It'll be very hard to go for free or nearly free with a smartphone (PDAs don't include phone service): all the devices you've mentioned will cost $80 or more with a two-year contract.

The Glimmer isn't a smartphone, though it should have those basic functionalities you've asked for; the primary issue is that it won't necessarily sync them with your PC.

If you're going to be handling e-mail and text, you may actually want to consider the Motorola Q 9c. I've used one, and the keyboard is fantastic. It also has decent contacts and calendars, too. Its camera isn't that great, and it's definitely not a music phone, but for $100 on contract it's worthwhile.

Consider the Pearl an alternate. It doesn't have a full keyboard, but I like the BlackBerry interface and the slimmer shape. Its camera and web browser are also a bit better, too.