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Too funny! Algore the hero

I Am A Hero
The courage of Al Gore and Jonah Goldberg.

About a month ago, I helped a Muslim woman with her groceries in a supermarket parking lot. She was dealing with her kids and her shopping cart started to roll away from her car with the groceries still inside. As it rolled, I saw a decent society of tolerance and kindness rolling away. The cart?s one wobbly wheel ? going chapocketa, chapocketa, chapocketa ? was onomatopoetically tapping out a small drumbeat for the forced march to oblivion of all we hold dear.

Thank goodness I was there.

Thank goodness this country produces heroes like me.

I sprang into action. Walking more than a dozen yards without concern about the parking-lot traffic, heedless of the SUVs barreling along at 5 perhaps even 10 MPH ? not even caring about what my fellow Americans might make of me giving aid and comfort to a Muslim woman. I knew that this woman?s faith in the American way of life was on the line! And I was going to do what was necessary! I grabbed that shopping cart and I pushed it through all the fear and bigotry this country has smothered that poor woman with. I pushed that shopping cart back to that woman?s minivan not so much so she could more easily unload her Cocoa Puffs, but because I have a dream. I have a dream that one day little Muslim boys and little Jewish boys, little Arab girls and little Scotch-Irish girls will be able to join hands as sisters and brothers and push that great shopping cart we call ?America? together ? with their one free hand.

I don't use the word "hero" lightly, but I am the greatest hero in American history. Except, maybe, for Al Gore.
Of course, I didn?t realize any of this until I read an essay in last week?s New York Times by one Fatina Abdrabboh, a student at Harvard?s Kennedy School of Government. ...

Veiled Praise

You gotta read this whole thing. It is truly hysterical. I too might subconsciously stare at someone working out on an eliptical trainer with a headscarf on. Something inconsistent there if you ask me. Kinda like the woman who was so adherent in Florida as to want to have her license picture with her scarf, but who by the same adherence really shouldn't have a need for the license.

Evie Happy

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Isn't it nice

to not be in a minority, Evie? We get to avoid all of the treatment that this woman is subject to on a regular basis. Still, I understand her point. Why don't you?

Dan Happy

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(NT) (NT) You are such a riot, Dan!!! LOL
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Oh please!

We are all part of some minority Dan. I grew up as a minority in my neighborhood so please don't try to lecture me about being stared at for being different or not feeling like I fit in. I was a minority in college and got stared at a lot there too. So what? Get OVER it. Not everyone that you THINK is staring at you is even looking, and not everyone that IS staring is even aware they are. I don't know what else she wears to work out, but there's enough different about exercising with a headscarf that would make most people wonder.

Oddly enough she describes this as her country, yet identifies as an Arab Muslim, not an American, or even Arab-American or Arab-American Muslim. It's only "her country" when she feels people are staring at her. She probably stares at Orthodox Jews. Methinks it is she that has the problem. Thank God Algore was there to pick up her keys!

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Given all that

you still don't understand.

Dan Happy

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(NT) (NT) Sue me
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(NT) (NT) Very witty.
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Yah, there are SO MANY rednecks in the gyms in Cambridge.

No wonder the poor woman felt so out of place.

No wonder you don't get a Tonto joke.

Do they still have gunracks in their pick ups in Cambridge? I'll bet Teddy has one when he heads down to Chapaquidick in the moonlight. Sorry, I'm digressing as I contemplate memories of bean town.

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(NT) (NT) teddy has a 6 pack
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(NT) (NT) You mean only rednecks can be bigots?
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(NT) (NT) I think that's what he means.
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Using the word 'only' seems to imply that rednecks are

bigots. I guess you are right. Cambridge is the place to go to see open displays of contempt for diversity. I bet they'ld tar and feather right wing Christians just before running them out of town on a rail.

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(NT) (NT) Ohh! He's got you now, Josh!
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You're the one who.....

...brought "rednecks" into this discussion. Your assumption seemed to be that the article was silly because there are no rednecks in Cambridge, therefore no bigots. There are bigots everywhere, KP, even in Cambridge, MA.

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No Josh ...

