Too many problems with gaming pc

This is probably the worst luck anyone could have entering the PC gaming world. Since the start, I've been having so many random problems that make no sense. I'm just going to try and list the current ones.

-Horrible, HORRIBLE static (buzzing/popping) in monitor (HP Envy 34c) speakers.
--It's not a ground loop (I tried plugging into different outlets)
--It's not a monitor problem (I tried it w/ a different computer)
--It's not a shielding problem (My headphones work fine... most of the time and I don't live near any interference. Also the other computer worked fine)
--It's not a driver problem (I uninstalled and restarted, which automatically reinstalls them, updated them, and manually reinstalled them)
--I use onboard audio (Gigabyte G1 Gaming 6 z170x)
--Since I'm using DisplayPort audio through my GPU, the monitor doesn't show up as an audio device in the troubleshooter.
--Only happens when I'm playing audio.
-Smaller static in all other devices, except for my headphones (Steelseries Arctis 7) which have a wireless receiver that runs through a USB DAC-up port.
--Very rarely there is static, (For my headphones) but that goes away very quickly.
-Every so often my monitor goes black and the only way to fix that is to restart my PC.
--I lose audio too.
-After I updated my M.I.T. BIOS through Q-Flash, the static in the monitor-which had had static like all the other devices-got a much worse static that was more like a buzzing sound.
--Only happens when I'm playing audio.
-PSU (Corsair CX550) makes an odd, loud buzzing sound sometimes, like a hard drive, but much, much louder.
--Been less and less frequent.
--Stopping the fan blades with a screwdriver or something else and letting them go again stops the sound.
-NZXT CAM won't start after I close it.
--Opens on startup.
--Only way to open it again is to go to the arrow that shows app running in the background and click on it there.
-Monitor speakers had no static after BIOS update, but after one restart they started having the static problems above.
-A totally new monitor has some sort of distortion on four pixels grouped together.
--Looks like the distortion you get when water's on your phone or laptop screen.
-My keyboard (G. Skill Ripjaws KM780 RGB) software just deleted all of my lighting and macros profiles.
--After BIOS update.

That's all the current ones. There have been way more problems that have been fixed in the past. A few questions:
-Is this normal?
-Could all of this be caused by one source?
-Why PC god? WHY?

Also a few notes:
-It's not a virus problem.

I think that's it. Thank you for any help in advance.

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Clarification Request
About Stopping the fan blades

You found what it was but not to upset you, why wasn't this fan replaced?

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Don't know how

I don't know how to replace them and it would void my warranty.

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If it's under warranty use that.

I don't understand that when a part has failed you don't use the warranty.

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That's good news.

Back to them to address the bad fan and other issues. I wanted to figure out why the fan wasn't changed and now, that pretty much kills any other repairs I had in mind since all void warranty.

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I'm going to RMA it.

I decided on this a while ago, but I wanted to see if there was a quick fix to it.

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May be best.

When there are that many things wrong, time to get a good one.

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Thats just one problem

There are still tons of other problems, the PSU fan is just one of them.

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That was my testing how this was going to play out

By starting off with one toe in the water. It seemed clear to me you found a thing but I wondered why that wasn't cleared up.

Problems like this are solved one by one, but in warranty means we void that warranty and fix it or do what you did.

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I dont really understand

What I was trying to say was that that wasnt going to fix everything. it looked to me like you thought that RMAing the PSU would fix everything, I was just trying to say that that wouldnt. That problem is already being solved. I also dont get your last sentence.

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I wasn't clear.

My question about the fan was to dip the toe into the water so to speak. That way I know by your reply if you repair your own gear or is there something else going on.

There was something going on so to cure each problem we tackle each one on its one. The only way to fix it all at once is to swap out the entire machine.

Post was last edited on May 3, 2017 3:51 PM PDT

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Oh ok

I get that, I'm RMAing the PSU so let's call that fixed. Do you know the solutions to any other problems?

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Let's talk sound.

I usually have to forget onboard audio if that's problematic. If the audio link over HDMI or other is bad, we use an alternate sound source from a sound card over a simple audio cable. Usually minijack to minijack.

As to the cam, you check it's maker for driver updates. NEVER use Windows Update or the "Check for Driver Update" button. That has not worked since it showed up.

