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asphalt will cover it all up and let it be forgotten, allow life to go on, as it should.

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Look how they excuse their own.

"A 79-year-old Jew from Brooklyn, who confessed he collaborated with the Nazis and brutalized Jewish concentration camp inmates, was stripped of his American citizenship Thursday.

But the Brooklyn federal court at which he surrendered his citizenship decided not to deport him, because of his deteriorating health.

Jacob Tannenbaum admitted before federal judge Leo Glasser on Thursday that he had been a "lagerkapo" (inmate guard) at the Goerlitz concentration camp in Germany from September 1944 through May 1945.

The Polish-born Tannenbaum also admitted that he had beaten Jewish prisoners, even out of sight of Nazi guards and without their orders.

The decision not to deport Tannenbaum, who also admitted concealing his background upon entering the United States in 1949, was agreed upon between the prosecution and the defense after Tannenbaum agreed to the charges.

Only three other Jews have been charged with war crimes in the United States, all in the 1950s. None was deported.

Two Jewish organizations welcomed then resolution dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, issued a statement Friday that noted "before Tannenbaum was a criminal, he was a victim. As a result, the degree of his culpability should never be confused with the Nazi war criminals."

Discrimination and Hypocrisy. John Demyanyuk was a Russian prisoner, forced them to do the same as this man, yet HE was deported. Why? Because he wasn't Jewish. They excuse and forgive their own, while undying hate fills their soul toward others who were forced to serve the same as the Kapos. They seek blood, in a time of peace. I submit that every Nazi hunter today is headed straight for Hell when they leave this life, because they are following the same path of hate as the Nazi's did.
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RE: They excuse and forgive their own,

Judge Leo Glasser?.......... excuse and forgive "their own"?

Not all the time it appears.

Sentencing a Drug Courier, Judge Rebukes the Hasidim

Dozens of Hasidic Jews packed together shoulder to shoulder in a Brooklyn courtroom yesterday, seeking leniency for a teenager who forsook his strict upbringing to help run a huge smuggling ring that flooded New York with the drug Ecstasy.

But to their surprise, the 70 members of the Bobover sect found themselves the subject of a scathing lecture by a federal judge who upbraided them in a quavering voice for allowing an international drug smuggling ring to flourish in their midst.

''Where was the community when all of this was going on?'' the judge, I. Leo Glasser, demanded of the crowd gathered in his courtroom in Federal District Court in Brooklyn for the sentencing of the teenager, Shimon Levita, 18. ''Where was the family when 18-year-old boys were traveling from Paris to Amsterdam, Montreal, New York and Atlanta?''

''They were gone for long periods of time,'' Judge Glasser continued as rows of gray-bearded elders and hatted, somber women listened from the gallery. ''They were traveling around Europe. They applied for passports. Where were the teachers? Who was keeping tabs on these boys who were bringing drugs back and taking money there?''

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good for him

Of interest also is the Sephardic viewpoint of the actions the Zionist were engaged in before, during and after the WW2. They were very much opposed to the Haavara Agreement, to the violence when it was Palestine, and to the glorification of Holocaust theology. Over time though their viewpoint was beaten down by Begin and others who had been involved in the Palestine bombings against the British during WW2 and after. My concern however is the undying revenge, even acknowledged in the 50's as "revenge" by them then. Still "revenge"? If justice, then all Kapos should be hunted down to the last one and treated just as shamefully as the racist agenda against those who are Germans, forced into service under the Nazi system.

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So your

" they excuse their own" statement doesn't apply all the time...Which means it doesn't apply.

Carry on where ever you want to take the post...I'm not going.

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That's a ridiculous statement

It's like saying if you robbed a lot of people, but didn't rob all people, then robbery doesn't apply to you. I'm sure there's a lot of criminals who'd like that fallacy to be a judicial principle. Just because a few may get punished, but most are overlooked or given a pass, but others of a different race are hunted still like mad dogs, doesn't mean the truth exposed doesn't apply. Your thinking is severly skewed. In trying to be contrary to all you can, you are contrary even to yourself.

