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The Xbox 360 compatibility problem

A buddy of mine just found out it would cost about $80 to have his Xbox (original) sent in for repair. He decided since it only costs a little over $100 for a new one (specials) he would just get it new instead of waiting 4 to 6 weeks for repair.

I said ''Why don't you just go ahead and buy a 360 now since you'll be wasting the $100 that you were hoping to save when the 360 drops in price? The games are backward compatible aren't they?'' His reply ''Not really.''

He then goes on to explain how he just did a bit of research thinking the very same thing. Turns out, Microsoft boned the compatibility issue because unlike Sony including the chips from the previous generation consoles in their new ones (taking his word on this), Microsoft cannot do this. Why? Because in order to cut cost with the original Xbox, Bill decided to give away the farm to Nvidia and other companies making the technology in the Xbox. Microsoft doesn't own it. So now if Microsoft wishes to include the original Xbox chips in the Xbox 360, that's another license fee going to Nvidia that cuts into a product already being sold at a loss.

So instead, you are given a relatively small selection of ''backward compatible'' games made so by (often) somewhat slower and buggier SOFTWARE emulation. (I'd be curious to hear forum members' experiences with emulated Xbox titles on the 360).

But then he also went on to say a few of the hardcore gamers he works with who have always bought every platform say they will refuse to pay $600 for a gaming console. He also said $600 is a joke because you almost always have to buy it bundled with the controllers and a game or two so you'll walk out of the store having dumped closer to $650 or $700.

The Wii is looking sweeter every day Happy Too bad the games on there aren't my cup 'o tea.


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Edit to the post above.

In reply to: The Xbox 360 compatibility problem

I just realized in the next to last paragraph, I failed to mention I switched to talking about the Playstation 3 with regard to the $600 to $700 price.


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Halo 2 Looks and Sounds Better Than Ever!

In reply to: The Xbox 360 compatibility problem

So w/ same TV & speaker sys, I just plugged in my new 360 and the graphics were twice as sharp and I could actually hear rockets fly across my screen. I was taken aback!

Definately no lag or clipping or anything like that, but then again its an MS game. I've sort of been playing exclusively Halo 2 for the past couple months, but I'll go home 2night and try all my other games and get back to you on that...

Would you have paid like 100 more for full compatability? What if you still had a working Xbox?


btw, Wii games not your cup of tea? What games do you play (aside from WoW that is Wink )

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More research is in order.

In reply to: Halo 2 Looks and Sounds Better Than Ever!

If many of the games show an improvement in graphics over the original Xbox, then I would he buy one, if he has the money. I have read that most of the original Xbox games are playable on the 360. He should check his game library against the official list at the official Xbox website:

Alex Brewer (14) in Seattle

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He's checked many of them

In reply to: More research is in order.

The small list he mentioned that are either not supported in emulation on the 360 or are buggy and poorly done are (according to him):

1) Splinter cell series
2) Thief Deadly Shadow(s)?
3) Mercenaries
4) Burnout

I know Halo and Halo 2 are his favorites and they are supported but unlike me, who only buys one or two favored games per console, he has 10 or 20.


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Pretty exhaustive list, no?

In reply to: More research is in order.

With the major exception of the splinter cell's it seems like a lot of games.

I think it's more the principle of the matter, tho. (Like iPod accessories with the little power adapter)

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Not for $100...

In reply to: Halo 2 Looks and Sounds Better Than Ever!

...but Sony doesn't charge $100 extra for the Playstation 1 chip in the Playstation 2. That chip technology is several years old and essentially dirt cheap. So, I'd guess it's more in the $5 to $20 range.

Even though Microsoft doesn't own the Xbox 1 technology, I wonder if the chip in there really costs all that much to license since the entire system can be had for about $100. You'd think it could certainly be made an option when you order your Xbox 360.

As for me, I'm not a big console player (and my Xbox still works). I like Mech Assault 1 (hated Mech Assault 2). I have Halo and kind of like it but I'm not a big first person shooter. However, some of the games I saw on the PS3 really caught my interest, like Gundam (hey, I'm a sucker for mechanoids Happy ) which is why I'm currently targeting the PS3 if I get a console. Actually, more for the Blu-Ray player, if I'm totally truthful.

To be honest, I really don't see why consoles still exist. I much prefer PC games. My Xbox is, first and foremost, my DVD player and if I get a PS3, it will be my Blu-Ray player that also happens to play a fun game or two. Happy


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I agree, but my friends think I'm crazy!

In reply to: Not for $100...

