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Thinking of building a new computer

I've been thinking of building a new computer since I won 1 gig of Kingston hyper x ram (khx3200ulk2/1g) from a contest. I m trying to decide if I should go with Intel or AMD and depending on that which motherboard and video card should I go with. I will mainly use the system to do homework and play games current. My current budget is to be under $1000 not including a monitor at this point. Should I wait off till summer time to build is there any new technology?s that are coming out soon? Also what are good places to order computer parts from? I'll probably use Newegg but are there any other good ones out there?

My current system is about 4 years old 1.4 GHz AMD Athlon; MSI K7T turbo mobo; 640mb of sdram and a 32mb GeForce2 GTS. I was thinking of upgrading the video card, but I think that might be a money spent better toward a new system.

What do you guys think?

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I would go with a 64 bit processor. MS is about? to release a Windows 64 OS, and most 32 bit apps will run on it.

If Linux is in your future, there are a few 64 bit Linux os'es out there.

I'm using Asus A8V Deluxe mb, as it has wireless lan built in. The AMD Cool n' Quiet works well with my 3500 processor.

I use Newegg, Zipzoomfly, and Tiger Direct when they have something I need on sale.

I don't game, so I can't advise you on graphics, except to say that some 128 meg cards are a good value.

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Here are a few links
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If I were u, I would go with...

AMD Athlon 64 3500+ (skt.939) CPU
Abit AV8 VIA K8T800 skt.939 ATX mobo
Nvidia Geforce 6600GT 128MB video card
Seagate 120GB 7200RPM 8MB cache HDD
NZXT Nemesis Case
Rose 500 watt power supply

You can also either keep using your old disk drives or buy new ones

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I do not know much about AMD machines, had never used one. From what I have read about AMD processors your is around the upper mid range system. The Mobo listed does not support PCI Express and could could you some upgrade issues down the road if you are a gamer and want to use the newer/faster graphic cards. The PSU should work O.K. with this Mobo. The Mobo has a 20 pin main power plug and so does the supply, but the PSU says it is 70% min efficiency at max load, which is not bad, but can be pulled down to 350 watts, so if you upgrade again in 2 to 3 years, plan on buying a new PSU with a 24 pin connector or adapter and also has a graphic power plug for high end graphic cards and possible a higher efficiency rate.
See examples and info. at this site:

The most important part is that all hardware used is Windows XP compatible, if you are going to use XP. Also make sure you add extra fans in the case and you may want to look into a better cooler/heatsink for the CPU, overheating is a big concern if you play high end games.
Here is a thread that may have some more info:

I am sure others on this forum could give you more info. on the AMD processor and Mobo. You may want to open your own forum like "Opinion on 3500 AMD Proceesor and ABIT Mobo", you should get alot of helpful responses.

Good Luck...

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If you're on a budget, you should at least get the new Pentium 4 6xx, it is currently available at newegg and zipzoomfly or you could wait for the dual core processors due out in the third quarter of 2005. 64-Bit is recommended. You can get a pretty decent video card for $200 like ATI 9600.

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Yes, new stuff on the way....

as others have mentioned.

New processors are soon to be released in the new 6xx Pent 4 series that will support 64 bit (EM64T):

630 = 3 GHz
640 = 3.2 GHz
650 = 3.40 GHz
660 = 3.60 GHz
670 = 3.80 GHz
They will have 800MHz system buses, 2MB of L2 cache, EM64T, and enhanced Speedstep inside.

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Now available

as damasta indicated.
At Newegg and Zipzoomfly.

630 - $259 - $254
640 - $295 - $294
650 - $429 - $428
660 - $635 - $635

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Intel Press release yesterday.
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Thank you for all the information, on Friday I m going to come up with a list on the stuff I m going to buy.

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