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Theres way too many 1gb flash players to chose from!

I just can't decide i've looked at all the recommended players. I think i might have narrowed it down alittle.

-No sony
-hows the screenless ipod shuffle?
-the mobiblu cube looks good for running
-thats it,any suggestions preferably cheap?

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How do you edit?

just can't decide i've looked at all the recommended players. I think i might have narrowed it down alittle.

-No sony
-hows the screenless ipod shuffle?
-the mobiblu cube looks good for running
-thats it,any suggestions preferably cheap?(scratch iriver)

(how do you edit posts?)

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iPod Shuffle

is a neat player.
Flash based, no skip when running.

Worth a look


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CNET Value Alert

CNET has a Value Alert for the new SanDisk MP3 players (available from 512 MB to 4 GB, I think). I have the SanDisk Sansa and I like it. It's bigger than the new ones (but it takes a memory card), so the new ones might be better for running.

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It has been narrowed down!

-ipod shuffle
-Sony nw-e507
-Mobibu cube
-iaudio u2

Factors-ill be running
-battery has to be good
-needs to be compact(preferably more than a rio carbon)
-if i get the shuffle is the 1gb worth it do to the randomness?
-is sonic stage THAT bad?
-is there a site that i could get a comparision of all these players on 1 page?

note: i know i make alot of topics but ive looked at review after eeview of these players and i cant eliminate any player from my list.

thanks guys...

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Sonic Stage

I haven't used any of the newer version of Sonic Stage, but the version I have (maybe a year old) is THAT BAD.

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sonic stage

I have been using sonicstage with my sony flash player for about a year now. I have no problems with it. the new verison which is 3.3 is on now if you want it.
Much better than the old stuff from over a year ago. I used to used mini disc and older sonic stage was hard to use but that was a long time ago.

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not too bad

i use the connect service so i have used all of the sonicstage versions for about a year. it seems to get better with every version. i am running 3.3 right now and have no complaints.

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Samsung yp-mt6

Consider also this player by Samsung, the YP-MT6Z.
It has radio, 42 hour of autonomy, plays Vorbis and it's very compact and beautiful...and i think it cost less than the others that you have wrote!

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I?d recomend Creative Zen Nano. I believe it to be the best of 1Gb.

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Creative Nano Plus


I completely with your opinion that the Zen Nano is the best 1 GB play- I have a Creative Nano plus and I love it! It even has a built-in recording ability, FM radio,
and FM recording!

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sony flash player

i have the nwe505 and use sonic stage with it. I dont have an ipod so i cant compare the softwares but i do know that i have been using sony flash players and mini disc players for years and have had no real issues with sonic stage since version 2.1

The new version that I just upgraded to on for sonicstage is 3.3 and it seems to work fine and has some new features.

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Yea ive looked at those could some one answer these Q's

Ipod shuffle,worth it and in 1gb or 512?
Sony nw e500 sonic stage sux but this player seems really good otherwsie....
and finally the cube ive heard amazing things about it?

so if you were to choose 1 player out of THESE 3 which one would you get.

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I had this MP3 player for 1 week before sending it back. I tried a dozen different MP3 players until I found the OVERALL best. This unit IS the nicest looking (indoors).

First of all (and most importantly), the sound quality stinks. There is very little volume available and it is as flat as can be. The hissing is terrible and I tried different formats - ogg, mp3, etc.

That stupid circle stick on the end is a royal pain in the **** to use. I hated it from the start and although it is pretty, it is not practical.

It is a very cool-looking display but, if you go outside, is invisible in the sun.

Battery Life
Here is the only practical area where this player dominates. The hours and hours of life is an impressive feature but not enough to make it a good, overall player.

It seems all of the headphones that are supplied with devices are crap these days and these were no exception.

This unit is HIGHLY overpriced and only maintains the tag because it is a SONY.

I wound up with the IAudio G3 - It ROCKS...VERY VERY VERY good sound quality...loooong battery life (AA)...comes with a case....tons and tons of options...and very cool technology...

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D. None of the above

iRiver T10. Check it out.

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I just got a SanDisk Digital Audio player and the sound is good as well as the radio reception.

The manual is not very good though so I have had to come to this forum to look for some answers on product use.

I got the 1 GB player from They have a $10 rebate on the item and are selling it for $92. With shipping and after rebate, I paid about $86 for the device. Pretty good deal so if price is an important factor, this is one player to consider.

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Creative Muvo TXFM is also very good choice...
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the best 1 gb mp3 player is Samsung YP-T8

guys i have no clue why cnet havent reviwed it yet but its the best player that i have seen so far. i got mine for a bargain from ebay but it shure does pack a punch this is the list of this it has :

1. Mp3 player
2. USB host
3. Text Reader
4. Fm Radio and fm recoder
5. Voice Recorder
6. Get this a video player it has its own compression so u watch a dvd movie in a 1 gb or less. veiwer

only two more things and it would make my ultimate gadget ie 1. camera (3.2 MP) phone

if it had that two it would make my serech for gadgets end right there

hope u guys look into this

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What is..?

I'm thinking of purchasing a Samsung YP-TZX, but... can someone tell me what "doesn't recognize playlists transferred from Windows Media Player" actually means?
its probably something pretty simple, but i just want to make sure beforei do buy it.

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I've had Creative Zen Nano Plus 1G for about 2 months now and love it... it goes great to the gym & running. Just got Bose MediaMate speakers ($59) & good earbuds. For very little money, I have a nice portable music system. I like the FM tuner & voice recorder. Line-in recording is nice, too.

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The nano is amazing

-super quality of sound
-bright color display
-nice design
-just perfect

The bad:

it scratches easily but you can buy protection
-only 14 hours of life but I think it's enough


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