You might start by installing the newest video driver for your video card.

Next, because the time issue has come up with WinXP before, have you checked to make sure that it's "Synchronizing" correctly. (RIGHT click on the time in the lower right system tray, choose "Adjust date/time". When that loads, click on the "Internet Time" tab, and make sure there is a synchronization website which it can go to. There are a few that might be listed, but this particular machine uses a couple. Here's one: "".

Have you tried replacing the CMOS battery which can sometimes causing settings of time and BIOS to change when it gets old? It's a $5 battery and here's a link on how to do that:

How To Replace The CMOS Battery In Your PC(Procedures and Pictures)

And last but not least, have you checked for spyware and viruses. Please use the free links and programs below to do that:

Free online virus scanners:

Housecall Online Scanner

Panda Online Scanner

Free spyware removal programs. All except the last one will require downloading, installing, updating, then running. Delete all spyware that it finds.