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Wen Ho Lee should get in on the deal

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Heard on Fox news the Mexican govt is telling people trying to illegally cross into the U.S. to sue if they are "mistreated" by ranchers and such. One rancher has already lost his place.


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Yeah, that story really bit it

Not justifying violence against illegals, but trespasseers are trespassers, and being illegal immigrant shouldn't count in your favor.

I think in such cases, if allowed at all, the illegal should still be barred from the country, and any money from the sale barred from leaving the country. Let it set in a trust forever for all I care.

Convicted criminals are not suppose to be allowed to profit from their crime. Like tell all books profits are often awarded to the victims or their families, or a charity, but not to the criminal's bank account.


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(NT) (NT) Did it say he was an illegal?
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I'd have to search, but I'm almost certain that was the

main controversy over the case I was thinking about. It doesn't excuse violence and other cases of alleged attempted and successful murder, but the ranchers and landowners in the border area are haveing real problems with illegal entries on their land and little or no help from the government about it.

The following sites may be bais, but the rough facts are as I remember them.

According to the article the vigilante group was guilty of hitting one of the illegals with a pistol, and then giving them cookies and letting them go. Which prompts a couple of questions from me:

Since when do the victims of violence get to claim the property of those who attacked them? Especially in an instances like this one where the offense is relatively minor. If I beat somebody up I'm certainly guilty of assault, but does that give my victim the right to claim my house?

Maybe to pay restitution or medical bills or something, but I've never heard of somebody being forced to just hand over their deed.

Also, why on earth did an American court award a group of criminals property? Assaulted or not, these people should be deported not given property.

?The illegals are coming over here,? Mr. Dore said. ?They are getting the American property. Hell, I?d come over, too. Get some American property, make some money from the gringos.? .

Hank Conner, 62, of Lafayette, La, and Casey Nethercott, 35, of La Mirada Calif., were arrested on March 19 by the Jim Hogg County Sheriff and a Texas Ranger. The volunteers were charged with assaulting an unnamed El Salvadoran national who they encountered on the property and escorted out to a public road. The Ranch Rescue group, and an independent eyewitness?French journalist Eric Boye who accompanied the two men?insist that the charges are false.

Two miles from the border with Mexico, U.S. citizen Casey Nethercott's dream ranch is now the property of Edwin Alfredo Mancia Gonzales and Fatima del Socorro Leiva Medina, both illegal immigrants from El Salvador.

Along with these, in searching a bit, I found stories of illegals forcing an Border patrol helicopter down throwing rocks at it, possible Mexican military aid to drug smugglers, reports of Mexician government handouts to their poorest citizens on how to sneak into the USA. Makes you wonder about the (at first glace) wild accusations that Mexico is waging a conquest of the US doesn't it? An invasion of civilians (and criminals?) vs a military invasion. At least a military invasion there be little doubt about it.

I'm not against documented aliens getting work vistas etc, just the border fiasco that makes any accountability for who is entering the country non-existent.

And I do object to giving American property and lives to illegal immigrants trespassing on private land while smuggling themselves and/or others into this country. If the rancher committed assault, that's a criminal issue.


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Did you catch...

Did you catch the story (about 3 days ago) about the man with a small ranch on the border who is the object of one of these lawsuits? Basically, he caught a group of men (illegals) on his property and told them to get the H off. They started throwing rocks at him, so he fired a rifle into the air.
The video of the story had the best impact, he was in a wheelchair. I doubt that this one will go anywhere, even though the video showed he wheeled along reasonably well "cross country", I can't see the "he should have run away" crowd trying to apply that logic to him. I can't help but wonder how much it'll cost him to defend himself in the suit. If I were the judge I'd throw the whole thing out of court.

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US govt financing terrorism

That's what it probably will amount to. The recipient will likely be wheedled into a large contribution to his local House of Hate, aka Mosque, which will then send it to various "relief" organizations back in the Middle East , which will then share a large portion of it will those engaged in "jihad" against the American satans. Isn't that wonderful?

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It would have been much better to

have the government agencies avoid the behavior in the first place.


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You know what would have been even better?

If some crazy Arabs hadn't rammed a couple of jetliners full of people into the World Trade Center towers. That would have been WAY better.

In the first place.

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Most likely laughing at us because we're suckers....

I'm sure the people of the world know that they would be treated far more harshly in just about any other country and they sure wouldn't be allowed to sue either.

I feel sorry for this guy, but in view of 9/11 it's not hard to understand. I'm sure John Ashcroft did not participate in any alleged mistreatment.

BTW, Dan if the US is so awful and these folks hate us so much then how come so many keep coming here?

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That's just the point.

The US isn't so awful. It's just this administration's misguided policies, and absent values that are most at fault. And the people who come to stay and set up productive lives didn't hate us until they were mistreated. And some not even then.


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I doubt under the circumstances...

any other Administration would have done any different.

Have you ewver heard of the Roosevelt Administration by any chance? How about Lincoln?

Ah, but you need to bash Bush.

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I hope you're wrong.

We should be better than that. Even in the face of unmitigated villainy.


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