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Bunch o' stuff

So apparently my monitor is running off my GPU onboard audio. My monitor can only accept audio through video cables, so I'm stuck with that. I was going to call MSI support but I've just been so busy. I'm also not sure what you mean in the second part.

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About the cam.

If it doesn't make sense, I have to defer to the maker. Owning a PC can be too much for some. Who wants to be a tech?

Anyhow, when something doesn't work, I change it to hardware and connections I know work.

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What is the cam? What do you mean in both sentences, sorry I'm just so confused.

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Cam is short for the camera.

You called it the "NZXT CAM" so I used cam for short.

This is sounding like you are very new to PCs. That's not a bad thing. Just pressure the maker to support you and make the machine work right.

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I am new

CAM monitors my PC temps and fps rates in games. It's not an actual camera if that's what you think it is. I'll talk to NZXT about it and maybe reinstall it. Also, yes I am new, this is my first rig.

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Sorry but there was so much wrong with the PC

And new apps show up all the time. seems to show a download but when a machine is troublesome we remove such apps. We continue to clean up until it is stable but this doesn't apply to a machine in warranty.

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I don't know how to replace...would void my warranty"

I have to agree with Mr. Proffit on this one; while it may be the power supply that is causing the (many) problems you're having with your new PC, why RMA just that single piece of hardware?

I would send/ return the whole PC to the folks you bought it from (and have a warranty with), have them sort out why the PC is not working as it should.

We could spend the next eternity troubleshooting this PC, but in the end it's your responsibility to return the defective PC to the folks you have the warranty with - that's why things come with warranties.

Just my .005 cents CAD

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Clarification Request
could be easy fix

How are you connected to your monitor? By HDMI or VGA? If you are using HDMI, then you need to install the sound drivers for HDMI, they are different drivers than when using VGA .

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I'm using DisplayPort, are there audio drivers for that that wouldnt come on my GPU, monitor, or motherboard driver discs?

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Sounds like there may be more than one problem component

Try the most basic setup possible. Does your cpu have onboard graphics? If so, remove the separate graphics card from the motherboard, then connect the monitor to the motherboard's monitor output. Try Displayport if available, otherwise HDMI. Is the static problem still there? If it's gone, then the problem is with your separate graphics card. If it's still there, try connecting using a DVI cable for picture and a miniplug cord for the speakers. Same question - is the problem gone?

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I think i can top you

-Kernel Power 41- PC software looses power for a split second yet its software based so its unfixable
-My graphics cars buzzed and clicked for months till i propped it up with a old iphone case
-If im gaming i can have my headset working and plugged in and most sound from my pc like discord will play through it and for some reason my games play out my speakers.
-I have had countless file issues that corrupted my entire desktop sending it all to white pathless files. Teamspeak died for no reason on multipl occasion's.
-Discord doesnt connect and lags for only me and i know this is my pc;s fault because every other friend i have in the discord are perfectly fine and all live close with similar hardware. (also not an internet problem im STP with fiber optic)
-It seems whenever i go to install something new or try to update somthing it always breaks for NO reason and i have to go on a massive amazon trek through parts of my pc i didn't know exist to change 1 value in some random file that will let it work.
-If i unplug some of my USB devices and replug them in the forget their drivers and i have to manually reinstall it because windows can never find the driver.
-Just doing simple tasks like changing files to a MP4 NEVER work and i have to download some random software that converts FVL files or somthing.
-Playing audio/video's never work and i always have to mess with again , some random software that fixes it.
-It seems everything i install either breaks for no reason upon installing or 6 months down the line for no reason.
-I can now only log into my main email from this pc BUT its not because i dont know the password its just only bloody accepts it if i copy paste it from a file. YE stupid right.
-College coding work breaks for no reason and me and my teachers spend hours trying to basicly fix nothing as once taken to another pc guess what.... it worked perfectly.

I just think i have insane bad luck when it comes to pc's. Im dam good with them and have learned alot from all this but god DAM i just wish it worked fine for 5 flaming seconds. And its not like im doing anything wrong it just hates me. To the point i thought i was a vampire because apparently vampires have massive tech problems...... -_-

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If It Hates You There's A Simple Solution

Get a lawyer and file for divorce from the PC right away!

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