Think about it

Trump claims Carson is "sleeping" YET Trump is behind Carson in the polls.

IF I was Trump (which I'm not...PRAISE THE LORD!) I'd not talk about my opponent being asleep, especially while I was behind that individual in the polls.

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I think we might just be better off

with a president who sleeps more than spends time awake. At least, while sleeping, they can do less damage.

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Like Reagan?

He seemed to be asleep during everything he was asked about.

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Maybe you didn't care for him but someone did
Top ten presidential election blowouts

Hmmm...he took both second and third place...and the only one to do better was the ever popular Richard Nixon. Can you imagine that?...and how quickly people can turn on ya?
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Nixon was a good president, but...

...he let his tendency to be paranoid overrule his common good sense and personal propriety. I'd put Clinton's immorality as a greater scandal in America than Nixon's desire to know what his opponents were up to secretly. Consider the Viet Nam War and the hatefulness of the Liberals at that time (and now!) along with the big strides in foreign policy, especially with China, although disappointed in what he allowed himself to get trapped by, I also think many Democrats of that day have the blood of Americans on their hands for the ways they acted and interfered in the Viet Nam War to the point we no longer could win it. Mansfield, Carl Albert, and this guy who disappeared over Alaska, never to be seen again.

Nixon let himself get caught up in the hateful traps the Democrats were alway setting for him and he should have had more sense than to feel any loyalty to that group which broke into the Watergate on their own, without his knowledge. To this day many think he had something to do with with the breakin, but he didn't. INstead, knowing the Democrats, he tried to coverup for those who did it in fear it might get blamed on him. He was guilty of a coverup, not for the breakin.

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The bottom line is

by changing the R or D after any of their names, you'll change who will support and defend and who will criticize. That party letter trumps anything a president does be it good or bad.

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RE:He was guilty of a coverup, not for the breakin.

GUILTY....not innocent.

He was driving the getaway car?

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