Your Digital still camera will include the Date and Time as a part of DETAILS..filenames fall into the Default of Numerical/alphabetical..
Since photo's and Video Files are a part of some Individual Project..
Its good to have some fast search-method involved..
..I have some basic projects that run year to year..
So the Leading Personality is the Filename..then the Year(-)2xxx/
If I will use some Audio sections between differant Projects..I mark my AUDIO-FOLDERS by the Audio conversion format(like)96kbps/128kbps/192kbps/..this is some idea about how the Folder has some Cleaning or Editing process..for audio I like to do Volume Leveling each song-one at a time..NOT..the Auto-Volume Leveling LINKS/and even have Edited string audio tracks(some)11-songs strung into a Single Track..
JPGS seem to fall into a Slide Show when useing////0001...0002...0003
..because of the use of JPG-eding techniques..Frames..effects-Watercolor/Colored Pencil/Meatallic/??..I will use the 0001-a...0001-b...0001-c/these are the EFFECTS-photo's..a,b,c are all the same JPG..each w/a differant effect to travel the Slide Show TimeLINE..or even 0001-01...0001-02...0001-03...same thing..
VIDEO Files usually go thru lots of Conversion or Editing(Clipping)..
I think TITLES are part of the "thought" process involved in video making..getting a project done quickly is like doing the same thing on all Video Projects..
Video Filenames.....DV-001..unedited(you can use the (.)(.)/<--not that thing..DVedited-001...Audiocomplete-001...Folders need to have a good meaning..because I have DELETED a Video because it got confused..
..Drop2Disk(inside)speaks for itself/its the final CUT to DVD-disk FILE..
..WMV-files(inside)this Folder might sit for a YEAR before I Clean or manage it..WMV is such a nice format that it just sits on my 120-GB HDD for like always..
That's about what I do..I never encrypt...I never compress..I never make Files PRIVATE..COPY is a safe way to DIRECT your FILES/FOLDERS..but MOVE is quicker..
I like to SAVE up a batch of things to Drop2Disk..maintaining the Blank Media's Capacity as the best Format to can get more on a Blank Disk if you LOAD it all at once..I label these DISKS as MASTER..meaning fully LOADED(one shot)Burn..
Hope that helps.