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Those students in Hong Kong have gone too far!!!

Not satisfied with tying up traffic and tossing Molotov cocktails, they're now invading sessions of Congress and preventing orderly investigations!
If they aren't careful they'll bring down the military police on themselves.

If any try to emigrate to the US, I hope they'll be refused until they learn the difference between rule of law and rule of men.
(Reuters coverage)

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Reporting: Those students in Hong Kong have gone too far!!!
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Hong Kong protests was the first thing

that popped into my head yesterday when I heard about Republicans storming the closed-door hearing.

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Leaders. Sometimes also called the

"best and brightest ..."
Maybe I'm too cynical, but the story said that bringing in cell phones was one of the specific rules they broke. I wonder if any were 'forgotten' and are still there, in Record mode.

Remember Henry II of England? Had doctrinal troubles with his old buddy Thomas Becket after naming him Abp. of Canterbury. "Who will rid me of this meddlesome prelate?" asked the king, almost certainly a rhetorical question. But his loyal followers did just that.

Can't happen here.

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Some of the people that stormed the basement

were members that were already entitled to be in the hearings......

It just doesn't seem logical.....IF they weren't walking the hallways protesting...they could have been inside the hearings listening and asking questions.

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logical + Congress?


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There were two

newly elected members who weren't familiar yet with SCIF rules regarding their cellphones and the phones were immediately confiscated. However, Schiff and the witness both removed themselves from the hearing and came back hours later to finish up after everyone on the Rep side left. "Entitled to be there"....members on the Defense Committee were supposed not allowed to be there because they aren't also on the 'Intelligence' Committee that Schiff heads up even though the witness himself was from the Defense Dept. Schiff is making up rules as he goes along, including announcing BEFORE the hearing started that the hearing was NOT considered to be why have it in a SCIF in the first place? Because it's the only way for Schiff to control the narrative that HIS people cherry pick and leak out to the press. Kangaroo Court hearings......claiming these are 'depositions' much like a Grand Jury which ARE confidential rather than 'investigative' hearings, not allowing Republicans to view transcripts unless inside a SCIF with Schiff staff (minders) overseeing their actions, not allowing Trump attorneys/counsel inside, etc, and now deciding that the 'whistleblower' is no longer needed since they have his statement and the transcript of the phone conversation. Utter BS since a 'statement' can't be cross examined by the DEFENSE side that Schiff wants to prosecute.....even though SCHIFF isn't a prosecutor and is actually a WITNESS in this case since HE and HIS STAFF met with and advised that 'whistleblower' a month before his statement became public. I believe it's illegal for a WITNESS to also PROSECUTE a case at the same time...….

This is nothing more than an opportunity for the Dems to get their side of a sham story out prior to an election and stopping Trump from being able to publicly defend himself against the accusations pouring out of lying Schiff's mouth every day where HE claims AGAIN that he has 'proof' of Trump's 'crimes' without ever stating what they are (shades of the Russia statements he made before).

The House will impeach him because of a runny nose....and Trump will win again in the Senate. It's all theatrics from Schiff and Pelosi because impeachment can ONLY be done through the JUDICIARY Committee and NOT the INTELLIGENCE (joke title with Schiff at the helm) Committee and the ONLY reason Schiff is conducting this crap shoot is because Nadler blew it hugely with his 'interrogation' in public view with Lewandowski as his first witness. And even IF Nadler's Committee were to take it over for impeachment purposes, he would have to recuse himself to make it legal since he has a personal bad history with Trump from years ago in New York. He can't legally prosecute someone he personally hates......obvious bias.

The Dems are screwing themselves to the floor and going in circles as usual and all but guaranteeing that Trump wins next year because they are like my hound focus except the end of her nose tracking a raccoon that climbs a tree and thumbs its own nose at her knowing she can't touch it. No matter how many times they say it, they keep proving publicly that they really CAN'T walk and chew gum at the same time. Does Pelosi honestly believe Trump will cave and give in to Dem demands when those same Dems are the ones trying to impeach him for their own benefit?

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Reuters has ongoing coverage which is thorough,

organized, balanced, fact-based, non-ranting and with explainers.
Covers many of your objections, including Democratic missteps.
Light, not heat.

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RE: There were two
newly elected members who weren't familiar yet with SCIF rules regarding their cellphones

Didn't they wonder, when they attended previous meetings, why everyone was emptying THEIR pockets before entering the room?

They have attended previous meetings haven't they? The meetings have been going on for over a week, they had the opportunity to attend and here they are protesting that no on knows what's going on in the meetings...and THEY don't attend the meetings?


Ignorance of the law is no excuse?

RE:no focus except the end of her nose tracking a raccoon that climbs a tree

The DEMS are your "raccoon"?
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They are allowed to take their

cellphones into normal meetings This was the first time they were going into a SCIF room.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse? Then how are the Dems getting away with ignoring it?

The Dems are my hound.....can only focus on one thing at a time and ALL of their focus for three years has been Trump beginning less than 48 hours after his inauguration when they started screaming IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH right off the bat.