... it's the interesting fact that there are no rednecks in Cambridge so presumably (by LIBERAL stereotype) supposed redneck bigotry should be absent in the liberal haven of Cambridge. Yet, oddly, exercising in a gym with Al Gore, she feels out of place.

If I saw a Muslim woman exercising in a headscarf, I too might wonder "what's up".

Muslim Women in Sport

The restrictions on women participating in sport or physical activity is more than that of men. All Islamic observances must be followed, regardless of any school policies or social stigmas. Our obedience to our Creator cannot be given preference to a creature of Allah.

When participating in sports, the clothing must be Islamically acceptable. This would therefore exclude shorts, t-shirts, leotards, swimming costumes etc.

It is very important to ensure that there are no males watching. Mixing of sexes is forbidden in normal situations, except in special situations under certain conditions, let alone in a sporting arena or exercise facility. It also restricts your activities, and modesty would not allow this in any case.

Al Gore shouldn't have been watching to even notice she dropped her keys.

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Your assumption is that Cambridge is a hotbed for bigotry,

and that this woman's feelings of persecution are well founded. Actually Josh, Cambridge is a hotbed. It's a hotbed of liberalism. Maybe the lady was justified in her feelings. Maybe the liberals of Cambridge are bigots in their views of women and Muslims. After all, the President of Harvard is famous for making disparaging remarks about the ability of women. There was also the woman MIT professor who failed her cause when she said she was close to fainting after hearing what the Harvard President said.

I'll concede this one Josh. I'll admit that the liberals in Cambridge, as are liberals in other places, are particularly prone to bigotry against anyone who disagrees with their point of view. Not just Muslims, but those uppity blacks who want to start thinking for themselves. I think we need to send in the ACLU to clean that place out. Are you with me?

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I assumed no such thing

All I said was that there are probably bigots in Cambridge just like anywhere else. You were the one discounting the notion just because there (supposedly) aren't any rednecks there.

Your continuous generalizations about ''liberals'' are more bigoted than anything I've said or suggested in this thread. I especially enjoyed the one about how we don't like conservative women who are attractive. That was a hoot.

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The word flailing comes to mind. Why bring up some imaginary

post about attractive, conservative women? Trying to change the subject?

I just said I agree with you Josh! Liberals are bigots. Please don't expect me to henceforth agree with everything you say.

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Not imaginary at all
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Still flailing. That has nothing to do with this thread,

even though it is a true statement.

BTW, it seems your attribution of a 'generalization' was considerably wide of the mark. Can I expect an apology for a false aspersion? That is what liberals do best isn't it?

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Careful what y'all say about Rednecks .....

.... I am one Happy


P.S. No, I don't have a gun/gunrack in my vehicle (don't even own a gun), but my Dad does, along with the requisite "Veteran" and "Proud to be an American" bumper stickers Wink His truck looks like the majority of them around these parts.


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How would Americans be treated in a Muslim country?

She needs to get over it. It IS curious and out of the ordinary to see someone on a piece of gym equipment wearing a headscarf.People do tend to stare at sights that are out of the ordinary. That's all. She undoubtedly does it too.

For all she knows Gore is laughing at her behind her back. What silliness.

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And judging from the link I posted ...

... about Muslim women and exercise, she wouldn't even be ALLOWED to exercise in such a gym in any of those countries. Thanks for getting my point.

Evie Happy

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(NT) (NT) And were those CAR KEYS??? HMMMM???
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It would be best if we

measured ourselves by our own ideals.


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A sensible answer might be even AWESOMER though.

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You've made five silly 'awesome' posts

in the last half hour and you setting yourself up as a judge of sensible answers. Sorry. That won't work.


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AWESOME! You can count!

Maybe your silliness begat my silliness.

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Since you're the

only one on that beat, it seems unlikely.


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Another non-sequitor

Skreek Engrish, Dan. What are you trying to say?

Either read my posts and reply to them or stop being so awesome! Ducking them or being opaque will not work (to use your phrase)

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My apologies for

thinking you didn't need to be spoon fed.

You, Ed, are the only one being silly. That means that your silliness found it's genesis in yourself.


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