This will break some peoples bubble

Video shows Libyans trying to rescue US ambassador

CAIRO (AP) - Libyans tried to rescue Ambassador Chris Stevens, cheering "God is great" and rushing him to a hospital after they discovered him still clinging to life inside the U.S. Consulate, according to witnesses and a new video that emerged Monday from last week's attack in the city of Benghazi.

The group of Libyans had stumbled across Stevens' seemingly lifeless form inside a dark room and didn't know who he was, only that he was a foreigner, the man who shot the video and two other witnesses told The Associated Press.

The account underlines the confusion that reigned during the assault by protesters and heavily armed gunmen that overwhelmed the consulate in Benghazi last Tuesday night, killing four Americans, including Stevens, who died from smoke inhalation soon after he was found. U.S. officials are still trying to piece together how the top American diplomat in Libya got separated from others as staffers were evacuated, suffocating in what is believed to be a consulate safe-room.

The Libyans who found him expressed frustration that there was no ambulance and no first aid on hand, leaving him to be slung over a man's shoulder to be carried to a car.
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Reporting: This will break some peoples bubble
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With views like yours and the current adminstrations.......

it's no wonder our men were left unprotected and are dead. Sad

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What's the problem?

You think everyone in ANY country thinks exactly the same way?

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Are you saying that governments and

people we supply aid to we should not hold responsible for actions of their constituents? Sometimes a hand spanking is not enough.

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Should other countries hold us responsible

for the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church and condemn the whole country?

You are doing the same things that these people are doing. You are condemning a whole country or culture because of the actions of some.


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You are missing the point.

1- We are subsidising Libya.

2- They must get their radical element under control.

3- We have the responsibility to mentor them and also to make them understand that not adequately protecting US interests there is not acceptable practice. We shouldn't be apologizing for some 14 +/- minute film. They must know that there will be consequences and to temporarily withhold aid until we are satisified that this will not happen again is NOT condeming.

I never advocated, or implied that anything as drastic as turning them into glass should be an option. Happy

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you mean like how we mentored Iraq and Afghanistan?

Yes sir, our "mentoring" sure has worked there.

Sorry friend, but what you are actually saying is we need to make them a puppet state.

Withholding aid? I actually agree with. However, buying influence has been a long standing diplomatic tradition and if we don't buy influence then somebody else will.

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That is not at all what I am saying.

What I hope is that we will make it plain and clear that if they do not behave and protect our interests and their own people the aid stops permanently.

What might be one of their biggest problems right now is the people have nothing to do. Their country is in ruins, they are jobless for the most part, food is rationed for so many. They have a lot of problems period and then some terrorist group comes in and stirs them up it's a frenzy of barbaric behavior. That's the sad part. But, we cannot police them they must get control of their own situations and we may have to draw some strict lines in hopes of forcing them to do it now and not six months from now.

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There are decent people everywhere

just not enough of them to always overcome the noise of those bent on evil. Decent people are also very uninteresting to to the press. An act of decency that's caught on camera and makes it to press sometimes does so by accident. Oops! We didn't mean to show someone being good. Make sure it doesn't happen again.

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And what bubble are you referring to?

Stevens was a friend to the only figures that there would still be some around that would try to help him, even if they didn't immediately know who he was.

And this still doesn't discount the fact that the media is still portraying this attack as a 'protest' gone wrong. There is proof that there was NO protest going on prior to the attack. And you don't bring RPG's to a protest, JP. This WAS planned and coordinated ahead of time, and yet, as long as BO and his Admin cling to the 'protest because of the movie' story, the press will help him push that garbage. BO is an incompetent who was warned THREE days before everything hit the fan that it was coming and he did NOTHING to warn or protect our embassies and consulates.

>>>>The account underlines the confusion that reigned during the assault by protesters and heavily armed gunmen that overwhelmed the consulate>>>>

I'm giving you a link to a liberal CNN report......please note within that article that CNN is still clinging to BO's account that protests were going on, and yet the leader of Libya says eyewitness accounts have all stated that it was peaceful and quiet before the attack itself.,0,6646772.story

I have to ask this, JP....even tho BO isn't YOUR prez, aren't even YOU getting sick of the lies and the coverups? And please don't give me nonsense about Bush, et al........I'm looking for a straight answer about BO.

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bubble are you referring to

The bubble that everybody "over there" is Anti Western World.

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And who do you think lives inside that bubble?

A massive majority of the people in the USA and other 'western world' countries don't believe that. Unfortunately the LSM doesn't report the 'good' news that there are many 'over there' who actually DO like the type of life we have and want it for themselves. Unfortunately, again, many of those people, like in Syria who are fighting the Assad regime aren't getting help they need. Instead, the regime is the one getting the help from countries like Russia and Iran.