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RE:This was the first time they were going into a SCIF room.

AND they didn't stop and wonder...

How come we're meeting in the basement and all the others that are coming in are emptying their pockets?

Not the sharpest pencils in the drawer are they?

Aren't there 14 Republicans that have access to that impeachment inquiry, and don't they get a chance to ask questions?

They aren't a pipeline for Trump to know what's going on?

Call DJT as a witness and ask HIM questions?

See how THAT goes over?

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Guys, come up out of the basement

into the fresh air.

Bill has no vested interest in US politics.
Toni has no vested interest in blue politics.

Highly paid legislators misbehaved- consciously- on partisan grounds at a time when their country needs bipartisanship, cooperation, constructive actions vice destructive. Half the country applauds the misbehavior, the other wants more. Clarification: It's a purple problem. (Think about it.)

Bill needs to look to his own form of bad government.
21st century, and they can't computerise successfully??? Pres. Bob hasn't jurisdiction, although he has exhibited the desire to make improvements.

Grow up.

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RE: Pres. Bob

Who he?

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Our poster, who once wrote, 'If I were Pres...'

I presented a few problems I would like to see solved, and he actually presented considered answers.

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RE:21st century, and they can't computerise successfully???

Don't be pointing fingers.....POTUS can't even record(provide a transcript of) a phone call to President of Turkey.

It's those darn Chinese and 5G networks.....

America?....dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century?

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Taped/recorded conversations

were stopped tens of years ago....all conversations are transcribed by other people listening to it, compare their transcriptions for accuracy, and then are archived.

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RE:compare their transcriptions for accuracy,
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RE:Bill has no vested interest in US politics


The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is gone. Say hello to the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA for short. Following more than a year of intense negotiations, Canada, Mexico and the United States have reached an agreement that is both good and bad news for the Canadian economy.Oct 2, 2018

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...and you mentioned your trade agreement

_____ times since then?
You mentioned a foreign head of state _____ times, same time frame?
Evidence of vested interest.

Inquiring minds will want your updates on La Canada's many indigenous problems. Your President was busy recently apologizing for an entirely different one; more fatalities.

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RE:Inquiring minds will want your updates on La Canada's man
Inquiring minds will want your updates on La Canada's many indigenous problems.

and I will be waiting anxiously for your updates on Amurica's many indigenous problems

PS Canada has a Prime Minister as a leader not a President.

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covers many of your objections, including Democratic missteps."
You heard it here first.

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RE:stopping Trump from being able to publicly defend himself

Where is FOX NEWS when HE needs it?

Since HE knows the facts/what went on.....put HIS defense on FOX NEWS.

Of course with his loose lips HE might disclose something that hasn't been discovered yet.

His release of the "perfect phone call" edited transcript is a prime example.

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EDITED? You have proof of that?

or is that another parroted talking point of the left?

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RE:EDITED? You have proof of that?

IF I didn't HEAR it...THAT is proof.

The rough transcript, which a senior White House official said was developed with assistance from voice recognition software along with note takers and experts listening,

PS....What's to "develop"? Transcribe the conversation, word for word and release the text.

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That was already done. If YOU can't HEAR it

that's too bad because nobody ELSE can either. It's how it's done here and has been for about 40+ years.

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RE:has been for about 40+ years.

So, the transcript of the phone call IS a rough transcript.

HIS version of the truth......

and he needed a favor, though.

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RE: HE and HIS STAFF met with and advised
HE and HIS STAFF met with and advised that 'whistleblower' a month before his statement became public.

"met with" AND told the whistleblower where to go? (advised)

Go check with Inspector General and get legal counsel?

You're knocking on the wrong door?

According to this article

Whistleblower spoke to Schiff aides before filing complaint

The whistleblower, a member of the intelligence community, contacted the committee for guidance on how to report “possible wrongdoing,” according to Patrick Boland, a spokesman for the Intelligence Committee’s chairman, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. Boland said that “at no point did the committee review or receive the complaint in advance” and that it is a regular occurrence for whistleblowers to seek guidance from the committee.

“Consistent with the committee’s longstanding procedures, committee staff appropriately advised the whistleblower to contact an inspector general and to seek legal counsel,”

Trump, who has repeatedly described the call as “perfect,” seized on the whistleblower’s contact with the intelligence panel to amplify his criticism of Schiff and the impeachment investigation,

At one point he went further, suggesting without evidence that Schiff “probably helped write” the complaint. Lawyers for the whistleblower said that wasn’t true, and that neither they nor the whistleblower “has ever met or spoken with Congressman Schiff about this matter.”
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Wish we had a Preston Brooks

in Congress to straighten Schiff out to extent he needs it.

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A famous incident, with many retellings of it.

Here's an excerpt of one. It's an opinion, but history confirms much of it.

"But Brooks’ violent outburst on the Senate floor solved nothing, and only added more heat to the flames of anger that would soon engulf the country and prove the time for reason and compromise was quickly passing."

1851 or 2020?

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