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the sub humans did it again are you happy?

Decapitated body is that of Japanese hostage

The Associated Press
Published on: 10/30/04

BAGHDAD, Iraq ? A decapitated body wrapped in an American flag and found in an insurgent-controlled section of Baghdad was that of a Japanese man kidnapped by Islamic militants, a Japanese official said Sunday.

Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura said in Tokyo that the government confirmed that the body found Saturday was that of Shosei Koda, 24.

An al-Qaida-linked group led by Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi showed Koda, a backpacker, on a video posted on a militant Web site Tuesday.

The group vowed to behead Koda within 48 hours unless Japan withdrew its troops from Iraq. Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi quickly rejected that demand, saying he would not give in to terrorists.

Japanese Embassy officials in Baghdad sent fingerprints of the body to the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo, and police experts there positively identified the body as Koda's, Machimura said.

"It is to our great sorrow that after putting all our efforts into securing his release he has become a victim of terrorism," Machimura said.

"We cannot allow this kind of action. Japan, in cooperation with the international community ..., must continue the battle against terrorism."

Hours after Koda's body was found Saturday, a Polish woman being held by militants pleaded for her life and asked Poland to remove its troops from Iraq in a video aired by Al-Jazeera television. Teresa Borcz Khalifa, a 54-year-old with dual Polish-Iraqi citizenship, was wearing a black top and sitting in front of a banner with the militant group's name, Abu Bakr al-Siddiq Fundamentalist Brigades.

"Once again I call on you to help me, by saving my life," she said. "My life is in great danger. The one thing that will save my life is any response to the Iraqis' demands: by first getting the Polish troops out of Iraq and second, giving any help to release the female Iraqi prisoners from the various American prisons in Iraq."

Poland commands about 6,000 troops from 15 nations -- including some 2,400 from Poland -- in central Iraq. The Warsaw government has ruled out any possibility of negotiations or a pullout from Iraq.

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They must be very evil Mark

Another innocent life snuffed out - makes me fume.
I doubt that the place of execution is in a main town. Too many possible sightings would be in a place like that. I bet they carry out these sick acts in some small out of the way place.
I wish they would find these evil terrorists and give them quick justice.

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Not a question to be regarded seriously, of course not.

No one who opposes Bush approves of an act like this except those who perpetrated it. Its a "Have you stopped beating your wife question?" and as such meaningless, though not unexpected considering its source.

Rob Boyter

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(NT) (NT) No one who supports Bush, either. :-)
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Re: you owe Mark an apology..........

there are those (and even on SE) who do not condemn these acts and therefore we must take into consideration the possibility that they are happy when they take place....


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I can not conceive that anyone on this forum would be happy

at this news. And to attribute feelings like that, to assume barbarity in the absence of evidence, or just because someone takes a different point of view is arrogance at its worst.

Don't assume you can predict my feelings and don't attribute feelings to me or to anyone because it serves your ego or your vanity or your own preconceptions. "If this be treason, make the most of it."

Rob "Utterly Unapologetic" Boyter

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Re: owe Mark an apology -- not so, Jonah.

No, Jonah, YOU owe SE an apology. I can't think of ONE person who posts on SE who does not condemn the beheading of innocent civilians. I won't go any further in saying what I think of your despicable statement, as it would soon devolve into a personal attack.

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
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The opinions expressed above are my own,
and do not necessarily reflect those of CNET!

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Re: owe Mark an apology -- not so, Jonah.

dave ask cl what she has to say not 1 time has she condemed them

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Re: the day i apologise for telling the truth

HELL WILL FREEZE OVER!!!!! (and i don't mean the town in michigan!)

how hypocritical can you be???????

you can't "think" of ONE person who has not condemned the beheadings?

of course you can't "think" of one because you KNOW!!


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I don't understand. Who asked you for an apology?

And what is it you're referring to so obliquely? What is it you think you know or are you just being provocative, trying to goad someone?

Clarity would help

Rob Boyter

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Re: Who asked you for an apology?

#Re: owe Mark an apology -- not so, Jonah.

