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WARNING -- If you haven't seen last night's episode yet, READ NO FURTHER!!!!!


So what was your take on last night's episode? The dream sequences started to annoy me after awhile. OK....he's in some kind of purgatory and can't get home (e.g. out of his coma). I GET IT ALREADY.

Will he spend the entire season in a coma? I hope not. Will AJ end up on a slab by the end of the season? (I'm guessing yes -- he was destined to go to work for his father since he's just too useless for anything else). Will the rest of the crew kill each other off in a power struggle? Will those two Feds turn Chris and get him to rat?



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Chris turn?

I don't know... was he that upset about Ade's death? That's the only motivation I could see... unless he gets cut out of the leadership fast track he's in.

What about little steven? As consiglieri it's his job to watch the store but does he have higher aspirations or will Chris take over as Toni's heir apparent?

What about Junior? Is he put away or does he GET put away?

As for A.J. in a box? Yeah, I could see it... He is a freakin idiot after all. I'd welcome it actually. I see Meadow getting more involved somehow, maybe through her boyfriend poking his nose in (could be bad there).

I think the teaser showed a new york mobster getting whacked... too early for Toni's crew to fall on the scraps yet.


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That would be a real plot twist.....

....having AJ get whacked and Meadow being so upset by it (or something happening to her husband because of "what he saw"), that she abandons her law/medicine aspirations and becomes a killer, LOL.

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To paraphrase paris hilton

Yaaa... Thats hot.


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Is Vito laying the groundwork

for coming out of the closet?

He made a remark about homosexuals while sitting in the waiting room at the hospital.

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Or maybe trying to divert attention away from himself.... "outing" someone else, even if they're not gay.

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Re: The Sopranos

Hi Josh,

The good news, according to what I've heard, is that the answer to "Will he spend the entire season in a coma?" is: No, he won't. The bad news is that the dream sequences will continue for a couple more episodes.

Having said that, I think you might find it more interesting if you think of the dreamscape, not as purgatory, but as a creation/reflection of Tony's subconscious mental state. Note how he went from actively trying to solve the problem (find the guy who took his wallet and briefcase); to calling his wife, asking her for help, and saying "I just want to go home"; to giving up and not even picking up the phone. Now superimpose that over the real Tony who at first regains consciousness and rips out his breathing tube; then realizes that he can't wake up (because they've now induced a coma); and finally resigns himself to this fate.

But having said all of that, they did have me worried for a bit that they were going to pull a St. Elsewhere/Buffy and have the entire series be in someone's head.


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I will give my opinion later...

I fond it all very strange but would like for this thread to remail at the first page.

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Finally it makes some sense.

I really liked the third episode! It was one of the better ones and I got it taped.
What bothers me is the fact that it seems as if everyone is against Tony now! Even Christoffa'. Or what did he mean by the plot that he told the writer in the car? It was very much like Tony and Adrianna. And Chris also mentioned that he thought Tony owed him one. It's certainly going to be a tense season in my opinion. Vito is probably the next to go after the face he put on when he and Paulie (who was great last night!) gave her the money. Also the fact that his touch on Finn's arm was very suspicious. This will come to Meadows knowledge I think and further on to Tony or AJ who will tell Tony.
I also liked the fact that they showed a little more about "Sil" and finally showed his house! He's gonna make it.
Wow! What a great season we have ahead, huh?

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Paulie is hilarious

He kills three people, then (on the floor with his hands on his "jewels") shouts "Get the money!"

Vito is toast, either because of his ambition or his secret. Chris has been doomed from day one because he's such a hothead.

The woman who played Sil's wife is Steven Van Zandt's real life wife by the way. His house looks like a bad Vegas hotel room, LOL.

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(NT) That's Little Stevies' wife?

I will have to pay closer attention next time. I don't look past the big hair in most cases.


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You should

pay very close attention every Sunday @ 9pm. Wink

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What a great episode!

This episode was really good. I loved the trouble they had with Vito only because he's gay! The interacting was really something. Paulie is probably the best one once again!
Question is; Will Vito shoot himself or will he be wacked? My wife thinks he will shoot himself and I have a feeling that he won't have time to do it before they get him...

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It was a good episode

but it was a setup for coming plot twists. It's always nice to see story developement but I lived through a whole season of that, what seems like a long time ago... hold on a minute... I just checked my watch and it was a very long time ago Happy

Anyway it was good... where are they going with Finn? If Vito stays, will he find out Finn was a RAT

Vito had a nice time in NH... I'll be up there for Laconia bike week if the signs are good and the bike is running. Where was that diner? Funny to see Tony get all soft and "Smell the Roses" about Vito. Will it be enough to save Vito?

I wonder where their going with Tony's WIFE? Will we see her getting into the action before all is said and done? Will she ask Tony to "TAKE CARE" of more than the building inspector?

Will Finn and Meadow split up? Will Chris and Paulie move on Tony? Will Tony get action in Vito's Bed and Breakfast? All these questions and more will be answered...


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...will try to start a new life in NH, maybe working in that antique shop, but he'll be tracked down and that will be the end of him. Tony will put the hit on him just to save face with the members of his crew.

Maybe Finn will step in in some way to try to save Vito; it's also very possible that he and Meadow will split up though he knew what he was getting into pretty much from the outset.

