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The most effective antivirus...

Hello!!! This is my first post here. Anyway, ca somebody tell me what is most effective antivirus today. That's all...

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There is no right answer for you. Everyone will have a different answer for you. Here is a list of some Anti-virus that are effective.

Avira, AVG, Avast, Microsoft Security Essentials, Tread Micro.

Their are free and Pay for Anti-viruses. It does not matter what you use as ether are effective.

I recommend that you go to to see what other people think of the anti-virus products listed on the site. You can also download 30-90 day trials for many Anti-viruses.


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The Most Effective Anti Viral..

Is the user. See post by R Proffit.
I tried all the free ones, Norton Internet Security leapt up and down and hammered on my screen about the tiniest problem. It raised Cain over WordPerfect Office installation files claiming they were trojans although Norton did nothing and I got rid of it. Corel has not responded to my emails either.
None of the above ever actually caught a virus although they were eager enough to tell me every cookie on my computer was a tracking cookie.
I've had two viruses in ten years and sorted them myself.
The best virus protection you can get is between your ears. And it's free.

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We have discussed this before.

The most effective antivirus is the user. If we could get the user to not download junk, cracks and more as well as not click on links in the emails, most of the problems vanish.

--> Here's the bottom line. If an owner thinks an antivirus will stop anything bad that an owner clicks on or OK's then we know they will be learning the big lesson soon.

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ANTI-Virus writers would have to be visionaries..


The AV writers only know about a virus/worm/trojan
once it is "out in the wild". Sure, they can look for
certain 'activities' a program is trying to perform,
but the combinations are pretty endless. I think this
will always and forever be a game of problem/fix problem
because of the basic internal workings of Windows.
It's a base-level thing, not easily changed....
And I have eluded to that on other posts. It's sad to
see. Given the many 'patches' announced yesterday, even
going back to Win-XP (NINE years old), I don't have a lot
of confidence in future offerings....

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We have discussed this before.

Bob, if I may,

you are SPOT ON!!Thank you for your thoughts!

--> Here's the bottom line. If an owner thinks an antivirus will stop anything bad that an owner clicks on or OK's then we know they will be learning the big lesson soon.

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Ok..thank you so much for your advice And I shall Look in

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I had McCaffey for 8 years and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I had one problem after another with their program. For the problems I had, their program should have been free but it was costing me around $40 per year.

I got rid of them and went with Trend Micro Antivirus + Antimalware and I loved it. For the 3 years I had them, I had no problems what so ever, and I highly recommended their program to others, but when my renewal for TM came around last month, I did a lot of reading on their new Titanium "cloud" based program, which replaced their antivirus/antimalware program, and what I read I did not like, so I dropped them. (basically the new program was going to scan for newer viruses and not older ones)

For the past month, I have had Microsoft's Security Essentials and so far so good. It is the easiest antivirus program I have ever worked with. The lay out is purely simple... even a 5 year old could use it. My only problem with it is that the scan takes a bit over 3 hours vs Trend Micro's 2.5 hours. But apparently MSE is scanning items that TM did not. My weekly scans say they are scanning over 1.4 MILLION items on my pc... None of the other programs scanned that many items! (the most was TM which scanned about 333,000 items.

I would suggest trying Microsoft's Security Essentials.. it's free and reviews of it are good. One other note: I have MSN Explorer as my main browser and I had MSN tech support help me install MSE, and they recommended removing Malwarebytes. The tech person I had said that Malwarebytes confliced with MSE.

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For years i have used many free AV programs and had problems, so now with Win7 i only use Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free and can run in the back ground without interference.

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Every day I love Microsoft's Security Essentials more and more. Since getting rid of Trend Micro and Malwarebytes, my pc is soooooooooooooooo much faster!

One question to you is this: when you do a complete scan using MSE, how many files does it say it has scanned?

I am just blown away with MSE saying it has scanned over 1.4 MILLION files!

2nd Question to you: other than a firewall, are you using any other programs for protection besides MSE?

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Yes, there is a "right" answer for you!

Regardless of whether or not you visit "shady" sites, Virus's don't discriminate. When they are "in the wild" they can be anywhere, including perfectly trustworthy sites. Paid or free? Of the free programs, Alvira's Antivir (free version) has been rated #1 by several testing sites. Also an excellent choice is Avast as well as AVG. If you want free, I would suggest Antivir. Of the paid programs, one of the most hated companies for the past ten years has, once again, taken the lead------Norton Internet Security. What used to be the most overbearing and resourse-hogging headache is now a lean and proficient antivirus suite. Someone at Norton deserves a medal because they listened to people's complaints---made changes, and released a product that even the worst haters actually love. Stay away from Mcafee and Trend Micro. They work, but are not in he "top 10" of tested programs. Again, the paid version of Antivir is good also, but none can top Norton. For Malware programs, the free version of Malwarebytes is tops. The paid version gets you updated definitions much faster and is actually worth the money. Another must-have (in my opinion) is WinPatrol. I have been using it since its inception and would not be without it. You may want to visit winPatrol's website and learn about it. It is one of the best coded programs around and takes hardly any resources to run it. WinPatrol has a very large and dedicated following and is indespensible, in my opinion. Good Luck!

