Tiscali operates in many countries. Where are you?

WHat type of connection, broadband or dial-up?

ISP's often have down time. Thankfully broadband is not as unstable as dial-up used to be in most countries, but it still happens.

It seems you have internet access now, so have you visited your ISP's web site to see if there is any news about this downtime?

If you are using Tiscali's UK service, there is a forum here;
that seems like it relates to your problem.

What I do

As well as my broadband connection I also have a dial-up connection for just such emergencies like this. It is a free dial-up I found in the UK and I will use it if ever my NTL broadband connection goes down and I need to visit their web site to find out what the problem is. It costs me in telephone charges, but I don't use it that often.