It makes it difficult for us to try to help with so very little information provided. Information such as which operating system you're running and in which browser/s you see the pop-ups. Also .. added information about the pop-ups. (I'm unfamiliar with Stack Video pop-ups)

Try the steps and tools included within "Remove Tidy Network pop-ups (Uninstall Guide)". They may also help remove the other pop-ups.

I'm only left to assume you have a Zoosk (and Facebook) account. IF so, did you remove Zoosk from your Facebook profile and main account? More here.

Note: At the bottom of Step 1, in the above Tidy Network removal guide, it suggests the use of Revo Uninstaller (free) if you have a problem removing Tidy Network from your system. It's also useful for removing other programs.

Best of luck..