The fact that he sits up, and says, "I Screwed Up. ... It's my fault." instead of all the finger pointing and blaming that normally goes on under these circumstances is so refreshing.

And both items, the business card and the button are superb. First time in a long time I've actually seen Letterman engaged with a guest rather than his usual look of "How quickly is this going to be over, is this person speaking Farsi or what?"

I really miss Countdown on MSNBC, not least because it led directly into the Rachel Maddow show which is also superb. A very very smart woman interested in the nuts and bolts of an issue (a wonk in other words) rather than a pretty face skating over the surface of a story with no understanding of its nuances. And she has a good sense of humour, as did Keith Olbermann. I'd watch and hear 3 Stooges references and Monty Python references old movie references and references to any number of other American shows (badly phrased, I know where Monty Python comes from) and his single handed resurrection of James Thurber's short stories on which I grew up.