Time and Date change at random times

Hey everyone,

I recently bought a laptop w/ Windows 10 and the time and date automatically change at random times to random dates and times. I have selected the right timezone and DST is on, as it should be for my time zone. The dates are always in the near future though (like 1 or 5 days later than the actual date). It doesn't always happen when I reboot.

Any ideas on how to fix this? It was set to sync with, but I changed to and the problem still persists.

Do you guys think that this a hardware problem? Because if it is I want to return it to the store I bought it from while I still can before they no longer consider it to be "dead on arrival" anymore.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Reporting: Time and Date change at random times
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Clarification Request
How about a make and model?
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Thanks for the response. Any idea on how I can "unlock NPT access on UDP port 123" in McAfee?

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Sorry no.
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Already read that thread.
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Test the CMOS battery.

Or because they're so cheap, just replace.

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If it was, it's a warranty issue.
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I would get rid of Makeafee.

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Do what you think best

But since the computer is so new , I wouldn't think the CMOS is bad.
I would surely use the McAfee uninstaller tool and eliminate that possibility first.
There's plenty of good free AV's out there to test this theory out..

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Thanks guys.

Ah, but I really love this notebook. It's just this issue and possibly some problems with the network adapter.

I feel that it is odd that I would have to uninstall a program that came with the notebook itself in order to get it to work properly. Why would one laptop with McAfee have this problem and another one not?

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Maybe not bad, but..

Is it possible that the CMOS is not bad, but just placed poorly?

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The thing is

It may void the warranty if you disassemble it to get to it. I didn't find a service manual for this model.

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Alternative to McAfee?

Just trying to see if it is worth it to ask the store I got it from to exchange it for me, as I literally only got it 8 days ago.

What are some reliable alternatives to McAfee? Kapersky, Avira, AVG, Avast? I think some of them have had a bad reputation at some point in time.. which ones do you guys use and why?

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8 days...

I have to agree with Bob, return this under warranty.

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For me McAfree lost me years ago.

Today it seems to be overreaching and create troubles. But here's a thing or question. Since we can change the settings in most of these security apps is that a good or bad thing?

I mean here we are with a suspect item but it appears the only exit is to change antivirus suites since McAfee appears too hard to use.

For me I've never had an issue running without an antivirus because I know not to install apps or visit bad sites when there is no suite installed. That said Windows 10 has a basic antivirus built in. So you have this many posts and my take is that McAfee has failed again in more than one way.

-> But to your question. I like the free antivirus offerings at Why? Read

----> Now let's chat a little about that reliable question. Not one will stop you from installing shady software. It's a PC and no antivirus to date stops all bad things. There are folk that act surprised when we point out their machine is infected with say Spyhunter or Conduit. I have heard "But I have Norton" a few times.

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Just in case.

To be honest I've been using my previous laptop for nearly 2 years without an antivirus installed and have never had problems either. But since this laptop was expensive, I feel like I should have one for the first 1-2 years.. and I got free McAfee for a year with my purchase.

I think I'm going to stop by the store with my laptop to see what they say.. it'll be difficult to prove that the time/date changes on its own, since it happens at random, but I can try I guess. If all laptops of this model/build had the same issue, I can't imagine HP selling them with the problematic software pre-installed.

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That was a free offer

But you installed it .
Since it's so new , why not just restore it to factory condition ?
I'll bet you that McAfee was not installed out of the box .
Just sayin'

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Already did.

I wanted to restore it to factory conditions, but the contact from HP support told me not to, because it might get rid of certain programs and advised me to choose the other reset option (a HP reset?).

Would a factory reset not get rid of other important programs or drivers as well?

I didn't install it myself.

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An HP reset will restore it to factory conditions.

That is, the PC will be like you just bought it. Any programs you installed after you bought it will be gone.

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Sorry about the misleading title of the previous post and I now that I think of it, maybe I did install it myself, because Windows asked whether I wanted to?

I guess I might try removing it. Would Kapersky be a good alternative?

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NO! Why?

Because you didn't do the test to see if it was an antivirus suite issue.

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I can only say what I would do

I would do the reset and bring it back to '' out of the box '' condition .
Windows 10 has a built in AV .

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Will try again.

Okay I'll do it again and test it without an extra AV. Thanks all.

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Let us know

How things turn out so others will be aware of this issue .

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Found out when it happens.

Haven't deleted my antivirus yet, but I discovered when this happens. It's when I put the laptop into sleep mode when it's not connected to power. Each time I do this, the laptop "wakes up" on its own after about 20 or so seconds and adds +1 day to the date.

I'm returning it without touching the antivirus, because I believe that the Wi-Fi adapter is really not functioning properly either, but the date thing is easier to prove.

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Good to know and best of luck.


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Seems fixed!

I fixed the date and time problem by updating my Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC driver. I'm pretty sure that it isn't the first time I've tried that, but it's the first time that it didn't say that it was up to date already. Wi-Fi seems to be a lot faster as well and so far videos and PDFs are finally loading at the speeds they should (though longer testing is required).

Hope that this is helpful for others who stumble upon the same problem as well Happy

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(NT) ok
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My story with HP

Is that I found the fault to be in the model line. I too was surprised at HP's downright denial and why my last HP was my last HP.

Not only did they not fix the laptop but they never offered to make it right until 9 months later. Imagine the run of the mill person that has it fail at 3 months and gets the runaround like that. I feel lucky to only lost a laptop to learn that HP is no more. At least in my experience.

PS. Sorry to edit this but to be correct it had failures at the first day. It took me time to get ready to move to another laptop so I learned to avoid plugging in my phone that created the issue at first. At 3 months I was all moved over to another laptop and ready to call it in. I really expected HP to fix or swap it out. They did neither and left me with a dead laptop at 3 months. The next 6 months were just occasional calls and web surveys to ask if they took care of the issue (no.) Along the way HP reps told me I should have bought an Envy, "few folk own smart phones" and that they had done all they could.

My last HP.

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Which brand do you use now?

I feel like every brand has negative reviews.

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already gave my opinion

nothing more to add , Sorry

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