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to build or to buy pre-made?

well, I have been thinking of this for some time now. I have never built a computer from the ground up before. I do know a little about them but not a lot. I would say I know more then a normal person but no were near what I would consider being good. either way I been saving up for some time now and been looking at buying a manufactured computer yet I'm not truly happy with anything I have seen, oh and I'm looking at spending about $600 - $1500.

first maybe I should start with some of the things I'm looking for in a computer. I'm not looking for a monster over-clocked high end gaming computer, yet I do want a computer that can handle what I can throw at it and time. both of my computer that I own today are about 5 years old and was bought with out paying any attention to what I was getting. basically I'm looking for a computer to hook to my TV & stereo through HDMI, play and burn blue-rays or dvds, do basic art work, the only game own and would love to play is my doom 3 which none of my computers can play even on the lowest settings.( I know the game is old by now but I still love the game and I play most of my games on a PS3). I would like it to be able to handle running a few programs at once and for it to have a good modem. sorry I must sound like a newbie that is why I'm posting in the newbie section ^_^ I wish I could spit out the best types of ram and motherboard and number yet I don't have that much time to really look all that up and to compare parts that is why I never looked into building one before. which brings me to my next point

now with building one it seem I can get more bang for my buck and without all the junk they like to give you when you get a factory made computer. since I just hate all the extra junk they give you and who doesn't want to get more for there money? I have been doing some reading on toms hardware with the systems builder marathon and they look nice but I begin to wonder do I need those graphic card? since I'm not heavy into high end gaming, would it be good for watching movies or blue ray. I like the speed of there $1500 one but is that really to much for me? I think if it can last me a good 5 or so year I will be happy. I'm not scared of putting it together since if this is a better rout to go I will spend the time to look up thing and check things out. there is one thing that does scare me about building my own. I have heard that you can build a nice machine yet it has problem with itself or with some programs. I can see how if you don't do your research it could have problems with it self yet I'm confused about it have problems with programs.

Sorry if this is long but in I guess if people could help me sort this out. It would be nice. Maybe point out some good factory computer or some builds I could fallow. Or maybe why I should chose one rout over the other. Like I side if building my own is really better I will put the time in to learn what I'm doing. Well thanks for any one help

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This is the newbies forum.

Building your own is unlikely to be a good choice. Most can't install Windows proper. Even I learned something new about Windows 7 a few months ago as I installed it on some new gear. If I hadn't been installing Windows since 1.0 I might not have known what to do. Certainly there is no support for you building and getting a pile of your selected parts to work and run Windows. (yes, I'm double dog daring you.)

So why not get a nice PC, Apple and for games, some PS3 or 360?

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well this sounds more like a dare then some facts. yet it does bring up a point I didn't think of. if I just got some part and have a problem I wouldn't have tech support. that could be a problem and should scare me a little. yet I have to say you have been using computer before me, I have only be using computer since around windows 3.1 yet I do have to add that I was a teenager back then but I did know more then my parents, if that is worth anything ^_^
I still would say you are probably better with them then me.

yet building one of my own does give me some excitement out of doing something other people fear. I'm sure I wont be building my own rig from nothing. I would think I would copy or us someone else design so at least I know it works and other people could maybe help me out with problems. yet window 7 is a new beast to me so I will have to look into that. at least I hope it is better then vista... -_-

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here's a good place to start
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thank you

this is a very nice place for to me to get started at, thanks. yet I was hoping someone would maybe point me more down one road verse the other. I guess that question could be split a little in the middle. I will keep looking and so far building my own rig isn't so bad yet... I'm sure this road could lead to a lot of head aches or even worst lost money.

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after you have had

a chance to do some more reseach, and have concocted a list of components, open a new thread in the 'PC Hardware' forum.
List all the parts (preferably with links), and I'm sure one of the many will be able to advise you on your selection.

As to the selection of AMD or Intel, that comes down to mostly personal choice and budget

Good Luck Happy


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thanks again

well, right at this moment I'm just looking at the best desktop I can find in my price range to see where I should aim for if I build my own or if I should just buy that one.

so far it seems you would be on the side to build then to buy pre-made. so until I get 100% on that side I will have to hold off on finding a good list of parts. if I do chose to go that rout I will be posting in the Pc hardware forum with links for more help. but thanks for all the help

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Re: build or buy

Personally, I've never considered building my own PC. Just as I never considered building my own car or bicycle. Some shops shops here in the town that built to my specification, with warranty, and that suites me quite well.

But from these forums I know some people do for some reason.


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you have brought up a great point that I never even thought of. although I do live in a somewhat small town. I should see what a shop might say about building a pc vs buying one pre-made.

I have built a few garage and houses and know that it is a great feeling at the end yet at the start and middle or even end can be a lot of problems that are hard to fix. so maybe I will ruin down to one and see what they might say on this matter, and it is always nice to have a warranty ^_^ thank you very much for this idea

if there is any one else that might have a good idea on this matter, I'm open for any ideas.

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go online to find the information I suggested;
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I've built too many.

Today I have changed from desktop to everyday laptop use. For games we have the PS3, 360 and Wii which do the games extremely well without breaking the bank like desktop gamer PCs can.

HOWEVER the lesson I learned is that almost any desktop will be fine at gaming today if I do TWO simple things.

1. Get a nice machine. Try some core i7 with 4 to more GB ram. Do not listen to those that want XP or stick to the 32 bit world.

2. Fit a fast video card and change the power supply if need be. I like this list ->,2598.html

This neatly sidesteps all the troubles a first builder would have.

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if you choose to

go the route of buying instead of building; then (personally) I would check out the manufacturers forums for whatever system you have your eyes on, see what problems (if any) others might be encountering with their machines.
Check out the 'Customer Service', see how people rate (eg: Dell computers) the service, etc.

I agree with Bob; whatever your choice, get a fast video card, and change out the power supply for something larger-and from a reputable manufacturer (eg: Corsair, Antec, Silverstone,), never scrimp on the power.

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I never wanted to get a gaming PC at least to play games on, I got way to many other systems to do that. Yet if it get the job done I don't care what it is called, gaming PC or enthusiast PC. It is all the same to me. I would look at laptop yet I just don't like them never have never will.

So far out of the part I was looking at the i7 or the i5 if I needed to go cheap. I was going for no less then 4gb of ram, you did bring up something else I didn't think of. I'm still using XP and I live in the 32 bit world. I have used vista and it look nice but I could care less how it look but it need to work. I have heard good and bad things about windows 7. so most likely I will be getting that. Yet from what I been reading I wasn't going to get the 64 bit. It seems to be faster only if the program is design for it. I use a lot of free software so I don't know if everything I use will work with it... hmm I guess I will have to look into some more.

I guess I didn't think that I would need to get a better power supply if buying a pre-made. But I guess if you upgraded the video card then you when need to.

Thanks for every one helps you all have been very nice and helpful.

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I'm there.

Over in the 64 bit land of 7 Pro and being here it makes me wonder why others want to task themselves with XP forever.

I'm not going back.

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32 bit Windows vs 64 bit

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