes i buy shows i miss on tv from there. only apple's forth-coming iTV would allow that. i'm an apple guy so that's ok, but so far i don't know of any support of Cable Card for apple systems. (there's support for clear QAM but not encrypted.) also the apple device didn't have dvd support which means two devices instead of one.

Are there any cable card "ready" Media Center systems out there?

other thoughts:
Comparison of MS Media Center and MythTV.
- ability to buy copmlete systems
- ease of configuration
- ability to share files with other devices (media extenders)

Build vs. Buy
- how hard is it to build without having to do tens of hours of research into compatibility of parts.
- it seems like all the Media Center systems start at $2k!

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media systems are not popular here :/

In reply to: Media Systems

i don't have much to say about it, media system here is a desktop computer plugged in a tv, like i do in my house to watch dvds and other media...

Brazil doesn't even have tivo... we also don't have digital TVs, and media systems...

we have some satellite paid channels, which are digital, i guess with 500k-1M subscribers...
and for those, we have some kind of tivo, but that is expensive and really not popular...

HDTV? well, at least we had one special channel during the world cup, which only broadcasted some soccer matches... but we don't have hdtvs selling in the stores...

brazil will start its open digital tv broadcasting system next year, i hope a popular tivo will come up here...

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YES YES!! Please do an episode of windows vista

In reply to: Top 5 topics we haven't done yet

I have a brand new computer that is vista capable and I was wondering if it is going to be a waste of my money to go out and buy Vista. maby you could talk about that. I have also heard many rumors that after windows vista comes out they will be instantly cutting support for it (thats mainstream and extended support) that is another thing I am very woried about. maby you can clarfify some of those things if you do a show on windows vista.

1. will Microsoft be instantly cutting support for windows XP once Vista is out.

2. is it worth upgrading to vista and what version would you recommend.

3. When should we upgrade to Vista when will most of the software be compatible with windows Vista.

4. What are some of the new features in Vista.

5. Is windows vista rilly more secure or is that just a bunch of advertising propaganda.

6.What are the requirements for running Vista and what requirements would you recommend.

7. Oh and one more thing how mutch is each version of Vista going to cost.

Those are some of the questions I would love to have answered by my very trusted friends and CNET sorry the list is so long.

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xp support will continue

In reply to: YES YES!! Please do an episode of windows vista

and we will have Windows XP SP3 in 2008 (i guess)

as i don't know if i will get one vista legal copy for free, i will stick with windows xp for a little while...

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Thank you!!

In reply to: xp support will continue

Thank for that little piece of advice I have not had the time to go out and research this issue at all because of all my school work tanks again

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VIsta All The Way

In reply to: Top 5 topics we haven't done yet

Hey guys, I think that vista is a great topic for tom to discuss. Its really confusing for me to decide which vista to buy or even most of the terms of the EULA, so please do it on that Tom. Thanks.

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not sure I can come up with 5, but here goes:

In reply to: Top 5 topics we haven't done yet

Vista is a good choice. If you do it, please make sure to tell us the minimum system specs. My "new" laptop (obtained to fulfill our Best Buy service contract when the old one died -- it's a lower end model) has a sticker on it that says "Designed for Windows XP. Windows Vista Compatible" but I wanna know if that means it will really run Vista in a way that won't make me want to say words I don't allow my children to say.

I'd like to learn more about open source software. I've recently tried several -- Open Office, Scribus, the Gimp and Inkscape. I'm not ready to try running Linux, so I've been running these in Windows XP. I've noticed several buggy type things and I wonder if it's just me or are there bugs in these programs, esp. if you run them in Windows. Small things like -- when a presentation in Open Office, in Power Point Format, and then open it in Power Point, things change. My background gradient for a Christmas presentation changed from red to green to green to red. On another presentation that was a file someone gave me created in Power Point, that I altered extensively in Open Office -- there was a slide with ovals with text in them and every time I opened it, the ovals were too small for the text. I'd adjust them and save again, and then the next edit, they'd be small again. And with Scribus and Inkscape, I need something called Ghostscript to take care of Postscript and EPS images, and I've tried several times to download and install this Ghostscript and I've failed each time. I'm unable to come up with instructions on how to do it. Is this beyond the scope of your show? Are these programs just meant to run on Linux and don't work as well on Windows? Would I be better off staying in native file formats and not trying to use Open Office to edit MS file formats? I had a hard time finding a format that I could create in Inkscape and then import into Scribus, without using EPS.

