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No environmental impact?

Just to play boogie man, it would seem to me that this approach reduces the overall humidity in an area and could be robbing the local eco-system of something it needs. To get one thing clean, we must make something dirty.

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You've gone beyond boogie man.

They could drink water that is from a lake, river, stream?

The water taken from there also reduces humidity.

Would that also have an environmental impact?

Don't forget to take into consideration it will be released from the body after use, producing humidity.

No thanks, no more water for me, I'll never drink, use water again?

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But the moisture that's in the air

has already had energy expended to create it. The wind turbines create the energy to extract the water but at the expense of slightly reducing the normal air flow in the area. So you're really taking two things away from the eco-system to produce potable water. If they have rivers and lakes, just hand out straws and dipping buckets. It's cheaper in the long run. I was once in Bermuda and all the houses had white roofs. The people collected rain water that fell on them. Of course there are birds and other stuff also falls on the roofs but they have a more natural system that uses less artificially created or tapped energy. Of course it may be that these people get more disease and die but the stronger live to reproduce. All natural...the way it was meant to be??

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pretty good thinkin' James

for someone that lives in Bermuda, I on the other hand worked in Jiddah (Jeddah),Saudi Arabia in 1975 till 77 and guess what, no rivers or lakes were there , just the Red Sea. Fresh water was a commodity and if those Turbines were there , people would have had a better life, lots of dehydration and starvation going on back then , due to lack of fresh water and education (personal hygiene, what a luxury! ) Seem those turbines in a desert would make a big difference, Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't there something about helping your neighbor written somewhere? Just an opinion....Digger

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Didn't we learn about American settlers

and why sites for town were selected? Folks built by water. Why would anyone seek to live where there wasn't any? They'd last about a week.

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I agree, sounds like problems down stream

less rainfal, more droughts, etc.

A whole step up from the old water wars when someone dammed a stream through their range for their use and ruin the guys downstream.

A problem that is about to happen in the southwest US now

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RE: less rainfall, more droughts, etc

Another point to think about.

I hope it doesn't prevent people from using air conditioners and dehumidifiers, which also remove moisture from the air...AND the moisture that is one drinks it...or even uses it other things in most, if not all, cases.

I hope they feel guilty when dumping the water out of the dehumidifier bucket.

Also the power that is used to "get the water", in an air conditioner and dehumidifier, is not generated within itself.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 5:42:22 AM AST
Current conditions
Clear. Warm. 28 °C
Clear. Warm.
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Clear. Warm.
Location: Jeddah King Abdul Aziz International Airport
Temperature: 28 °C
Comfort Level: 29 °C
Dew point: 19 °C
Pressure: 100.20 kPa
Humidity: 58%
Visibility: 16 km
Wind: 15 km/h from 310° NorthwestDirection Southeast
Last update: Tue 5:00 AM AST

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(NT) Sounds a bit like the wind traps on Dune

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