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to skirt or not to skirt...

by Richard Jones Forum moderator / January 25, 2006 1:22 AM PST

Hello Everyone,

This Q is for the ladies, and perhaps some men (Kilts were mentioned awhile back, by Kiddpeat AIR). And of course next year, or maybe for Halloween? I myself just may wear a dress or skirt. Anyhow, mostly for fun, but I am curious, do you ladies prefer wearing pants/slacks or skirts/dresses?

I know that some sorta 'hybrids' exist,such as "skorts" and of course exercise/workout togs such as hose underneath with a short skirt for an accesory/coverup. Best of both worlds?

I myself like both - "tight fittin jeans" can be quite attractive, though, natch, for me a nice skirt/blouse combo is hard to beat, 'cept perhaps by a cocktail type number. Or a "backless" dress. Happy

Rick " A-line little black dress, with opera gloves, oh yeah..."

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I hate dresses!!!!!!!
by Glenda / January 25, 2006 1:25 AM PST

Always means panty hose! And what a PITA they are to put on! Give me pants any day! And since I can't wear heels anymore, dresses look really funky with flats:(

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by Richard Jones Forum moderator / January 25, 2006 2:21 AM PST
In reply to: I hate dresses!!!!!!!

Hi Glenda,

Well, ya don't *have* to wear hose, do you? they make "thigh highs" and "knee highs", right? Still a hassle, I suppose. About flats - yes, heels make one's legs look better, accentuates the calves and all that, but at the same time puts a lot o' stress on the ankles, toes, etc. - maybe why you cannot wear 'em anymore?

Anyhow, it's mostly for your own enjoyment, right? I once read people put on perfume/cologne to feel more attractive, uplifted, etc., rather than so as to attract a mate. Makes sense to me.



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Can't wear heels
by Glenda / January 25, 2006 2:44 AM PST
In reply to: hmmm,

any more because of the damage done to my right leg from the 3' clot years ago. The leg swells up:(
Knne highs look silly with a dress as when you move the tops of them show:( Thigh highs cut off circulation:( Just a PITA to get old:( LOL

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ow, sorry,
by Richard Jones Forum moderator / January 25, 2006 6:34 PM PST
In reply to: Can't wear heels

I did not know about that.

I beg ta diffa on the knee highs though - "soccer" type girls, and moms, wear them with aplomb, or at least some do, and to me they ain't nuthin' but sexy. Men, no, one has to be actually playing soccer, or coming from the game, or some such excuse. And then there's always the stray dude who thinks socks and sandals go together - regular white trouser socks and sandals. Accckk! I'd rather see Rush Limbaugh in a speedo, almost, but not quite. Sorry if ya got a vivid visual there, it's 'one of those nights' where i'm "typing out loud". Wink So, to forestall any further potential mental pain, I'll now sign off, remaining yours, always,

Richard " I prefer French lace thigh-highs, but dang, they are pricey! " Jones

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Love my "worn" blue jeans
by shaner7575 / January 25, 2006 1:54 AM PST

I also "hate dresses." Wearing a dress means you have to shave your legs...And trying to get on panty hose without "snagging" them has always been a problem with me!

Seems like the men do have more fun wearing dresses than us ladies!
Please post pictures!

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by Richard Jones Forum moderator / January 25, 2006 2:32 AM PST

Hello Shaner,

My Sister, Victoria, wanted to shave her legs once she got to, ummm, eleven years old, or thereabouts. Mom dissuaded her, said it would only make the hairs more prominent - which is perhaps not true, according to some sources, but anyhow, she's blonde, like me, and since she never started shaving her legs has just fine "down" - similar to what one finds on women's faces. I can't even tell, but she does wear hose for "special occasions", etc.

And I actually like body hair on women. Unless it's more than I have (which ain't much!) I'm cool with it. Growing up in Europe, saw quite a few bushy armpits... Happy


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Re: shaving
by Cindi Haynes / January 25, 2006 4:15 AM PST
In reply to: shaving

I don't mind hairy legs on women, but the pits...well, they just need shavin, IMO! LOL


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Nothing worse ...
by Evie / January 25, 2006 10:29 PM PST
In reply to: Re: shaving

... than being on a crowded subway on a hot summer day and having a woman with hairy pits "strap hanging". Uck!

Well there are worse things, but I'll give up my seat just so I don't have to see that Wink

Evie Happy

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Jeans rule
by Sasha Tee / January 25, 2006 8:19 AM PST

Hi Rick, I happily live in jeans, the more worn the better, but I do enjoy dressing up occasionally in a dress and heels.

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And speaking of jeans :)
by Sasha Tee / January 25, 2006 8:23 AM PST

I finally gave up a pair of favorite jeans when they became a threat to my modesty LOL. One of my friends took them and continued to wear them and hasn't been arrested for indecent exposure - yet!