I'd vote for a good comparison show about the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360, though I'm still going to buy a Wii. I have questions about how the Wii will interact with my other devices -- will it network wirelessly with my wireless router to share the internet connection, for example? If I get content on an SD card, can I use it on another device? What does the Bluetooth do? My son wants to know if he'll be able to play Runescape on it, since you can use it to surf the net. These are questions I have.

I'd still vote for a show about CSS, though I'm not sure it would be of interest to your whole audience. You might mention the CSS Zen Garden website, that's kind of cool. But so many times I see a neat layout and check their code and it's all a gobbledygook of frames and tables and php and other stuff, not CSS. Is this what we have to look forward to -- no standardized way to write code for websites, but a whole bunch of different ways? and is that a good or a bad thing? And will newer browsers start to be more standardized or will there always be a certain amount of difference between how a site looks in Firefox and how it looks in the current version of IE? I guess I'm not looking for you to do a show explaining how to do CSS, but to talk about the issues of web standardization, etc. But here's a plug for a book I recently bought, after checking a bunch of CSS books out of the library to evaluate which was the best. CSS, The Missing Manual, by David Sawyer McFarland. Very complete, lots of info, clear presentation.

Sorry, I can't come up with 5.

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In reply to: not sure I can come up with 5, but here goes:

You know, I don't know a whole lot about CSS, but it wouldn't hurt to know something more that I won't use.. makes me a more well rounded person (as does Thanksgiving), so I think that would be a good idea!

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Securing my wireless connection

In reply to: Top 5 topics we haven't done yet

I would like to learn how to secure my wireless connection (you guys scared me with all the talk on BOL). I don't know where to begin.

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you should use wpa2

In reply to: Securing my wireless connection

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In reply to: you should use wpa2

I will definitely try that.

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after you get it done

In reply to: Thanks

please post here your achievements, and tell us all if it was easy or difficult... because i'm curious too Grin

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Next gen DVDs

In reply to: Top 5 topics we haven't done yet

I don't even know where to start on those..

and there's my 5 Happy

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In reply to: Top 5 topics we haven't done yet

Scripting, I sort of know what it is and what it does. And I do find my self typing the same command over and over again to do things. Is it complicated to write a script? How intelligent can I make a script? Is there a simple program that can help me put one together with out learning more language? I could use some friendly geekish wisdom on this note.

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In reply to: Top 5 topics we haven't done yet

I'd love to learn more about dSLR cameras, as kohawks mentioned. What does dSLR stand for? What makes them better?

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My 5 choices for future topics

In reply to: Top 5 topics we haven't done yet

Hi All,

I agree with many of the other suggestions with my top five choices being:

1) Vista but also Office 2007 (lets face it Office 2007 will probably affect more of our lives that Vista will in many ways)
2) Mobile Devices and push email (I cannot help but think I am not getting the most out of my PDA)
3) CSS (as many have suggested this would be a fantastic topic)
4) Media Centres (to build or to buy...and what to look for)
5) Widgets (great topic for Mac users and will be very important for Vista but also IE7, a very important aspect of widgets is processor load, I have found some to be shockingly processor hungry and had to remove them.)

Thanks as always Tom.

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In reply to: My 5 choices for future topics

don't forget about voip
incredibly missing!

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This is the next episode

In reply to: Top 5 topics we haven't done yet

So weigh in while you can.

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Region encoding

In reply to: Top 5 topics we haven't done yet

I'm listening to the latest BOL and I think that message about how to play region 4 DVDs would be a great topic. Maybe you could even go into the purpose of region encoding, legalities of puchasing DVDs from other regions, and why can DVDs in different regions come with different content?

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