The weather comes out strongly for the Obama ticket.

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Reporting: The weather comes out strongly for the Obama ticket.
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I beg to differ and would phrase it as...

"comes out against the Obama ticket".

Ann Romney was scheduled to make her speech Mon,the first night of the RNC.

CBS chose to air a highly useful re-run of Hawaii Five-0 instead of the convention,now they will have to show her speech on Tues. Happy

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Well since my post was a weak joke, I don't mind your

differing. There has been a lot of idiocy talked about weather and lightning strikes and God here. I just thought I'd try to "lighten", so to speak, the mood with that humble offering. You don't want to let go? Fine by me, it's your blood pressure.


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Umm,you didn't see the smiley ....

at the end of my post? Yes,I recognized the "joke" and I meant a light hearted reply to it. Grin

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Gee, I wonder whether Pat Robertson.....

.....will declare this a sign from God.

I'm guessing not.

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No, Josh. As Diana pointed out, "Christians" cherry-pick

their bits of the Bible, and also their interpretation of earthly phenomena as God's wrath, God's punishment, God's pleasure. Clearly breaking the command against taking the Lord's name in vain. But again, if you're part of the party, you get to pick and choose.

Bernard Shaw wrote an almost unplayable play called Man and Superman, which has an interior segment called Don Juan in Hell where the Devil appears, and speaks about Believers discovering that for Sinners, there is Mercy Without Justice, and for the Self Righteous and the Powerful there is Justice Without Mercy. This play is just a minor jeu d'esprit, and not the Sermon from the Mount. Shaw was an atheist who despised Churches of all stripes as only an Irishman can despise.


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Also for their protesters
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Just out exercising their First Amendment Rights, Steve.

What often starts as a peaceful protest is turned ugly by Police reaction to it, not by the protesters. But that's a question of belief and personal observation with which you are unlikely to concur.

I remember working The Blues Festival in Ann Arbor, which was completely peaceful until the Police chose to chase somebody they thought didn't have a ticket through the crowd (??) Batons were drawn, anybody remotely within reach was clubbed (it was a year or two after Kent State), the kid had a ticket, so he was arrested for resisting Police when it looked like he was simply fleeing for his life from armed uniformed. I patched heads and sent them to Hospitals for stitches, and treated massive bruises and assessed potential rib fractures and wrists, arms and shoulders. One kid had been stepped on by a very large sweaty patrolman who broke the kid's foot so badly it required 3 operations to fix, would never be a normal foot again, and was the source of a lawsuit which Ann Arbour PD lost.

But that's unlikely to change your feelings, it's just what I saw and was part of. There are people I went to school with who were strong anti-Nixon Democrats who are now strong conservative Republicans. Of course they didn't become Republicans until after they got theirs in the business world. I'm not one of them.



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Yes, I have a fair idea that

tantrums, no matter how seemingly childish, can be constitutionally protected. When one doesn't get what they want by using polite manners, they can kick and scream in quest of capitulation instead.

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(NT) According to James, God must hate the GOP
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(NT) Exactly what prompted the post in the first place. Rob
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maybe the storm is

for the protestors outside? Ask yourself, who will get wet the worst? Add to that Tampa being the lightning capital of the world. Maybe you have correctly observed that God might be aiming at someone?

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It will hit Charlotte

by end of week maybe with heavy rains hitting a cold front, could be some interesting weather there at that time. Anyway, God also punishes countries and Obama sure has been such to America. The real question then is are we to be blessed, or cursed.

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So God is punishing.....

....a bunch of states that typically vote Republican because of Obama?

Wow, that's some good spin, James.

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If you bothered to check

this hurricane is headed to New Orleans last I looked. Why not wait till landfall to act foolish?

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I don't think so.

What James means:
- God is punishing America by having Obama re-elected.
Or maybe:
- God is punishing America by having Romney elected.

Isn't it nice that two totally different messages can have the same meaning?


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" their fruits you will know"

so far we've only had sour fruit from Obama. Have to wait and see what Romney produces.

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RE: sour fruit from Obama

I thought the term was

sour grapes ABOUT (fill in a name here)


sour grapes FROM (fill in a name here)


sour grapes FROM (Romney) does fit.

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(NT) You mean like lemons? Love lemons.
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I think it's more like....

.....when a hurricane hits a "blue" state, they're being punished for voting for Obama. When a hurricane hits a "red" state, they're being punished for letting a "blue" state vote for Obama.

James wins either way.


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God always wins in the end

I just take notice. Wink

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(NT) that's your response to "James wins either way."?

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