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Skirt, Richard.
by Dan McC / January 25, 2006 8:56 AM PST
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(NT) (NT) Must be proud parents
by duckman / January 25, 2006 9:02 AM PST
In reply to: Skirt, Richard.
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(NT) (NT) They sound like it.
by Dan McC / January 25, 2006 9:03 AM PST
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Which skirt would be best to wear
by Steven Haninger / January 25, 2006 9:06 AM PST

at his first job interview. Wink

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Which ever one that
by duckman / January 25, 2006 9:07 AM PST

covers the most tattoos

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(NT) (NT) He has tats?
by Dan McC / January 25, 2006 9:16 AM PST
In reply to: Which ever one that
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(NT) (NT) Don't know
by duckman / January 25, 2006 9:22 AM PST
In reply to: (NT) He has tats?
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(NT) (NT) A "maxi" then....good suggestion
by Steven Haninger / January 25, 2006 9:19 AM PST
In reply to: Which ever one that
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I'd be proud to be their child, and
by Richard Jones Forum moderator / January 25, 2006 6:21 PM PST

no doubt this young man will be a fine member of the community.

Heck, I wore short pants all through "grammar" school - or the equivalent, in England. We had a few sub zero days, too, longing to be 'upperclassmen' who were allowed to don long trousers. Of course, we wore long soccer type socks, the short pants were wool, pretty heavy, and we had undershirts, longsleeves white cotton shirts , school vest, tie, and school cap.And a 'short' jacket, also wool. So only the knees, and with a breeze, the ole privates, mayhap, got rather frosty. Eeee though, sometimes I can still feel that wind, in me soul. Happy

And we walked uphill, both ways, came home and got thrashed, again, and *liked* it! Happy

Ah well, I'd trade a month of todays for a single hour with her, Jane, once more. Often wonder what she's doing, nowadays, my first girlfriend. We never even kissed, but we had one or two (or was it three?) "secret moments". I must have been all of six or seven, girls were still officially "icky". Jane was our next door neighbour, a sports type, loved to play cricket, soccer, volleyball, badminton. I was only fair at badminton, total "no-hoper" at the rest, but amazingly later on in my youth I got quite good at volleyball. She would be proud, and I daresay my 'keeping at it' was for her memory, more than anything else. And then I got a growth spurt, tried basketball, did better at football, even did a bit of high school intramurals as center.

The worst I ever did at school was wear my "Punk" outfit for Halloween, 1977. And most people did not even "get it" - they said I looked like a garbage collector, or a bum. Really ripped blue jeans (Ramones style), chain for a belt, with padlock for 'buckle', trashed white t-shirt, covered with grease, and new hair cut- pretty short for me, for then. and my square-toe motorcycle boots. And an Elvis lip-curl from time to time. So, maybe more fifties than anything, but close enuff for Bellaire High. Happy

So, I give Salutations to this brave soul, only the strong survive, and he'll, I suspect, be around for a while...


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Prefer pants
by Evie / January 25, 2006 9:25 PM PST

Haven't worn a skirt or dress since the last wedding I went to, although I do enjoy ''dressing up'' for special occasions. Your legs just get too cold in the winter in a skirt and I'm generally not comfy not wearing hose which negates any coolness benefit in the summer. That and straight skirts are a PITA to climb stairs and sit in, flowing skirts are a PITA if it's windy. Plus you have to wear pumps or sandals and those just aren't good walking shoes.

What I really like these days is black cotton pants with a little bit of stretch. I never thought stretch pants would be a good idea for me, but it's not like wearing tights, and I think all women should at least try a pair on before concluding that they aren't for them. They don't sag after you wear them once, and they aren't circulation limiting tight when you first put them on or bend down, etc.

I have about 3-4 pairs that I can get at WalMart (Lees) any time of the year for under $20/pair. The newer ones get worn with a nice sweater and shoes for teaching, the older ones get worn with casual top and sneakers around town. Black goes with everything Wink

Evie Happy

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Lee's makes good stuff,
by Richard Jones Forum moderator / January 26, 2006 1:32 AM PST
In reply to: Prefer pants

Hi Evie,

I used to wear 'em in high school, and my earlier jobs - blue denim, and black. Fit better than Levi's, for me. Also like Wrangler - 'boot cut' went great with the 'cycle boots. My legs are fairly muscular now, after a couple years plus 'o daily bicycling, if I do say so myself, and now hard to fit into "staright leg" style/cut. Have to get Husky or "relaxed" fit. Used to wear 'sans-a-belt' stretchies, sometimes pajama type loungewear as my weight fluctuated quite a bit from summer to winter, and I was up to 250lbs before I finally cut back on the beer, burgers, etc. That, and seeing my gut in the mirror in the morning, wow, I kinda want to destroy some old photos Happy but pals remember, anyway... Wink