Do you remember Hillary claiming that Assad was basically a reformed dictator who could be trusted to be good to his people? Where are those videos and why aren't they being played over and over on youtube? Because it would make this Administration look like the 'you Americans are too stupid to talk to like adults' 'regime' that they are.........Assad is being left alone and ignored, just as Iran was ignored and people there were asking "Obama, are you with us or against us", while Libya and Egypt garnered NATO support during that 'Arab Spring'. Why?

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RE: Do you remember Hillary claiming that Assad
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Assad the Reformer
Hillary praises Assad as a "Reformer"

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the U.S. won't enter into the internal conflict in Syria the way it has in Libya.
"No," Clinton said, when asked on the CBS "Face the Nation" program
if the U.S. would intervene in Syria's unrest. Syrian President Bashar
Al-Assad's security forces clashed with protesters in several cities
yesterday after his promises of freedoms and pay increases failed to
prevent dissent from spreading across the country.
Clinton said the elements that led to intervention in Libya —
international condemnation, an Arab League call for action, a United
Nations Security Council resolution — are "not going to happen" with
Syria, in part because members of the U.S. Congress from both parties say they believe Assad is "a reformer."

(you're welcome) Happy
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More Liberals Love For Assad

"Also in 2005, a ferocious battle erupted in the U.S. Senate over the confirmation of John Bolton as ambassador to the U.N. A key point of contention: his congressional testimony from late 2003 claiming Damascus had "one of the most advanced Arab state chemical weapons capabilities," and that it might have a covert interest in developing a nuclear bomb. The CIA reportedly went berserk over what it considered Mr. Bolton's undue alarmism, which would later help sink his nomination in the Senate.

What came next was a chorus of congressional sycophancy. In 2007, Nancy Pelosi enthused that "the road to Damascus is a road to peace." On March 16, 2011—the day after the first mass demonstration against the regime—John Kerry said Assad was a man of his word who had been "very generous with me." He added that under Assad "Syria will move; Syria will change as it embraces a legitimate relationship with the United States." This is the man who might be our next secretary of state."
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RE: (you're welcome)

Thank you for helping me prove Toni's statement incorrect.

in part because members of the U.S. Congress from both parties say they believe Assad is "a reformer."

Hillary was not alone in her thoughts?

I wonder where is Toni's outrage against the members of the Republican party that supported Assad.

Did you find basically a "reformed dictator"?

Of course when people use the word "basically", most times, it means they didn't actually use that term.

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"reformed dictator"???

Who said that? Just you? Is that why you said "basically"? To warn us of the quote that wasn't? I didn't see the word "dictator" except in your post.

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(NT) Toni said it
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Yes, I did, and yes, he is a dictator

just not 'reformed' like Hillary and many in Congress believed he would be......including Republicans who aren't the 'new school' type of Republicans. In case you haven't noticed, the 'old school' Republicans and Dems are being replaced by people who aren't looking out for themselves or to keep the job, but rather ones who want to fix this country.

And Hillary isn't staying on as Secy of State after the election.......she's tired of being made a fool of by BO, and I don't blame her at all for jumping ship like the rest of his Admin as been doing. The only ones still around are the absolute die-hards who know not to give him any advice because he won't take it unless Valerie Jarrett approves first. Hillary hasn't been much of a success at the job she has anyhow......time to go when you realize that your own boss is tying your hands behind your back and having Plouff write your speeches for you like he does with Carney, poor soul.

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NOW you're admitting Hillary didn't say it?
she's tired of being made a fool of by BO

yet another statement you pulled out of your ***?
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(NT) Yes, she did say it
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I didn't hear her say it, and you didn't prove it to me

so she didn't say it.

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re: you don't bring RPG's to a protest,

The city this occurred in was a main battlefield for the rebellion against Gaddafi. I would suspect that RPGs could be found in the basement of at least one house on every block.

just sayin

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They also had and used...

They also had and used mortars. Josh, don't you find it unusual that "spontaneous" people were able to accurately use mortars?

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well why would they use RPG's when they had mortars?

... and don't call me Shirley.

I'm not arguing about who used what and whether it was organized. Heck, spokesmen for the Libyan government say it was planned out.

All I'm saying is that the presence of a particular weapon does not indicate a bloody thing considering the whole town is an armed camp that just got through fighting a civil war.

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RPGs, Grim...

RPGs because the warheads are shaped charges. Best to penetrate doors, gates, and walls. Mortars are good when tou have not yer penetrated the doors,walls, you can stand back and "loft" the rounds in. They can spray a nice little cloud of shrapnel for anti-personal inside of the yet unbreached perimiter

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man, you just won't let me have my one-liners, will ya
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(NT) anti-personnel

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