TheRUMP knows that the image Stormy described

doesn't look anything like the person that threatened her, BECAUSE...

he knows the guy and the sketch doesn't look anything like him....

What other reason could there be?

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Reporting: TheRUMP knows that the image Stormy described
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Clarification Request
Your post doesn't make sense to me

Why be so concerned with some strumpet like her anyway?

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RE:Why be so concerned with some strumpet like her anyway

It's impossible to be a "strumpet" unless you can find someone to MAKE YOU A 'strumpet"...AN "ENABLER" ....

TheRUMP is a strumpet enabler/supporter/client?

RE:Your post doesn't make sense to me

Let's try this

TheRUMP hired a guy to threaten Stormy....Stormy had someone draw a picture of the guy....TheRUMP says HE KNOWS the picture doesn't look like the guy that supposedly threatened Story....

And the reason he "knows" is...HE hired the guy and the drawing is not a good representation of the perp.......While at the same time...TheRUMP denies ANY knowledge of the supposed threats...

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Ah, as I thought

You got nothing, other than trusting a strumpet, who can't even identify some reportedly threatening person, and ends up having a police sketch made of her husband as the person, and no connection with Trump. The sad dilemma of a Liberal, no facts, just strong wishes for a lie, repeated often enough, to become true.

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RE:than trusting a strumpet


I'm not the one that gave her 130K.

RE:no facts

Are you denying Cohen gave the "strumpet" 130K....and that HE gave it to the "strumpet" because of something SHE said about HIS idol?

He's a sucker OR there is some basis to her claim?

So TheRUMP paid 130K to make the problem go away...and here he is...with a problem....Honesty is the best policy....Thump that Bible......

She's a strumpet...he's a client of strumpet....She's going to HE double hockey sticks and so is he....

I trust HER more than I trust TheRUMP....formerly known as David Dennison..

You can't tell just ONE lie.....

Perhaps the police dispatcher(you know the one that just got fired) should make a false claim about's easier money than getting up and going to work...

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We could then use your expertise

...on the streets of Baltimore and DC, there's hundreds of such strumpets out there daily. You better go interview them, check their client lists, and maybe, ....just maybe, you'll get lucky.

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RE:We could then use your expertise

MY expertise?

Would you let me work out of your house until I got my operation set up?

TheRUMP has more expertise at handling strumpets than I do, and more use for a strumpet than I do....AND he has more money to pay them.....

That would be called the trifecta....

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Could THIS be the reason?
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RE:Could THIS be the reason?

I'll never know....your link doesn't work...

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I guess you haven't figured out how to use
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RE:I guess you haven't figured out how to use

And YOU haven't figured out how to "perma link". that little icon next to B I U

insert YOUR text here

You're too lazy to "perma link" and I'm too lazy to Scroll mouse over, right click, copy, open browser window, paste and go...

A match made in Heaven?

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I gave you the link

what you do or don't do with it is up to want facts? Then use the link....

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