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Do your homework...

You can go and look at reviews on the internet is an excellent site for side-by-side reviews of AV and anti-malware software. I currently like Avira Premium (fast scanning, and good detection), but I've had Nod32 (slow, used to be much faster), MS Security Essentials (very slow scanning, but decent for free), and a long time ago, Norton (couldn't run both Norton and a browser *smile*, I hear that they've lightened it up a bit since then).

But do your own homework and make your decision...I see different answers here, do some research.

And yes, the best defense that you have against viruses and malware is your behavior on the internet, another good thing to read up on *smile*. Using your browser intelligently will help you avoid viruses and malware in the first place.

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MSE Very Good

I subscribe to the Windows Secrets newsletter ( One of its writers, Fred Langa, formerly of Langa's List fame, recently wrote that he has used Microsoft Security Essentials on 9 of his computers for the past 6 months including some portable computers in numerous public hotspots during 20,000 miles of travel. That equals 4.5 years of cumulative use, according to him, all without any viruses, ect.

Until recently I used Norton 2010 but one day it stopped working. While I waited for Norton tech support to respond to my email, I started using MSE. I liked it enough that I decided to just dump Norton and keep using it.

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anti virus

hi, ChrisD here, i use Bullguard anti virus, it is cheap and very effective, does not slow you down, and has up dates. i pay $60 a year for mine, before i used a free avg, it is also a good choice.but for me from now on it is Bullguard. excellent.

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Confusing choices ...

Everyone who said that the user is the most effective antivirus is correct. I have had a range of machines over more than thirty years, most using some version of Windows, and as I use them for both business and pleasure, every day, I am a bit neurotic about viruses and malware. After many tests, and much advice from 'the trade', I have ended up with Avira Premium ... you can try it free with a quick and easy download. It updates as much as seven times in a day, offers 24/7 support by e-mail, and doesn't take too much space. After three years of using it, I really wouldn't change.

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King of the heap?

There likely is not one, and you will need to make your own conclusion. AV-Comparatives can give you some guidance if you look at their test results. "Most effective" is an individual concept in this instance. If it is general security you are after, also bear in mind that AV is just one component of it. Otherwise & to be specific, MS Essentials works fine.

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After having had McKafee, Norton and some free

To me, the best one is Kaspersky. I keep using it for more than 7 years, without any problem at all.

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I have been using Comodo Internet Security 5.0, rohn

I have had, in the past, McAfee in 1999, and followed with Norton SystemWorks 2000-2004; I have had Computer Associates Anti-Virus, listed as CA. The first two with a apology to Donna Buenaventura about Norton, it had changed for the first two used to give weekly updates and in 1999, got an arab virus the destroyed my motherboard; Norton was okay except on one occasion, they had a resolution for a dangerous virus that got in and I felt that should have been done a lot sooner. Computer Associates, I have had for about no quarrel with, if I could afford them, I would use them. I ahd both anti-virus and pestpatrol and I have had a good time using them and the data bases are superb. '94 to '96.
Comodo provides both firewall and anti-virus from 1996 to the present. It is free, since I'm on a fixed income and below average income, I find that is a good thing and it does update both firewall and anti-virus automatically. If you select this, download onto a desktop and ask me how to best set it up initially Darrell

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Sorry. Not my experience and Not Recommended.

Kaspersky does a very good job of alerting you, incessantly, to safe programs (e.g., highly reputable chess programs that you have purchased and installed. I had a problem when I began to receive error messages from Kaspersky. I called tech support and received NO help from 3 different techs. I was told that I could not even talk to a tech or supervisor on the telephone. I am not a computer wizard, but neither am I illiterate.
I was Emailed 14 pages of instructions. It would have to be one's occupation to actually comprehend them. Kaspersky is now uninstalled.
Microsoft Security Essentials is installed and doing a very good job.
By the way, Kaspersky never detected any threat: malware, spyware or any virus in the 1+ year that I used it. One should not interpret that as suggesting that Kaspersky shields you. Rather it does not detect and inform.

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about the most effective antivirus software

I have already installed an anti virus software and would like to know whether it is most effective?...thanks (TITANIUM PROGRAM )

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