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Tom Merritt's Leaving BOL

Don't know if people noticed Dr. Archipelago's post below, but Tom's headed for TWIT-land.

Thoughts? for the details.

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Reporting: Tom Merritt's Leaving BOL
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Tom is the yin to Molly's yang

I'm gonna miss him. These shows are all sort of interrelated though so I'm sure he'll be back on occasionally or Molly will show up on whatever TWIT show he works on. In the meantime, Molly and Jason and revolving guests will carry the show just fine.

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Tom Merritt's Leaving BOL

Old news and he will be missed I guess we are back to the revolving co-hosts that is always fun.

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Thanks for the will be interesting to see what he does at TWiT. IMO, he is by far the most well informed, level headed, and professional tech pundit out there, so he is a great addition to the TWiT network (they sorely need "well informed").

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But he's... like the shows anchor. Show without him, I wonder if it will even last.

Anyway, after what, 5 years of listening to him 5 times a week. Feels almost like losing a friend.

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(NT) Dislike
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agreed, dislike...but...


Tom, thanks soo much for using your smarts, talents, and insights when telling us what's going on and really *listening* to the listeners. I think it has made so supported making BOL so invaluable.

I knew that something like this was going happen eventually - I mean, 6 years is like 5983723^1e45 internet years! But, somehow I'm reminded of "the more things change, the more they stay the same"...maybe we don't have to fret too much? Ponder that! Wink

Warmest wishes Tom - be well, have fun, and go get'em! Wink


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RE: Tom Merritt's Leaving BOL

I wish Molly Wood would leave instead of Tom Merritt.

She knows very little about tech, but she's a blabbermouth that annoys the hell out of me.

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Good for Tom

This will give him freedom to do some new things that he wants to do. I also hope that he can bring more structure to the TWiT podcasts. Many of the TWiT podcasts ramble on stray off course frequently. There are also no "well actually" emails. You have to be in the chat room to have the possibility of correcting Leo.

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Maybe he can rein in the Twitter gushing too.

I love me some Leo but the Twitter love-fests on his shows get old. Mostly its just the digerati stroking each others egos about how many followers they have.

Tom knows how to stay on topic.

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I agree

TWiT seems to be a lot about ego stroking nowadays. Either with Twitter followers or how much money Leo can blow. Don't get me started on Calicanis.

Still, Tom moving to TWiT is one step closer to reviving the TechTV days. Grin

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Sad to say good bye

Mate - who will lead me to a Newcastle Brown or Boddingtons in SF?

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Not necessarily sad....

...I mean, yeah, it's sad in that BoL is losing a major host, but everything Tom does when it comes to podcasting turns to gold it seems.

Does that mean he's done with the Real Deal as well?

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(NT) Yes, he is leaving CNET.
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Tom will be missed on the show

I heard about this while listening to TWIT on the way into school today. Tom Molly and the crew have gotten me through almost every day of University and Graduate School. I will miss Tom on BOL but at least he will still appear in another RSS feed out there. I really hope that the show will continue as I have come to enjoy the crew that rotates into and out of the third (and now second?) chair.

Good Luck Tom

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Tom leaving

Wow! I really didn't know Leo had that much money to afford Tom! I'd actually be sad about Tom leaving, but I'm sure his new shows on the twit network will be amazing, so I'll probably be listening to more of him instead of less. I'm surprised that CNET and CBS would let such a talent go though.....

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TWiT makes a lot of money!

TWiT has annual revenues of $1.5 million or more. Leo can afford a lot of things, and bringing in Tom means he'll be able to afford a lot more. Tom on the TWiT network will only make more revenue.

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First Veronica, now Tom... quick plug the leak!

All the best to Tom. With his contribution to the TWIT network seeming to mirror BOL to some extent, it may be a hard choice how I spend my podcast time.

The chemistry between Molly and Tom has always been fantastic, it's a shame to lose it. But then every change to BOL has only been for the better. Jason has been an excellent addition. The period of 'indeterminate hosts' was actually a nice change. The recent return to a more classic BOL, with molly coming back, has been good too.

Buzz has always been Molly's franchise so I look forward to her carrying the day. I hope that they'll do the right thing by Jason and move him into Tom's seat, he deserves it.

As much as I love Rafe, Brian, Natalie and, er, Brian, it would be nice to hear a new voice enter the BOL world. As we followed the transition of both Veronica and Jason from producer, to occasional commenter to full blown co-host, it would be nice to be a part of that kind of transition again... maybe that's a tube dream.

Anyway, all the best to all the BOL crew, wherever they end up. Thanks.

(Matthew from Ipswich, Queensland, Australia)

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Why why why?

why does CNET keep messing with the only good show they have. I have a hard time listening to the show on the days that Tom and Molly aren't there. I can tell you that without Tom the show doesn't flow. I for one will be following Tom over to TWIT.

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Unsubscribed to BOL

Just found out that Mr. Needleman is now a co-host on BOL.

So I unsubscribed from the podcast.


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