Once had a co-worker here who dang near always wore slacks, few times she wore a dress I almost passed out, had to run away and splash face with cold water. :^)
She's still hottter than lightning, see her from time to time, fortunately. 'Course she has zero interest in moi, but is polite and a nice friend : which is better than a lover, IMO. I still stutter when I get close toher, though. She's good at hiding the fact she *knows* and I try, sorta, to be 'cool' about it, but oh wow... Anyway, somehow your black pants sentence reminded me of her, for some reason. Happy

I think it'd be neat to wear a skirt or a kilt, but I'll most likely wait until Halloween, 'lessen I happen to go to Austin, Texas, or some other place where I maybe won't get beaten up for doing so... Happy


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(NT) (NT) Im skirting the issue
by Dragon / January 26, 2006 9:57 AM PST
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The question has now changed.....
by Glenda / January 26, 2006 10:26 AM PST

The answer should be: long or short skirt?? Devil

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Stop skirting and start
by Steven Haninger / January 26, 2006 10:37 AM PST

ad-dress-ing this issue in some fashion or other.

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thx D, was hoping someone would
by Richard Jones Forum moderator / January 26, 2006 2:26 PM PST

say that. :^)

But kilts are cool, right? And ever since Mel and crew mooned the enemy, in that movie, well, they just got that much more so, eh? And Will Wallace actually did wear makeup - warpaint, ok, but that's merely an excuse, guys then fought all the time.(and still do, over, ummm, girls in makeup) Wink

Although I've heard some firm denials, it's hard for me to imagine that every male has not, at least once, thought about "dressing up" - if only in private. Too bad Marlene Dietrich and other gals could/do "get away" with cross-dressing, and there's still a stigma/taboo associated the other way. Yep, I know I'm a tad strange, but who ain't, when ya come right down to it: who wants to be known as "Normal" ? I sure don't!

Rick " purple socks " Jones Happy

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(NT) (NT) Frank N. Furter is HOT! :-)
by Cindi Haynes / January 27, 2006 4:20 AM PST
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Oh no! Not purple socks!! ;-)
by Evie / January 27, 2006 6:04 AM PST

For most of my life, pants and casual-like attire has been considered "normal" attire for a woman. I don't (all right, let's face it, with my figure I couldn't) wear men's clothes, except for T-shirts in the summer cuz I like the longer/wider arm sleeves. My pants are pretty easily identifiable as women's pants. So I guess I just don't think of it as a cross dressing thing so much. Even when my hair was very short, I obviously looked like a woman with short hair, not a woman trying on a man's look.

I do think you are right about other men though. Most have at least wondered and/or wanted to give it a whirl, but few will probably admit it. Luckily for the men we have the convenient annual excuse known as Halloween Wink

Ya gonna post pics? Devil

Evie Happy

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pics - maybe...
by Richard Jones Forum moderator / January 29, 2006 1:07 AM PST

Hi Evie,

I'd have to get up the nerve, though. So far, only wore a skirt once, Halloween 1979. Sister loaned me one of her old black ''Stretch'' skirts - no zipper or clasp. We ran around Austin bar-hopping and had a great time, but I sorta ruined the elastic by sliding the thing down rather than up when 'nature called'. I had to buy her another, as consolation. Right now I just wear nail polish, left hand only, currently a ''Pompeii Pink'' by Opi (bright pink, opalescent) that goes well with my purple socks. Happy I also have a deep blue laquer, various reds. I've shared with several women I know, well, they use mine, mostly. The Opi was quite expensive, but very durable, resists chipping better than the other brands I've tried.


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I'll have to check out the Opi!
by Evie / January 29, 2006 1:40 AM PST
In reply to: pics - maybe...

I've never understood how any women have a manicure last weeks, I'm lucky if it doesn't chip in a day or two. Hence I usually just buy cheap stuff and remove the whole thing and redo in a couple of days. Mind you, I've never plunked down the money to have someone else paint my nails (just something I can't bring myself to spend money on!), but I have tried my fair share of long wear formulas.

If I wear polish these days it's either a clear/natural or ''French manicure'' that can be touched up. The opaque white tips on the French manicure help hide my "dirty fingernails look". I prefer the whiteboards and markers to the old chalk boards, but one downside is that the black marker dust gets under my nails. It's embarrassing to go somewhere like a bank or store afterward and get the look as I sign somehting. I look down to see nails that look like I've just been digging in dirt and didn't clean under my fingernails. Yuck Sad

Never been able to keep nails for very long. But every time I cut them all off it's worse not being able to open stuff, etc. Can't win Silly

Why just the one hand?

Evie Happy

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by Glenda / January 29, 2006 1:50 AM PST

to make manicure last longer you need to use a base coat, wait to dry, put on first coat of color, wait to dry, put on second coat of color, wait to dry, put on top clear coat wait to dry..............
And I just know you have all that time to waste doing your nails LOL

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