I totally think computer gaming is coming back. Before XBox/PS2, Computer gaming was huge (I was a big Quake2/3, Age of Empires, and Starcraft fan), but since then I feel like it's gone downhill with a few exceptions. When I saw the E3 video for cross platform support and gaming on vista I was really excited. Plus the fact that some games (namely crysis) would be released on the PC only, and looked so sick.

The age-old dilemma is do I spend 400-500 bucks every 3 or so years for a console or about 1-2 grand every 6 years for a new gaming rig? The console route seems easier to me, plus I feel like there are more console-only games to drive the platforms for the masses. But with these new announcements, I'm hoping to get back to my WADS r00ts!!!

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Xbox Power Cord Fiasco

In reply to: Not for $100...

Here's the story -

I got a really good deal on an Xbox when I was 8 (4 years ago) it included two fun games, two controllers, the DVD remote, Free Xbox live for a year, and a bunch of accessories. At that point, I was getting cracked up on video games, and all of a sudden, there was the whole power cord fiasco with Microsoft. It just so happened that my Xbox had a defective power cord, and we got a replacement in the mail. The replacement wouldn't work in a surge protector, and would stop working after 30 minutes or so in the regular power outlet. I called Microsoft, and they sent about 3 replacement power cords, all ending up with the same problem in my house. They didn't work after 30 minutes, and wouldn't work on a surge protector. Microsoft told me, "The old power cord should be fine," but that was the biggest mistake in their life. I called a friend over, and we played Xbox for an hour or so. All out of nowhere, the Xbox shows the orange light that it's over-heating. After that moment, whenever I turned the Xbox on, it over-heated. Then I told my parents to go shove it in Microsoft's face for a FULL refund for the system and the bundled stuff. I got all my money back, but I have about 5 Xbox games that are completely useless to me without an Xbox. I see no point in going to Gamestop and trading them in, because I'll barely get any money for them. In the end, the $60 I payed for the games was worth it.... I used the system for 3 years, and made the most out of it, and that 60 is a small price to pay, as the fun I had with my friends was worth every penny. I guess I should trade the games in at Gamestop and see how much I get.... Maybe 4 bucks each?I never thought I would get a full refund on my Xbox, but then again.... It was a recall... That's my story, and how does it tie into this topic?

Well I had considered getting another Xbox, but the 360 was on the horizon, and Microsoft was saying there would be backwards compatability, but it was half baked backwards compatability, and a 100 bucks for a new Xbox didn't seem worth it anymore. Considering that a NEW DS lite is only $130.... So now I'm getting ready to buy a shiny new DS lite, and may trade in those old games for a new DS game.

So that's the story about how I was completely disappointed by Microsoft.... Again.....

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Sports games

In reply to: Xbox Power Cord Fiasco

I play a lot of sport games and thought that NBA Live 06 would be supported when I bought my 360. I guess they wouldn't work on sports games since a new one comes out every year but it still sucks that I have to wait until november for the next Live game to come out. Too bad the 360 version of Live is stripped down and doesn't have franchise mode.

I also have problems with the power supply. When I play a baseball game it would just freeze and stop working. I had a no hitter going into the 8th and the game just freezes. It turned out that my power supply brick was upside down. I turned it right side up and it crashes less often. Does anyone eles have this problem?

the PS3 with a game, extra controllers and tax would probably cost $700-800, at least with NY sales tax.

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(NT) (NT) I thought it was because EA lost the NBA licence?

In reply to: Sports games

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You are right.

In reply to: The Xbox 360 compatibility problem

XBOX 360 has an IBM Chip (similar to G5 in Apple G5) which is NOT compatible AT ALL with the original XBOX which had some variation of a Intel Pentium chip.

PS2 uses PS1 CPU as its I/O processor. The whole gamble with EE engine (which was total ******** SONY pulled out) worked out really well because Sega and Nintendo were no match when it comes to the global marketing campaine that Sony did.

PS3 was going to EMUALTE ps2 to ps2 games but just announced that PS3 will contain the EE engine architecture including PS2 as I/O processor. so the backward compatibility will be very good.

meantime, that jack *** from MS just announced that MS is no longer looking into making the backward compatibility better on XBOX 360.

and I have no faith Wii. It's so stupid that you have to wave your arms like an idiot to play games... I wonder how many fat kids will like that idea after waviing their arms for 5 minutes.

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wrong on one count

In reply to: You are right.

Actually, Peter Moore recently debunked your statement that "meantime, that jack *** from MS just announced that MS is no longer looking into making the backward compatibility better on XBOX 360." Moore said on the Major Nelson podcast that they were continuing to and that they would release an update with 20 more games going back compat, with more to come. This was last week's show so the update has occurred and MS is continuing to update, albeit slowly.

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got it

In reply to: wrong on one count

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