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The squirrels missed this one.

Although a likely Obama supporter, I'll give him benefit of doubt that this guy is actually a real nut. Not wingnut, just a nut.

515 uploads are currently on Leboon's account; Leboon recorded the piece called "YouTube employees will ALL lose there first born sons" and uploaded it on March 1. In it, he describes himself in a normal tone of voice: "I am the former god with the name of Zeus and Zion and Ra, and I am here, and I am here with my son, Messiah. His name is Atom [Adam?], he is my first Atom [Adam?] ever, and he is all twelve tribes of Israel."

This video was clearly something special; in it, Leboon railed against Cantor's "cupcake evil wife" and called the Congressman "a liar... a lucifer... a pig... an abomination." Pretty over-the-top, especially when Leboon went after Cantor's kids and called them "Lucifer's abominations," then started talking about bullets that "will be placed in your heads."

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Reporting: The squirrels missed this one.
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RE; Although a likely Obama supporter,

Why do you say that?

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It could...

It could be that FEC records of campaign contributions was a factor.

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RE: It could be

it could be "gossip" and "unconscionable!"

I heard/read those words a few days ago.

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Does he look disabled and retired?

Norman Leboon I mean?

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$505.00 from the Mahdi

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) said Monday that it will donate money it had received from a man charged with threatening to kill a top Republican.

A DNC official said it was researching contributions made by Norman Leboon, a Philadelphia man charged Monday with threatening to kill House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.), and donate any money he had donated to charity.

"We are researching the matter, and any donations made to the DNC or the Obama campaign by Mr. Leboon will be donated to charity," a DNC official said.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings show that Leboon had made two, separate donations to then-Sen. Barack Obama's (D-Ill.) presidential campaign. The two donations, made in June of 2008, total $505. These are the only federal contributions on record for Leboon.
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Blames both sides

But you don't?

Of course he's a nut, and you're not him.

From one of your links.

Leboon appears to have leveled plenty of threats against Democrats, as well.

Leboon makes threats against President Obama, as well as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), saying: "Your punishment is coming, the swine, it will be severe, and you will beg for mercy to your god. It will be severe, you will know god's swine, god has warned you."

Which brings me back to

How come you mention "Obama supporter" and no mention of the threats against Obama and Dems?

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love hurts?

maybe he felt jilted.

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RE: maybe he felt jilted.

That's his reason....

What's yours?

You knew about the contributions and you didn't tell about the other threats to Dems...What was that word you used?

"unconscionable!"..That's it.

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vs deliberate lie? Not really. I answered your question of how I knew he might be an Obama supporter. Had you wanted more, perhaps you should have asked.

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I answered your question of how I knew he might be an Obama supporter.

"might be" "likely" Not "was"?

You're right you did...Why did you say in the OP

"Although a likely Obama supporter, I'll give him benefit of doubt"

Likely?(you didn't check?)Benefit of doubt (What doubt?).

Why doubt something you "knew"?

IF you give someone the benefit of doubt...You don't mention that YOU think someone is likely an Obama supporter but YOU doubt it.

IF you doubt something..why mention it and then say you doubt it.? (I know why I would do it, and I think I know why you did it.)

To twist Nike's words "Just Doubt It"

I don't think you found out about the donation until after your OP.

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Obama supporter

Having contributed in the past made him an Obama supporter. However that didn't mean he currently was one. Still, I felt it likely he likely was. Get it?

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RE: I felt

Feelings, nothing more than feelings...Albert Morris

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