Carmela is a spoiled user. Notice how she got all affectionate when Tony promised to "take care" of the building inspector but turned cold as ice when he hadn't done it yet? She did the same thing with that guidance counselor from AJ's school. When he bent a few rules to get AJ a passing grade, she was all over him.

Some of the dialogue last night was hilarious (and very accurate). "Vito's a come from behind kinda guy" LOL.

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I think you're right!

"start a new life in NH, maybe working in that antique shop, but he'll be tracked down and that will be the end of him."

I think we are going to see a few episodes without Vito. But they will hunt him down for sure.

What I found funny in the last episode (last Sunday) was when Tony beats the crap out of the body builder just to show the others that he still has power and is the boss. And the excuse was soooo poor. Slamming the refrigerator door, if I ain't wrong... LOL!

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I beg to differ.

The only thing that kept it from being a complete waste of an hour for me was Tony's line to Melfi, "That lesbian thing with Jennifer Beals, it's not bad. Is she a **** in real life?"

And will Vito kill Rusty already? Geez - Mark

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Another good episode but...

what's going on with Artie? He is very challenging. I don't think he's gonna go from the series though. Chris was very "independent" too and it seems that almost everyone is against Tony. I did miss Paulie tonight. He has such great comments and a really funny body language.

Oh. I almost forgot. That Albanian girl is HOT! Hopefully my wife doesn't read this... LOL!

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Artie has always been a cry baby

and wouldn't have lasted this long if it wasn't for his childhood connections with Tony. He runs his mouth before he thinks and one day that could catch up with him.

There are some interesting potential story lines here. Could Chris end up in LA at the end of the series or will he go down with the rest of the gang. Personally, I don't think he is smart enough to escape in the end... too heavy handed.


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I was a bit disappointed

I thought the "celebrity guests" were a bit gimmicky and something a show of this caliber doesn't need (though seeing Lauren Bacall cuss was fun).

I think Artie's over-friendliness was compensation for his fear of saying the wrong thing to his mob "guests" and he's snapping under the strain.

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Somehow I missed

(didn't have my hearing aid on) who exactly were the two guys that were wiped out by the two Italian hit men in that driveway? I assume one was the gay guy they were against and Tony gave the OK.

Also who mugged Lauren Bacall? Was it one of the Italian guys that was showing off (her?) watch on the plane back to Italy.

Tony offered Artie his shrink...he may need her after the credit card scam and fights he went through. Some mention was made about updating his restaurant for better business....hmmm...burn down again?

Yea, that Albanian girl is HOT. She may not be back since getting fired over the credit card scam.

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The two "hit" victims....

....were Rusty (played by Frankie Valli) and his driver/bodyguard. Johnny Sack had asked Tony to hit him and Tony hired the two Italians so it wouldn't look like he was doing Sack a favor.

It was Chris and his buddy who mugged Lauren Bacall. They were laughing about it on the plane home. I guess it's just the old saying, "If you can't get Ben Kingsley to do your movie, punch Lauren Bacall in the face."


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Was it Johnny Sack?

For some reason I thought it was Phil Leotardo, who by the way is growing on me as an actor. He's doing an excellent job IMO!

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It was

They discussed it at Sack's daughter's wedding.

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Once Upon aTime in New Jersey...

a long looong time ago a friend of mine was hitchhiking, I think in the rain. A big car stopped and picked him up. It was Frankie Valli.

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He says he jumped at the chance to do this show....

...and that he drew on his nightclub experiences for the role. They didn't seem to have much to give him to do though, which may explain the hit on him.

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No idea..

though I'm sure Valli kinows a lot and maybe shouldn't be involved in this kind of thing. Might be bad for his health, ya know? Maybe somebody whispered something in his ear.

Having lived in Essex County, NJ and having only the glancingest peripheral contact with "wise guys" I can tell you, they can be scary dudes.

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I heard

that Paulie acutally has done time for being involved in some kind of strip club activity. So that might explain why he does his role so well. Question is if it's really acting or just being himself. LOL!

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I was a bartender..... a place owned by a Sicilian family. The building was techincally owned by Ralphie Gigante, brother of (the recently departed) Vincent ''Chin'' Gigante, boss of the Genovese family. Of course the property, along with much of the other property on that street, was really owned by the Mob so out of business necessity, the owners of my bar were a bit ''connected'' though they weren't gangsters themselves.

I met Ralphie once and saw ''wise guys'' around the neighborhood a lot and yes, it's scary. I also saw John Gotti on Mulberry street a couple of times. One of those was REALLY scary. We had just had dinner and were walking past the Ravenite club (where he had a headquarters) and he came out with someone, and a bunch of his guys were sitting around doing security. They eyeballed us as we walked by and I whispered to my (now) wife, ''Don't make eye contact, just keep walking.''

I don't think Frankie Valli is in any danger. Those guys do have a sense of humor about themselves, believe it or not, and as an Italian singer, Valli will generally get a bit of latitude.

I guess I can talk about this now since the Chin admitted it before he died, but his nephew was a bouncer at our bar and he confided in me years ago that the Chin was faking his "crazy" bit. I kept my mouth shut of course!

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What's an A.P.B?

Tony talked to Phil and said about Vito: "What do you want me to do? Put an A.P.B because... ?"

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APB = All Points Bulletin, cop lingo

They broadcast and handout sheets at shift change a APB to look for someone.

You do live in the USA, huh Terry?

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