hey i bought a new sanyo 5150 off of ebay
it came in an liberty wireless box with an old sanyo 5150 which the owner before had liberty wireless.But with my new sanyo 5150 i tryed to follow the direction saying to call 1-888-919-7692 to active the phone,so i called and they ask me for my ESN DEC and i give it to them and they tell me that my phone is not registered and that i have to go a dealer and have them register it for me.But not one of me dealers will help me register.and since you know all these things about liberty wireless i guess you work there so i was thinking could you be able to register my new sanyo 5150 or maybe even hack it for me so that way it can be register or even if you got game and you know what you are do you can reactive that old sanyo 5150 account that i have and them tranferr it to my new sanyo 5150 then change the old account name to my name<WELL I HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME>