Ticking sound?


I noticed 3,4 times by now, that when my comp is processing something it makes a ticking sound, like a clock: tick,,,,tick,,,,tick,,and also runs terribly slow,.
When I restart it is ok again. Does anyone know what this may be? I did the malware scan but didn't detect anything.
Thanks, Tress

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Let's look at the PC.

Oops I got nothing. But older machines do this many times so finding the source is fun. (for me that is)

I'll use a modified stethoscope and find that ticking is either some hard drive scan or an old coil that I can put a drop of SHELLAC on.

Do you remember how electrical coils are made and what the SHELLAC does?

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Oh, OH, OH . . .

Me, me, me, I do, I do! Some voice coils and choke coils still use a form of shellac. And most transformers today. It's an excellent insul . . . product. Ooops, almost gave it away.

Tell me this, guru, what is shellac made of? Don't Google first!

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Now now.

All I remember is that what it is made from today is a synthetic that we don't want to drink. I wonder if the original is still available?

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Yes to available . . .

High end wood working and wood finish. It's the secreted resin of an insect.

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The electronics version is now a synthetic.

From memory.

It used to be a lot of stuff was from nature.

In the early days you could tune a Capacitor by shaving a layer off the MICA insulator.

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hi again

Hi guys,
Thanks for your posts, but to be honest I do not quite understand what I am supposed to do regarding this sound, that happens from time to time, not always~ What do I have to buy? Sorry for being ignorant, I am not that acqainted with this termilnology or products.


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In short.

You find the source of the noise then if it's some coil you put a drop of shellac on it. Let it dry before use.

If you don't know a term, try and that term.

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I'll do that:))

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I remember now!!

That ticking sound while XP is processing something is akin to mouse clicks. It's controlled in Sounds in Control Panel. Annoying to say the least. I only hear it when my sound is turned up really high.


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How do you suggest I control it in the sounds, is there any option there that I could select? Also not only that sound, BUT, when it does occur, the processing time is very slow and I have to wait for a long time. So really don't know....

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Go to Control Panel . . .

Sounds, click the Sounds tab. Sample (click the "right" arrow) for each one with a speaker next to it until you find the offender.

As to the machine slowing down, only you can tell us what is running when this happens.

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I followed your instructions, even though,. am not sure what is asterix (is it some intruder), and default beep? The others seem necessary and right to me even though I am no pro, but learning:))


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just to add

For Asterix it sais Windows XP error, so don;t know if this sound is ok to have.
ohhh now I see, so stupid of me, didn't notice there was an option to hear the sound. Thanks so much, will give it a try now:))

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