The Weirdest Glitch I've Ever Seen.

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day.
So... I have a very peculiar problem to share with you.
My mother has been using a Samsung Galaxy J5 Duos SM-J500M/DS for about 1,5 years now, and recently she came across an unusual issue with it.
Randomly the phone will display an orange image on top of whatever app she happens to be using. Trying to describe this usually leads people to believe it is a Night Shift problem, but that is not the case. The screen is not tinted orange it shows a very solid color with a slight black hue on the top portion of the display. Alongside that, the phone will not recognize any touch input if not by the navigation buttons on the lower part of the device, which proved to be useless when trying to stop the glitch. Besides, this phone does not have native support for blue-light filtering and she never installed an app capable of doing just that.
Eventually, she figured out a way around that by double-pressing the Home Button to bring up the camera app. Although this trick has proven to be effective, it usually goes back to showing the weird image afterward.
We tried contacting both Samsung and Google's official support but neither of them could figure out a solution. So I've tried restarting the phone multiple times, with no effect whatsoever. And now, I've tried resetting it back to factory settings so to scratch out the possibility of an app or virus being the ones to blame. It did not work.
She is planning on switching her phone (If you have any good suggestion in the same price point, please let me know) but she is not going to do it any time soon, so fixing this one would be the ideal solution.

I would like to thank you, for reading this and trying to help in any way, shape or form. And I would also like to apologize for any grammar error or vocabulary mishap in this post because English is not my main language and I'm still learning how to communicate with it.

I have also tried to add a photo of the phone doing that to help clarify exactly what it is, but I wasn't able to do that. So if you have any suggestion for that too, feel free to let me know.

So there it is. Thanks a million and Buh-Bye.

EDIT: Hey I figured out a way to add a link to a photo so, here you go:

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To me that looks like a hardware failure.

And since a factory reset didn't clear it up, that's a confirmation to me.

Since it's not software that's why Samsung and Google can't give you a fix. I'm surprised they didn't note it's likely to be a hardware failure.

This model arrived in June 2015 so my bet is the manufacture date is 2015 to 2016 and with Verizon and others dropping 2g and 3g bands by 2010 you can eek what time you can out of this phone while you shop a 4G or better phone. seems to find the LCD for 20 bucks but my bet is it's the main board which means the end.

Remember, given what news I'm seeing about the end of 2 and 3G on some carriers my advice is to start shopping. Do not repair.

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PS. While the end of 2 and 3G is on the web.
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Hi. Thanks for answering.

Yeah. I have been following up on that matter. the problem is that we live in Brazil, and phones here are not cheap at all. I don’t know exactly how (or when to be more precise) this change is going affect the market here, but sure enough we ought to be ready with newer and higher tech phones.
And since Galaxy J is not a thing anymore, other Samsung phones (more specifically the Galaxy M line) do not look very promising. So it has been very hard trying to find a worthy replacement that sells here.

But oh well. There is always the possibility to grab all those savings and put it toward a premium phone, which I personally think is better.

So thanks again and have a nice day!

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Location matters.

It's likely to be the LCD (or OLED) then the motherboard. I can't guess what you can find for spares there or if you are like China and India (two places either I or staff have traveled to) where there are small cell phone repair shops that recycle and fix any phone they can.

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