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Tom's Replacement

While I'm incredibly disappointed he's leaving, does anyone have any thoughts on who might replace Tom?

I like Molly, but Tom provides a perfect balance. I'm not sure any of the current CNET personalities is even close to an adequate replacement. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any suggestions in or out of the CNET world? The closest I would consider is Rafe.

Anyhow, best wishes to Tom, he might actually make me want to check out TWiT again!


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My musings exactly....

I too think that Tom's balance will be very hard to replace. He is admirably knowledgeable about...well...everything. Has a great ability to think analytically and articulate those thoughts--even as a "devil's advocate" if necessary. He has brought some serious nerd-cred to this show. And no one has mastered the segway like he has. As like-able and capable as the other hosts are, I'm not sure any can be an adequate replacement for him. But let's be optimistic.

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(NT) Alright. Alright Alright...I'll do it.
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Tom's Replacement

I think they will be going on a host rotation when Molly went to two days.

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Rafe is a Decent Choice

The show really needs someone to keep it from running too far off the rails. Rafe was the person I considered but I'd like to hear other possibilities...

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Certain listeners

Actually...I think if Udayan, Robstak, Slikkster, Ktreb, Gknee, etc. filled in part-time that would be pretty great.

If one of the present cast doesn't take up a full-time spot, then Kent German would be good too.

Jeff Bakalar, David Katzmaier, or David Carnoy would be good to get more of an East-West mix.


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**blush** Tks

Thanks for that unexpected mention, Shalin. I'm much doing critiques from the peanut gallery, however. Although it would be fun to do a "Point-Counterpoint" with minimalist, lol. Seems like that's where we always end up.

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(NT) hahahah awesome Shalin. you rock.
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awww...thanks, Shalin!

I don't deserve the shoutout...I haven't been around these parts in a while. But the mention is much appreciated. :-D

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Tom's Replacement

A BIG loss not listening to Tom's balanced and thought provoking conversations. An intelligent and well educated person. Tom has always brought balance to Molly's rants. I enjoy listening to Molly and her razor sharp wit but Tom helps keep things - well, balanced. As much as I enjoy and look forward to every BOL episode, without Tom, I don't see myself following BOL much. The "A" team, Tom, Molly, Brian C., Jason and Brian T. ARE BOL. Take one or more out, it's not the same.

Best wishes and good luck Tom!!! I know I'm not alone when I say I look forward following you to your next venture.

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My realistic conclusion....

Well, I started listening when Molly was out on maternity leave, and I loved the banter between Veronika and Tom. I kept wondering who this "Molly" was that they kept talking about and had a hard time imagining how she could possibly improve the dynamic. When Molly came back, I saw how good the show was with the three of them. Then I was devastated when Mahalo stole Veronika away, but I kept listening and enjoying. Truth is, I will keep listening and enjoying as replacements are found, shuffled around, and eventually leave to be replaced by someone else. Will I miss Tom? Of course. Will I keep Listening and enjoying? Absolutely!

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I have a similar opinion, I don't think I've ever got used to Veronica leaving. I suppose the show could still be worth listening to without Tom. If we have Molly and Rafe or Molly and Cooley.

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Rafe v. Cooley

I'm thinking I like Rafe more than Cooley- don't get me wrong, I love Cooley, but he isn't quite as analytical as Rafe or Tom. Does anyone have suggestions outside of the CNET universe?

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Interesting to ponder...

The dynamic varies so widely with the rotating hosts... and i really like all of them for different reasons.

tom is great because he is even-keeled regardless of who else is on, with, perhaps the exception of rafe... they have a lil thing goin on that is quite enjoyable, imho.

If anything, I'd like to see MORE variety. I kind of enjoyed a couple months back when there were different ppl everyday.

hmmm, interesting to think about~

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not so sure I agree....

I'm not sure I agree with you. I think the show NEEDS an anchor. That has always been Tom. Now they need a replacement. I say, Raffe! He has a lot of similar qualities to Tom--analytical, widely knowledgeable, humorous, even-tempered and a major geek! Also, I think he would stomp all over Molly's nerves, which could be very fun to listen to! Now that you have an anchor, then bring all the variety in--now that's fun, and I think that is the most like the BOL we all know.

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Tom is balance in many ways...

Tom also gives BOL a balanced view of Apple. Everyone over there is out of their minds anti Apple. Tom has a more balanced hand.

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Your "balance" is others' "bias"...

I think Tom is extremely deferential to Apple, no matter the story. He's much more inclined --by my perception-- to diss or otherwise dismiss Microsoft and much more inclined to support Apple or find something positive in a negative story to say about them.

That's why I think there's bias there. Hey, it's hard not to be biased in life. Everyone has opinions, including me. But you really need to go the extra mile on a show like this to be evenhanded. On many issues apart from Apple, I see that he's trying to find the "what if..." part of a story that might mitigate the negativity the story might normally generate. That's fine. It makes one consider the alternatives. But my impression --and it's just my impression-- is that he's far more likely to find that silver lining where Apple is concerned, and far less likely where Microsoft is concerned.

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He's just being an even handed counterpoint to Molly's anti-Apple biast. At least this is my perspective.

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