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Tony Norman...

I don't know if I agree with the first paragraph (the FBI has always registered anti-government elements independently of the administration...), but the article is definitely interesting!

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Nice to know they're keeping the country safe from teenagers

with brains and instruments.

You know, what with the Red Scare and their denial of the existence of Organized Crime and spying on people in contravention of the Constitution, did the FBI ever do anything worth all the money we've spent on it?

Rob Boyter

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You have some of the answers here...
Click and read! It's not about the administration or one president or the other. They've all been more or less the same. It's a problem within the system! Wink
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A leftist's view of history. It doesn't look much like what

really happened. I guess the evil Americans won in the end, and we can condemn them for sparing us of things like five year plans, reeducation camps, kangaroo courts, mental institutions for dissidents, summary execution, environmental catastrophe, resettlement, collectivization, economic collapse, and a whole host of the other benefits of communism.

It was people like Truman, Eisenhower, and John Kennedy who led much of this evil effort.

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There you go again KP, the left is not properly or accuratel

y characterized by reference to the Soviet Union. Communism bears no relation to Democratic Socialism or Liberal Democracy despite your suggestion. If you'd like another history lesson, the First International broke on the issue of the Anarchists, so they were expelled; the Second International (1889) broke on the split between Revolutionary and Democratic socialism so the Democratic Socialists were expelled. So your frame of reference is not merely wrong but is 115 years wrong.

But its awfully convenient isn't it?

Rob Boyter

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(NT) (NT) LOL! ;-)
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There you go Ziks511 again yourself.

Did I say Soviet Union or communism? Do you think maybe China fits in there somewhere? You are right on one point. I do not keep up with leftist politics, and I have not intensely studied leftist history. I consider that mostly a waste of time. So the left now spurns communism? That is progress. You sure fooled me this time. That post sounded just like the stuff that used to come from the USSR and China. I had no idea there is an independent source for it.

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(NT) (NT) And has since the 19th Century had you paid attention
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(NT) (NT) All the examples you drew were from Communist countries
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I am not surprised that the secret services

or whoever is concerned, are concerned:

just look at the words

"And I hope that you die / And your death will come soon / I will follow your casket / In the pale afternoon / And I'll watch while you're lowered / Down to your death bed / And I'll stand over your grave / 'Til I'm sure that you're dead."

If that isn't a threat to the presidents life I wonder what is?
I gather that you would be very happy Charlie?

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And I gather...

that you will say that Bob Dylan is/was a threat to the president/the power...

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(NT) (NT) No! Bob Dylan never spoke of the presidents death
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He did have his doubts about true democracy
Bob Dylan Quote

Considering the way the insurgents are behaving in Iraq, I think he may have something there.
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BTW Steve...

Never again write me an email asking me for favors as you have done in the past...

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Re: BTW Steve...

1. I haven't sent you an e-mail for over a year at least. I have had this updated computer for about a year now, and I haven't sent you an e-mail from this one. If you received an e-mail with my name on it, then it certainly didn't come from me for that period of time at least.
2. I cannot recall any favors being asked anyway, apart from asking you to take my e-mail off the C.C spread. That must have been nearly two years ago.

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You wrote me to ask me how one of my friends that you also know, was doing...

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(NT) (NT) That wasn't a favor, that was concern! Sheesh!
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Thanks Glenda - I would have been concerned if I asked

but I cannot think who it was at the moment.
I shall have to do a bit of searching of my hard drive to see when it was, and who I was asking after.
Either it was quite sometime ago, or my brain is going rotten. Hope it's the former. Sad

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Re: Thanks Glenda - I would have been concerned if I asked

Steve, don't worryHappy The brain is NOT rottenHappy As for what some people say about emails sent to them, we know they don't tell it like it really isHappy

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Re: Tony Norman...
"Back in the days when this was a free country..."

I guess we can see where he's coming from. Look, it's the Secret Service's job to check out things like this and in todays climate of hate coming form the left it's perfectly natural to be concerned by this. I am sure that 99 % of suck percieved "threats" they have checked out, regardless of who the President is turn out to be nothing to worry about.

If they had not checked it out and something bad happened there would be a huge outcry about how "incompetent" they were, led of course by the likes of Mr. Norman. Making an issue of this is even more stupid than the original incident, IMHO.

By the way, even though I like Dylan's songs, Masters of War is one of his worse and his political stuff is embarassingly naive.
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Re: Masters of War by dylan is 'bad'

but have you heard the version by Odetta?
she did a "Odetta sings Dylan" album way back when...

Baby, I'm In The Mood For You
Long Ago, Far Away
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Masters Of War
Walkin' Down The Line
The Times They Are A-Changin'
With God On Our Side
Long Time Gone
Mr. Tambourine Man

good album!


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Omigod, I'm flashing back to the 60s. Can Pete Seeger be far behind?

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Re: far behind? i think he's in front
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Song of choice...

His sister Peggy Seeger made a very good song called "Song of Choice"... You should listen to it!

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