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The new forum layout - I find myself giving up

Man, I really didn't want to be so hyper critical of the new forum design because I want them to continue to TRY new methods for improvement but really, something about this new layout makes me just not want to read more than a couple of topics and a couple of replies.

It's like everything is SO spread out now because every word of every post is already open and I just don't feel like scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and then clicking on Page 2 and Page 3 and ....

Sorry... I'm really hating this new layout. I wanted it to work and thought I might personally acclimate to it but so far, it just ain't happenin'.

-Kevin S.

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I would rather scroll than click...

I hated the old forums because you had to click on every headline to view the posts.

Therefore I think the new layout is very nice. This is how a forum is supposed to be - after all this i how all the major forums are (vBulletin, phpBB, Punbb etc.). Happy

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The problem being, if there's a topic which you read multiple times, it's one PITA to scroll to where you left off, rather than just seing the headlines of posts you haven't read yet.

Something feels like it needs serious improvement.

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I'm with you Shan. I can't even begin to imagine how annoying this new forum layout is to read on a laptop.

-Kevin S.

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Totally agree. I hate scrolling now through every message in order to try to figure out where I left off. I find myself not even bothering to follow up on my posts because of the PITA it is.

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Thanks for the feedback

You can switch back to the old view if you like, just select Tree View from the drop down in the upper right corner.

Do you have an example of a forum that works better for the way use them that you could point us to?


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Here's a Forum Layout I Like

Might sound a bit geeky (who am I kidding, this is BOL!), but a forum layout I really like comes from an aviation enthusiast's website. Here's a link to a main forum page:

Some highlights:
-Topics are "starred" (leftmost column) automatically when you reply, but you can also star them manually if you want to tag a thread
-Plenty of information about each thread on the main page
-Threads are condensed so everything fits on one page
-Individual blocks of text can be quoted individually
-Simple "Suggest Deletion" button to send a quick message to the mods
-With long threads, only the first 25 replies are loaded. Every reply after can be expanded individually or as a group
-When the user is logged in, replies that the user has read are minimized the next time the user opens the thread
-Also when said user is logged in, "Starred topics" are remembered
-After a user replies to a thread, the user is automatically taken to the forum index where they started

I'm sure there are more, but you'll find more little features if you take a few minutes to look around. Enjoy!

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(NT) Known problem. Next unread message button got lost.
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We all have scroll wheels..

I think this method is MUCH faster and more efficient. Rather than loading 20 pages for one single thread, you only have to load one. Also, as others have said, you can switch back to the old version if you do not prefer this one.

This format is the forum standard, the majority of forums are not in a tree view.

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To call the default open view a "standard' is absurd. I'm probably on just as many forums as you and they are all over the place with their layout. It's nice to see that we do have the ability to switch the BOL forum to tree view as well so I'm glad that was included by the CNET designers.

You also cannot make an assumption that "we all have scroll wheels" or for those of us that do, that we care to be sitting there endlessly scrolling up and down to reference articles. Had you been able to read the news in your "standard forum layout" a little better, you might have noted that an increasingly HUGE percentage of computer users these days use laptops. Not many scroll wheels on them...

-Kevin S.

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I'm sorry.. no scroll wheel on laptop?

That laptop you're using must be ancient, because every laptop I've used in the past 5 years has allowed you to dedicate the left or right side to scrolling, and many even have designated areas for scrolling. Not to mention the majority of people who use laptops use an external mouse, which equals scroll wheel.

This is off topic though, I just think it is FAR more efficient to see everything that has been said in a thread rather than having to click on each link. If so many people are using laptops as you say, then clicking on link after link after link to see each post individually is far more of a pain than just loading the entire page and scrolling up and down.

I have 12,604 posts on G4 forums, which used to be Tech TV.. and I've been using forums intensely since 2000. I must say the vast majority of them have not been in the "tree" view, though you may change it, the default is almost never the tree view.

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I totally agree with you!

As I've already said I prefer scrolling over clinking and I can't figure out why anyone would think different (:P).

But the "newest unread post" button is certainly missing!

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Can we set default view preferences in our profile, PLZZZ!:)

cuz that'd be the best. If you like tree it comes up as tree. If you like thread, it comes up as thread. That'd be awesome!!!

As much as I like the new threaded view, after only 15 min, I'm sick of it, lol. I guess I have an ancient laptop, cuz it doesn't have a scroll thingy.

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OR Web 2.0 it...

How bout a web 2.0-y thing were clicking opens the thread without reloading the page? so you can look at threads where you want and no where you don't?

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