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This is how to conduct oneself politically

Condi Rice at the RNC

Notice what's missing in her oratory that's all too common among the others? I do. She's a class act and we need more people like this, IMO.
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Either no one cares about or no one knows the answer

What's missing from Condi Rice's speech is any negative remarks about the current president or his leadership ability. She promotes the Republic team without lambasting the president or his party. I'm truly impressed and wish there was more of this. I don't care for the opposition on either side to spend more time criticizing their opponents than in talking up their own resumes, achievements and goals. Condi's done it right again and always has. Happy

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the problem was the question

there's always a lot of things missing from a speech. Who can decide what it is you hoped they'd notice? The question is too open ended.

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I picked up on it immediately

I think we've become numb to negative campaigning. It's not just the new normal. It's the rule.

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(NT) I knew, I was just away from SE for too long to answer.
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Condi did well IMO, too.

She is one of the early runaways from the Democratic Plantation.

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(NT) She's always been a class act
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Absolutely right, as in correct.If all politicians conducted

themselves in the same manner US politics would be vastly improved. Then again if all politicians were as extraordinarily intelligent things would also be vastly improved.

I am frankly tired of both parties wretched behaviours. In an idea derived from John McCain, I think that all Presidential and Senatorial Candidates should release their previous 12 years of tax returns before campaigns begin, even incumbents, so one can see that they are honest men before they are elected, and that they remain honest men afterwards. Same with candidates for Governor, and also States and Federal attorneys general, and probably all Cabinet level posts.

If one goes back to the 1960 election. Joe Kennedy bought the Virginia primary for John, and Chicago fixed the Chicago segment of the November election for John. The overall count was so close that without that cheating, odds were that Nixon would have won. Then again Nixon was no saint.since there was a slush fund despite what he said in the Chequers speech, and he did know about the Watergate break in within a very few days of it's occurrence, and that funding had come out of CRe-EP.

I will leave Bush alone because everybody knows he lost the popular vote nation-wide in 2000, and that something smelled dreadful in brother Jeb's Florida, but Gore conceded too quickly. 2004 stunk to high heaven as well where the exit polls from Ohio were the exact opposite of the results produced by Diebold, manufacturer of the voting machines, and a big Bush contributor.
There are no virgins in political office, but if the hurdles to ensure honesty were in place, you'd end up with honest candidates. The fact that Romney won't release his tax returns is very ominous simply because it says he has something to hide.
Nevertheless, Condoleeza Rice is a pearl, even if she is a Republican. So say I, a life long and dedicated liberal. If the Republicans put her up against the Democratic Candidate in 2016, I see no way she could be defeated.


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I don't see her running for elected office

She's more of a dedicated and loyal "worker bee". We need those types as much as anyone else. No leader can get things done by themselves. As we seem to have it now, an elected official needs to deal with his/her own people's strong personalities and personal objectives as well as other party opposition. I've said before and still believe that a good leader is no better than their ability to surround themselves with the best team of players possible and to not take too much on themselves. You'll hate this one but I'll always remember

"Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don't interfere as long as the policy you've decided upon is being carried out."

and who said it.

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She's a bright woman

Unfortunately she allied herself with the wrong people (IMO), and became a nodding bobble-head doll for the Bush Administration. I also think she was one of those who dropped the ball on Al Qaeda prior to 9/11. My opinion. All of those things would come back to bite her if she ran for national office.

Another member of that administration, who I don't agree with on a lot of things but who I think has more integrity in his pinky than Rice has in her entire body, is Colin Powell. He's too smart to run though.

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I agree that Powell is a good one but I'd not place him

above Rice. They're two separate individuals with each having their own strengths. I also see Powell as not running or accepting a draft. It may be that neither Rice nor Powell would compromise their own ethics such as are almost a requirement when one answers to a political party.

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