No, Jonah, YOU owe SE an apology.#

he goes on to say #I can't think of ONE person who posts on SE who does not condemn the beheading of innocent civilians#

there is (at least) ONE person who has NOT codemned the acts of barbarity that have taken place in Iraq (i refer to the beheadings)....



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(NT) (NT) In fact I think he owes the Forum an apology
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About time, *You* still owe Mo an apology.

If you already did, then, thank you.

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(NT) (NT) cl whats your view on them?
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Let me refresh your memory...
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Re: simplicity at it's finest

he asks, and you point to a thread where you say nothing...


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(NT) (NT) Because you choose to be blind... :)
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Then simply answer this one CL - Only two choices here

Do you condone or condemn the actions of Islamic terrorists in Iraq and the rest of the world?

Simple question needing a simple answer.

Don Erickson
California Republican and very proud of it!

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The answer to your question is simple...

Read this,

Now, say those who claims to have English as their first language and has the behavior of asking the same question(s) repeatedly after it has been explained to them, would it be fair to say, that such individual possibly is suffering from dyslexia? If they are not dyslexic, then perhaps could these supposedly adult(s) be suffering from ADDA (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivy Disorder)?

And no...I am not making fun of those who suffers these two problem among other psychological behaviors briefly discussed here in the past. These are serious matter and those who suffers from it should seek advice from qualified professionals a.s.a.p.

This is why I have made mention that I shall be patient as tolerated considering having understood some of the exhibited behaviors by some around here.

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ADDA is the organization, Attention Deficit Disorder Association.

AD/HD is the disorder.

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Wrong again

ADD or ADHD is the condition. And it does not in any way impair the abillity to understand issues on the forum. Condemn Islamic terrorism - yes or no? Without tangential links.

You have it in your power to set the record straight here once and for all. Ducking, bobbing and weaving shows your lack of desire to address the issue and is interpreted as a tacit agreement with the methods of the terrorists.

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You are entitled to your interpretation...

I prefer the document.

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Then WHY.........

can't you simply give a yes or no? We don't want links to an answer we want a YES or NO!

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And it's Glenda...again...
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(NT) (NT) Yep, the old Dodge & Bait'em Trick...
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Cl sure does have a problem with a simple yes or no!

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CL, I have to go along with Glenda, Jonah, Mark,

Diana, and Don who have posted in this thread on this issue. I believe I am the first to be critical of you for being cryptic when you first started in SE. Others eventually noted it also. Other than being cryptic, I have not entered the many post where some SE members have been critical of you.

Your stubbornness to not enter a simple YES/NO is similar to the people appearing to a Senate committee like in the McCarthy, or Al Capone Congressional hearings. Diane, whom I believe has practiced criminal law in court, also puts your refusal in prospective.

Please do not get me wrong. I would not participate
in a SE "witch hunt" and I despise the sometimes "GANG"
attack mentality sometimes exhibited here. I believe several people here including Diane stated when you 1st showed up that it is good that a Muslim is participating in SE as those not in that faith can learn something. I believe that is still true. However, your stubbornness to keep referring to another long thread and dodge the issue of a simple YES/NO is putting a strain on relationships of many towards YOU.



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I prefer consistency in response JR.

And hence I am stubborn along with other suggested names for entertainment purpose of others --- I welcome them all. Wink

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The answer to the question *might* be simple

Hi CL,

You may feel you've answered the question, but I feel maybe we're not asking/answering the same question. So, I have a different question to ask of you, which may clear up the whole issue.

Do you include acts of terrorism under the general heading of "WAR"?

Speakeasy Moderator
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(NT) (NT) "compassion"..thy name is woman
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Re: The answer to the question *might* be simple

Let's define Terrorism first...take a pick

Now the definition of War...take a pick

Numerous Document eh...

NOW, your question:
Do you include acts of terrorism under the general heading of "WAR"?

My answer:
Isn't this what our (We) presidential candidate both are determined to take care, War on Terrorism for which as "WE" support.

Difference between the two Presidential Candidate is their approach. I support Kerry's plan.

I prefer the peaceful means and Kerry offers a better way of handling the problems of War on Terrorism. Wink

Oh! I hate blood. I even dislike having to deal with my own.

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