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That is unusual. The evidence is that

Brooklyn D.A.s and other elected officials, and those who work for them, are very sensitive to the voting among the Hasidim. Recent unrelated cases indicate that. Friends of mine who Witnessed in Russian-speaking areas in NYC say they misbehave with impunity. Bad for society, regardless of "race, creed or national origin".

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Jews and others said

the Ukrainian "lagerkapo" were the worst.
Everybody has to dump on someone, I guess.
OTOH JWs were used as barbers and house servants because they wouldn't use violence against anyone.

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Elie Weisel has passed from earth to Hell

He also was one with the long term undying hate.

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I might know what you're talking about

I started on meant to focus on the growing ISIS threat but tried to compare it to the rise of the NAZIs and how we still have people hunting them today. I was suggesting that we let the NAZI situation go too long and let it get out of hand and that we are now doing the same with ISIS...that history repeats itself if we don't pay attention. That thread went in the opposite direction of what I was intending and began to draw the attention of other than regular contributors. It was going south very rapidly and I asked that it be removed. My wish was granted. See, there is a genie in the bottle if you rub it the right way. Happy

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You're right; I remember that.

My post was addressed to the long delay in bringing perpetrators to justice. (They're facing the same problem over the Killing Fields of Cambodia.) It's complicated by the age and infirmity of the perps and the deaths of the eyewitnesses.
I also found the New Yorker story interesting because the man in essence turned himself in by speaking against Holocaust deniers. He believes the subsequent prosecution is unjust because 'I never hit anyone'. He has a point, but at any time he could have opted out of being a working part of the Final Solution. The penalty for that of course was death, but he did have that choice. JWs took that option, and many survivied. Those who didn't are in line for the resurrection. Nuremburg resurrected no one as I recall.
And this thread wasn'tbegun to be a specific reply to any post, just FYI.

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There is no comparison between.

Let me make this perfectly clear. John Daminjuk didn't lose lose 12 members of his family at the hands of the Nazis. He didn't witness the brutal murder of his mother and father in front of him. He didn't lose his wife and baby. He was never tortured to the point where he lost the sight in one eye and sustained a broken back and nose. His two sons served in the United Stated military and were Vietnam Veterans. Jacob Tannenbaum was no short of a HERO. He saved many lives right before their liberation by the Russians. I can go on and on but many people reading this have there own agenda.

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Only by chance

YOU need to research the FACTS. More Russians were killed in WW2 than Jews. More of them were killed previous too when the Jewish inspired and led Bolshevik revolution took over Russia, under Lenin, Trotsky, and then the non Jew Stalin who took over after Lenin. The Protocols of Elders of Zion, whether written previous or as a comment later on what happened give a good description of the background intrigue of what drove the Bolshevik revolution. Let's also remember the Haavarti Agreement urged on Hitler by the Zionist, who wanted Hitler to drive Jews from Germany to Palestine, so they could help them in the coming war against Britain and the Arabs to form Israel. Let's not forget the terrorist acts such as the bombing of David hotel in Palestine, the killing of British, by the Zionist as they began that war. The Jews are NOT without fault in this, even if you discount the moral corruption of Germany they encourage, even if you overlook their inordinate numbers among the Communist factions seeking to take over Germany internally. There is enough blame to go around to all, including the Jews of that day and time. Hitler took it to an extreme however.

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every one forgets

about all the german scientists who were involved with mass murdered but when the war was over, given immunity? This includes the father of the US space program who helped sent man to the moon. What about scientists who are still using medical data from the Nazi Experiments today?

I feel like if any former nazi guard is caught today and they have lived a good life since the war, they should be pardoned - especially since those who done worse were given immunity right after the war just because they were needed. It is time to move on.

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