Time for a food question - Pizza, anyone?

As, apparently, everyone is so cranky - they must be hungry, right? :^)

Longtime (as in about a decade ago!) visitors to SE may remember I used to interject food questions when the politics/religion/etc "hot-button" topics here would get, let us say, heated. I think I named them surveys or some such but the idea is to see how many different ways we eat food and what we like.

As I recall one of the great favourites was pizza - not many people spoke up and declared they hated it, anyhow. The love of circular baked food was well nigh global as at the time there were many countries of origin/residence on SE, and though I was not exactly surprised it was heartening to see something we could all agree on, though of course toppings varied - sometimes to extreme ( but understandable ) effect.

So, what is your fave (if any) ?

Myself: thin crust, no more than 2-3 toppings (in addition to cheese) are best ; though if done expertly a "kitchen sink" type is delicious too, just way more complicated to do correctly - separate cooking, etc.

Bon appetit !

Rick "make that black olives and green bell peppers" Jones

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Clarification Request
Are you talking about the pizza pie that

are round?
Because if you're one of those round deniers I met in math class, we're done!

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Oh, the joke

about pi, ending with "pie are round, cornbread are square" ? :^)

I still can't agree with the idea that .99999 recurring is equal to 1. Surely it's a teeny bit less than 1?


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Good one.

In dealing with that and other things* at the HS & MS level, I used to say, OK, we can look at it, throw up our hands, and run around the room screaming, Oh, no! Doesn't equal one!
Or, we could say quietly, Equals one or whatever, and get on with the rest of our lives.
Another useful teaching at that level is, Many things in maths** are stated "just because".

* Like, anything divided by zero is "undefined", because it can be shown to equal infinity. The " proof" is an interesting way of teaching the effect of reciprocation.*** Divide 1 by 1, then by 10 and so on; write out the answer. Watch the poor decimal get teenier and teenier. Logic says divide by zero 'must' = infinity, which cannot be "equalled".

** " Mathematic is the singular of mathematics."

*** How much "dynamic energy" does Jehovah have? Isaiah 40:26 says he created all the stars. Einstein proved if you convert mass entirely to energy you get a big kaboom! Not much mass, either, and "entirely" not necessary. Just ask the survivors of Fat Man and Little Boy.

Now, Isa 40:26 - mass from energy - is simply the inverse of E=Mc^2; works in Algebra I, and science insists it's possible. And would dearly love to implement it. As science says the sun does, daily****, without human assistance. Eat your heart out, humans. But I digress.
That "c^2" is in the numerator of its implied fraction [/1] in Einstein, but in the denominator with Jehovah. Do the ... ummm ... algebra.

**** How much heat? Enoygh ro keep us all alive. And, not nearly all that's bup there. Picture the sun as a basketball on a table, radiating. Close one eye, to get a monocular view. Light/heat/radio waves travel in straight lines, so the only emissions that benefit us directly are those that come from the circle - spherical section - facing us.

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Ok, Prof

I get all that. Really. I'm sort of educated. (ask my sister - she'll say I'm halfway there!)

I'd like to see a scripture that explains quantum mechanics. Ha! just kidding. Though it would be interesting to see a discussion of the strong nuclear force from a *higher* perspective, so to speak. I'm of the mindset that religion and science are not in opposition, just concern different realms, as it were - if that makes any sense.

Maybe after dinner I can have a better viewpoint on such things...

Rick "chocolate may still be the only answer" Jones

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You could go with Gen 1:1.

Whatever makes up the universe is implied, whether we know of it or understand it.
My religion is concerned with the earth and heaven. Mt 6:9,10. Says the earth is round and hangs in space, "upon nothing". Check your HS physics book for verification.
Old Jack Webb film, "30", about newspapering. Real estate editor gets assigned the religion page as well. Tells Webb, 'OK, but I want a new sign on my door. Editor of Heaven and Earth.'

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RE:black olives

No thank you.

Green pepper...Yes.

Couple slices of pepperoni and some cheese

Pizza is good...take out of freezer, put in oven, heat and cleanup...

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Now, the LORD saith...

Plenty cheese. I can make a decent one-off with tortillas and cheese and whatever, in a toaster oven.

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Well...there is a connection

All three...religion, politics, and pizza either claim to prepare you for or lead you to your death. My own religion frowns on anything that desecrates the body. This means tattoos, body piercings and ingesting such things that apply plaque to the coronary arteries are to avoided. Happy

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Plaque - pshaw!

I'm of the opinion that worldly pleasures (such as food) should be indulged - in moderation, of course - and so pizza is a gift not to be denied. If I die a little younger, I can handle that.

I agree with tats and piercings - while art is one of mankind's better outputs, the permanence of tattoos always gave me pause ; would not one like to change a picture after a certain amount of time? My taste in art has certainly evolved as I've gotten older. And putting *another* hole in my body actually never had any appeal at all. I'm only 59 so I suppose I might change my mind in time, but somehow doubt it.

So, maybe I'll die in five or ten years from pizza, various other not-good-for-one foods, what the heck. Nobody lives forever.


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Join Navy, get drunk, get tattoo.

I stopped after the first two.
Remember, Jehovah created the anchovy.

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Sounds fishy to me.

But I don't want to carp on about it. Wink

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Smells like you took the bait

hook, line and stinker.

Next up? Happy

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